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Correctly selected fragrance not only complements the image. It reflects the individuality of a woman. So how not to make a mistake with the choice of perfume?

Golden Rules to Help You to Choose Perfumes

How to choose the right fragrance

Even the advice of the most experienced sellers will not help make the right choice. The most important rule – to navigate with the purchase you need to your own taste. But how to understand the variety of goods?

How to choose the right fragranceGolden Rules to Help You to Choose Perfumes

Before you buy perfume and any other perfume,

you need to remember a few simple rules:

  • Before going to the store do not even use deodorant. Any extraneous smell will distort the flavor of the chosen product.
  • Purchase to produce in the morning hours, when the sense of smell can feel more acutely. You need to be oriented to the age.
  • A fresh floral fragrance is suitable for young women. And older ladies need to pay attention to oriental notes in the perfume. To the aroma you need to sniff. Do not make a purchase on the first day.
  • You can put a few drops of perfume and evaluate their aftertaste at home. And you can buy a probe to understand how the perfume sounds. Do not hurry and sniff immediately all the vials you like.
  • At a time you can estimate no more than 4 smells. Then go out or take advantage of the coffee. Observe the sequence of actions.
  • Eau de toilette and other perfume are applied first to paper test strips. In a quarter of an hour you can appreciate the smells.
  • Liked samples are applied to the skin.
  • Pay attention to the design. It is believed that the right flavor is in the package you like.

Golden Rules to Help You to Choose Perfumes

But it is considered erroneous that only a fragrance is taken into account when choosing a perfume composition.

In addition to this criterion, it is important to determine the concentration of the smell you like.

Determined with a view

The same flavor can be represented by several types:


The most concentrated product. Aromatic substances occupy up to 30% of the total volume. On the skin can hold up to 12 hours, on clothes up to 3 days. Due to such durability they are produced in small bottles, but are much more expensive than their colleagues.

Perfumed water.

This is something between spirits and scented water. The concentration of aromatic substances is about 15-20%. Persistence of this perfume up to 9 hours.

Eau de Toilette.

This kind is suitable for changeable people, since it only lasts a few hours. The reason for this is a low content of perfumery – only 5% of the total volume of liquid. The price of a product depends directly on its durability. If the fragrance is represented by all three species, it is better to first buy toilet water, advises Yves Rocher . When it becomes clear whether this smell is suitable, you can buy perfume more expensive.

Golden Rules to Help You to Choose Perfumes

A properly selected fragrance can reveal a woman better than a stylish make-up or the most expensive hairdo. Therefore, it is not worth saving on the purchase, but there is no need to rush in this matter either.

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