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Easy Makeup Tips That Every Makeup Lover Should Know

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To give the image a rested appearance , to remove or add volume to certain features – all this can be achieved with makeup. Miss Top Model of the World Ekaterina Astashenkova shared her secret Makeup tips and told about the details of the image that should be emphasized in order to look flawless.

Neck Anti-Age

Easy Makeup Tips Easy Makeup Tips That Every Makeup Lover Should Know

Thanks to the instructions from the beauty bloggers for their Makeup tips, even the schoolgirl will now draw the perfect arrows. However, paying close attention to face makeup, many people forget about the neck. Even Hollywood stars on the red carpet make this fatal mistake: the face looks much younger than the neck, which immediately gives the age.

Make-up of the neck should begin with the application of a primer (you can use the same as for the face). The idea of hiding the “Venus rings” with a thick layer of foundation should be abandoned immediately – it will only accentuate wrinkles and create the effect of flabby skin. The tone of the coating should be a light texture and match the tone of the complexion. With the help of a wide brush, slightly darken the side of the neck and the collar zone with the help of the corrector – so the face will seem more tightened. Apply a little highlighter to the center of the neck with vertical brush movements to lengthen it visually. Important: The glow should be delicate, almost invisible, and it is better to use a dry fine grinder for this.


Easy Makeup Tips Decollete Easy Makeup Tips That Every Makeup Lover Should Know

Thanks to Kim Kardashian and Gohar Avetisyan, you now know how to make a sophisticated nose without rhinoplasty and get sharp cheekbones without removing “Bisha’s lumps”. It turns out that with the help of contouring you can also increase and tighten the chest. The principle is the same as with facial sculpture: dark color (you can use a proofreader or bronzing powder) to allocate all the sunken areas, and light – convex. First, draw a dark vertical line from the middle of the decollete zone to the neckline. From the lower edge of this line, draw the letter V and grow carefully. With a light tone, draw out two semicircles, as if outlining the chest from above, and grow back. It is best to use a wide brush with unnatural pile – so the borders will be invisible.


Easy Makeup Tips Clavicle Easy Makeup Tips That Every Makeup Lover Should Know

A few years ago, a flash mob was launched in China: the girls competed to see who could hold more coins in the clavicle hollows. No kidding: clavicle-headed girls are still considered the benchmark for fragility and slenderness. However, but not all genetics awarded such traits. And here again to the aid of makeup will come, quite simple in execution: on the protruding part of the highlighter, and the depressions and “tick” between the collarbone to designate a dark bronzing powder or tonal means. As a result, the neck will become more elegant, and the chest will slightly “tighten”.


Easy Makeup Tips Ears Easy Makeup Tips That Every Makeup Lover Should Know

At the Off-White Spring-Summer 2019 collection show, the ears of the models were painted with paint. Virgil Ablo, the executive director of the brand, is not a pioneer in this: back in 2012, the fashion house Cedric Charlier used bronze paint on the ears instead of jewelry. Then the same trick was repeated by Louis Vuitton in 2016. However, this trend remained on the catwalk and did not go to the people.

However, in everyday life ears makeup should also be paid attention. You don’t have to put a tone on your ears that blends in perfectly with your complexion, as Kylie Jenner shows us – let’s leave it to perfectionists and selfy lovers. It takes just a couple of seconds to highlight the earlobes with a Highlander! Such an elementary technique will visually make the features of the face more harmonious and complete.

With this, we come to the end of this article on easy makeup tips. Hope you enjoyed this and have made up your mind about your favourite makeup. For more updates like this stay tuned to K4 Fashion.

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