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Anti-Trends 2023

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Anti-Trends 2023!

The old trends are being replaced by new ones. And at some point it is necessary to clearly realize that the fashionable thing before is not in the trend anymore. In this article we will understand what things this year should stop buying and what to replace them with.

8 Main Anti-Trends 2023

Trending Trends

A little remark about how the “outbound trends” are treated. If you have these things, you like them – wear them for God’s sake, but know that they are on the verge. And after a season or two, you’re risking looking out of place. And if they’re not in the wardrobe, you shouldn’t buy them anymore. Choose a more recent trend.


The peak of their popularity has passed and they gradually go out of fashion. We replace the choker either with more modest chains, a silk scarf or with earrings. Large earrings – the most popular accessory of the new season.

Chokers Anti-Trends 2020

Open Shoulders

You’ll find a couple more models in the new collections, but the trend is going down. You want to be open – choose translucent materials, they are on top.

Open Shoulders Anti-Trends 2020

Bouffant Skirts

The style of the lady-light is losing its position, now in fashion soft flowing silhouettes, without the splendor. We replace bell skirts with straight pencils, skirts with smell, flowing midi skirts.

Bouffant Skirts Anti-Trends 2020

Pajama Suits

Don’t confuse dresses and tops with underwear style – they’re still in fashion. But the costumes in the form of pajamas go into oblivion. Replace with classic suits with a long double-breasted jacket.

Pajama Suits Anti-Trends 2020

Fishnet Thigh High

We enjoyed them to the fullest last spring. This spring, better pay attention to the socks of tights, we recommend polka dots.

Fishnet Thigh High Anti-Trends 2020


They’re so cool and I’m sorry they’re out of fashion, but they are. Just like the natural bohemian style in general. We’ll replace them with coats, suits and trench coats.

Poncho Anti-Trends 2020


Bomber jackets are still on sale, but they are already boring and leaving the fashionable Olympus, replace with sports jackets of the 90s, windbreakers, anoraks, jeans.

Bombers Anti-Trends 2020

Aviator Glasses

Oh, how fashionable and trendy they were, but not anymore. The squeak is the narrowest points, with a geometric “triangular” frame as in the matrix.

Aviator Glasses Anti-Trends 2020

Hope you like these anti-trends. Please keep visiting K4 Fashion for trending outfits and more!

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