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To look worthy in a saree you need to walk straight. To walk straight with your heads up you need to be confident. And, the only way you will be confident wearing a saree if you have got the desired stitched blouse. If you will know that you have worn the intact blouse then you will be comfortable.

The top-notch priority of a girl wearing a saree maybe her ornaments or her makeover but the hack to look substantiate is to pick the best blouse design and cut and stitch it nicely. A badly cut or badly stitched blouse may ruin your saree look. Whereas a blouse design personally designed by you with no alterations or filter by an interfering tailor will make you look steamy and so hot that people won’t resist admiring. Once you will be clear about your idea of which blouse back neck design cutting and stitching suits you best, then it is my guarantee you won’t need to bother about anything else.

From a wide variety of designs right from boat necks to deep V, you need to choose wisely according to your saree. Whether you are wearing a saree or a lehenga it is really important to look after the blouse design. We often think about how to drape our sarees but we do not consider the most important thing that is the blouse back design.
Here is a roaster for you ladies to get an eye-popping inspirational blouse back design for your upcoming blouse designs cutting and stitching.

Blouse Back Neck Designs Step by Step Video Tutorials

1. The Pot-Shaped Glory

You are looking at one of the classiest pieces of blouse back neck designs. If you look carefully the blouse back design is basically pot-shaped or you can also call it flask-shaped too. It is laced golden along with the inner bounds of the back cutting. The lace is thick in breadth that makes the whole blouse look more regal. The base of the cutting is joined by making an inverted crown out of it. The crown too is laced around with the golden borders. You can double this blouse with a net, silk, Banarasi, and a cotton saree. Wear it to parties or other casual functions.

2. Frilled-Moti Back

Omg! This blouse back design so stylish and super-trendy. The blouse back neck design is flask-shaped. The cutting is surrounded eminently with blue triangular frilled lace that is really trendy. The edges of the frills are beaded with motis stitched on it. You can choose the perfect combinations of colors to implement on your blouse according to your saree. Wear a cotton saree with the blouse and I would exhort to not wear fancy sarees with this. It would totally go offbeat.

3. Right L-Shaped Back

This is the essence of a very beauteous idea to wear along with a saree. It is quite innovative and modern but also fancy to wear. Talking about the design, the back neck is inverse L shaped and defined with contrasting colored lace. The other side of the L-shape is done by cutting and attaching a broad contrasting colored cloth with consistent bows made with the same color cloth as the blouse. Since the blouse is baroque you can wear it to parties and weddings. Mate it with a silk saree to look resplendent.

4. The Sanskaari Back

I don’t know why but I find this back design a bit cultured and traditional. If you want to fly sober and look teetotal then you should definitely go with this blouse back neck cutting and stitching idea. Your back will be gleaming in soberness and allure and you will be confident all along. The back is pot-shaped but no too deep. The pot is gardened around the fence with a classic slick golden lace twice. The blouse is also paramount because it is back buttoned. Following the pot, the lower space of the blouse back is stitched with three consecutive golden laces too. The simplicity of this blouse is what I admire the most. I will suggest you wear this mind-boggling piece with a net saree.

5. Leaf-shaped Back

Every leaf is symbolic of fashion and a never-ending trend. Leaf patterns never go out of the trending page be it rings, earrings, necklaces, printed designs on saree or a blouse back neck cut. This is yet another wondrous back neck cutting and stitching idea that you should definitely give a shot. It is a thin leaf shape cut design bounded with a thin border. Again, a different piece of cloth is attached to the inner side of the leaf followed by stitching another piece of fabric. An astounding mirror stone of efficient size is stitched at the end of the leaf, which is my most favorite part of this design. Each turn and trick of this design contribute to making it look sober, authentic, beautiful and fancy all at the same time.

You looked upon the best list of blouse back neck designs cutting and stitching. You saw different shapes that are pot-shaped, L- shaped, and flask-shaped. Also glanced upon embellishments such as beads, frills and mirror stone. I hope you were able to choose a perfect design for your blouse and if you are stuck between two or more designs then my suggestion would be to just mingle the idea and make a unique design out of it. If you also have any confusion regarding matching the blouse color with your saree or planning about the color combinations for the design then you are invited to drop a comment below.

Keep looking sexy, keep looking graceful! And be sure to follow on Pinterest for more ideas!

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