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Fashion is constantly changing and who does not want to step out of the conventional and conservative clothes. Keeping the tradition and culture alive, there is no harm in adding your extra little touch to your traditional attires.

The most auspicious and awaited time in every woman’s life is the wedding season. Here we can flaunt all of our best attires and look our best. Not only the brides but even the attendants as well as the bridesmaids look stunning.

Marriage is the appropriate place where you can flaunt your fashion style with hundreds and thousands of people watching. In this article, we shall discuss some elegant and latest blouse designs that can compliment your already designer sarees and lehengas.

There is no better place than marriage functions to leave your fashion competitors in awe. While they keep on hunting down your fashion style, you keep showcasing them in confidence. Here in this article, we will provide you with some awesome blouse designs that will accentuate your ethnic attires.

The year 2017 and 2018 was all about celeb weddings. From Anushka Sharma to Sonam Kapoor. From Deepika to the latest PC. We even have our multi millionaire’s daughter Isha Ambani. They all looked stunning, didn’t they?? But not to forget the guests who attended their parties. All the ladies put their best fashion foot forward.

Talking on that note you all must have fancied how grand these weddings were. So when it’s finally your turn, I am pretty sure you would want to look your best. Don’t panic girl! We got you! Try these eye-catching blouse designs and steal the show. Without further ado, let’s begin!

Bridal blouse design collections for wedding

1. Traditional motifs blouse design:

Traditional motifs blouse design: Bridal Blouse Design Collection for Wedding

Indian weddings are full of traditions. Everything from the venue to the rituals is so cultural and traditional. In such a suspicious occasion how can a bridal attire stay away from the hang of it? What we have here is a marvellous creation of a designer. It is one of a kind and truly a masterpiece. The blouse is designed perfectly depicting the scene of the bride going to her husband’s house. She is being carried in a traditional “doll” while you can see the husband on the horse and other footmen. The top part has beautiful jhumki design while the bottom part has a kundan design. The blouse is beautifully embroidered and is perfect for weddings.

2. Embellished blouse design:

Embellished blouse design: Bridal Blouse Design Collection for Wedding

This blouse is a great choice for all those girls who are not confident about showing their bare back to the audience. This blouse has a minimal show while doing a great job of keeping everything covered. The entire blouse is intricately embroidered and heavily embellished. The sheer fabric also has some embellishments on it. When it comes to choosing a sober yet sexy look, this is a good choice. Because not every situation demands massive skin show.

3. Steps cutout blouse design:

Steps cutout blouse design: Bridal Blouse Design Collection for Wedding

This is quite a trending and unique blouse design for all brides. All your exquisite bridal sarees need an equally exquisite blouse to be paired with it. And this blouse is probably everything you need. This unique steps blouse design is embroidered all over and the cut out is marked by golden borders. This kind of blouse requires a good well experienced tailor or designer so make sure you go to a trusted place. A well-fitted blouse if this kind is an ideal choice for all traditional sarees during a wedding.

4. Overlapping blouse design:

Overlapping blouse design: Bridal Blouse Design Collection for Wedding

Wedding season call for everything magical and majesty. This blouse is the perfect blend of skills and magic. It is not only a visual treat to watch it but it is also an absolute delight to wear. This latest twist to cutout blouses is really a head turner. It has an overlapping design with a triangle shaped cut out. The design is intricately embroidered and it enhances the appeal of it. It is a must have for every wedding. Brides can pair it with silk sarees and women can even pair it up with cotton sarees to jazz it up a bit. Simple colour tweaks can give this blouse an exquisite look.

5. Round back cutout blouse design:

Round back cutout blouse design: Bridal Blouse Design Collection for Wedding

This is simple yet the best design you can find for your saree. Choosing the right blouse for the right saree is quite a task. And nothing can possibly go wrong at your wedding. Therefore whenever in doubt go for a round cut out. It is simple yet classy. Choose a matching blouse which is embroidered all over as shown in the image and you are good to go. These are comfortable and stylish and you do not have to feel irritated or stressed during a long wedding day.

6. Drop-shaped blouse design:

Drop-shaped blouse design: Bridal Blouse Design Collection for Wedding

This style is both contemporary and unique. This is the latest favourite of all the brides out there. A drop style cutout looks very elegant and classy and works well with both contemporary designer sarees as well as traditional still sarees. The printed and embroidered pattern on the blouse increases its appeal and makes it more attractive. The rest of the look is kept simple in order to make the design pop out.

7. Dori tie-up blouse design:

Dori tie-up blouse design: Bridal Blouse Design Collection for Wedding

This glam circular look is very similar to a pot neck but it has a more youthful appeal to it. The blouse is heavily embellished and sequined which makes it an utmost favourite of the brides. No one minds a little bling on their wedding and this blouse just provides the right amount of shine without being nasty and overpowering. This blouse can act as a statement piece and can elevate the bland and boring look of your saree.

8. Lace blouse design:

Lace blouse design: Bridal Blouse Design Collection for Wedding

Lace is a very elegant fabric and it instantly changes the look of any outfit. Adding this delicate fabric to your blouse can give you a very classy and sophisticated look. There are a million.s of lace designs in the market so you have hot multiple options to choose from. You can either lair it with solid chiffon or georgette sarees or with designer sarees. What we have here can work well with traditional silk sarees as well. It has patchwork design of lace and silk fabrics simultaneously to elevate the look of the blouse. This is graceful, sober and very feminine.

9. Sheer embroidery blouse design:

Sheer embroidery blouse design: Bridal Blouse Design Collection for Wedding

The sheer blouse design not only gives you a very sexy and elegant look but it also spells class as there is no skin show going on with it. These blouses give a very Vougish look and you will most find our Bollywood celebs wearing them. These blouses have become a huge trend nowadays and these are perfect for all those ladies who want to define class and stature. The blouse here has a sheer back with very beautiful embroidery on it. This blouse is perfect for bridesmaids or even for reception look of the brides. Pair it with cotton or designer sarees and keep the saree simple and allow the blouse to do all the talking.

10. Leaf-shaped blouse design:

 Leaf-shaped blouse design: Bridal Blouse Design Collection for Wedding

This magnificent blouse has a very broad and classic leaf shape cut to it. This design gives a very traditional look with a touch of glam. The blouse shown here has a boat neck with a quite open leaf cutout at the back. The entire neckline is embroidered and the blouse further has full sleeves which add to the glam of it. This kind of cut out is simple yet sober and is ideal for women with the heavy bust. Pair it with chiffon, georgette or designer sarees and you are all set to strut like a stunner.

Anyone can flaunt these blouse types regardless of their body types. It you are concerned about showing too much skin then try sheer back designs or designs with smaller cuts. That was all for this article. For more updates stay tuned to K4 Fashion.

We would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below. And be sure to follow on Pinterest for more ideas!

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