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Wardrobe Basic Essentials for Women!

Autumn is the perfect time for fashion lovers. Dresses become more complex and multilayered, the palette – richer and deeper. There is an opportunity to play with color and texture and create your own unique image. In our article we will talk about the most important elements of autumn season wardrobe.

Wardrobe Basic Essentials for Women


Autumn weather is changeable, so you should have a few outerwear in your closet. Classic trench coat – the absolute must have in every girl’s wardrobe. It’s beautiful in that it fits in with any style of clothing, both casual and classic sets. But the trench coat is not designed for the cold late autumn, so you should take care of the warmer options. For example, for walks with children or shopping, a comfortable jacket is suitable. Choose the model that suits you in style and type of figure. For work and dates it is better to choose your coat. Pay attention to the way the model sits on you, the landing should be perfect.

Wardrobe Basic Essentials for Women Outerwear Autumn Wardrobe Basic Essentials for Women


Autumn does not mean abandoning femininity in favor of comfort, so a few dresses must be present in your closet. For office workers, a dress case is a great choice. It is universally suitable for any type of figure. For cool weather knitwear and knitted dress are suitable. When choosing such products, pay attention to the quality of the material. It should be moderately dense and not translucent. Such dresses should not be too tight, it is better to choose slightly free models of simple cut without additional decorative elements. Such dresses are easier to combine with the rest of your wardrobe and choose accessories for them.

Dresses Autumn Wardrobe Basic Essentials for Women

Tops and Cardigan

A warm straight cut cardigan is an indispensable thing in your closet. It will perfectly match both jeans and feminine dresses. You’ll also need a pair of monotonous long sleeve and turtlenecks that match your color scheme. With them you can collect countless sets for each day. Another universal thing will be a light shirt straight cut it perfectly complements both business image and outfit in street style. For girls working in the office, blouse – an important element of the wardrobe. It is necessary to have one white, suitable for solemn actions, and another brighter, sustained in your color scale.

Tops and Cardigan Autumn Wardrobe Basic Essentials for Women

Bottom wear

Jeans are the absolute must-have of any wardrobe. It’s better to choose between dark blue and black without rivets or abrasions. In this case, jeans can be worn at work. If you have a dress code in your office, you can’t do without classic trousers. Also, a pencil skirt will become one of the key elements of your wardrobe. This season, the Midi length skirt has become a basic item. It looks very feminine, but it is combined with countless things. This model can be worn with a jacket and boats, and with sneakers and a bombardment.

Bottom wear Autumn Wardrobe Basic Essentials for Women


For dry weather, as well as in the office, you will need classic black boat shoes. The shoes for each day can be chosen from the Chelsea shoes. You can wear them with almost any outfit. For cooler weather, boots with a stable heel or without heels are a great option. To make shoes universal, try to choose models of neutral colors and without an abundance of decor.

Footwear Autumn Wardrobe Basic Essentials for Women


Accessories can help you add a touch of flavor to your look. There should be two bags: one spacious bag that is suitable for work, and the other – a small universal handbag over your shoulder. A pair of beautiful scarves or snoods will be a perfect addition to any outfit. Choose a knitted hat or a knitted hat as your headgear.

Accessories Autumn Wardrobe Basic Essentials for Women

Hope you like these autumn wardrobe basic essentials. Please keep visiting K4 Fashion for trending outfits and more! We would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below. And be sure to follow on Pinterest for more ideas!

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