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Fall/Winter Sweaters for Women!

A sweater is a universal wardrobe element that not only warms up in cold weather, but also becomes a real highlight of the outfit as a whole. It harmonizes perfectly with both trousers and skirts and dresses. To look elegant and stylish in the coming season, we have prepared a selection of six trendy sweater models for you.

Fall/Winter Sweaters for Women

Oversize Sweater

This season’s popularity is the dimensionless knitted sweaters. Free silhouette, large knitting and high neck collar – these are the main characteristics when choosing this style. It perfectly simulates the figure and disguises the disadvantages. Also in the trend is a three-dimensional oversize with a flat sleeve, when the seam line is lower than usual, this model is ideal for girls with a type of figure “inverted triangle”. But “hourglass” to highlight the beauty of the waist will help an elegant waistband, and a purse together with a hat will emphasize the tenderness and femininity of the image. Overseas style will be appreciated by those who prefer comfort and convenience in clothes.

Oversize Sweater Different Types of Fall/Winter Sweaters for Women

Knitted Sweater

If you want to pick up something bright and original to decorate at least a little bit the cold autumn and winter, a sweater will be the best choice. Knitted braids, harnesses and cones are back in fashion! Luxury styles with a three-dimensional standing collar look great. Add a stylish image with a short skirt or skinny jeans and go for a walk around the city or a romantic date.

Knitted Sweater Different Types of Fall/Winter Sweaters for Women

Prints and Color Block Sweater

Incredibly spectacular look sweaters with all sorts of prints, applications or made in the style of colors block, when the image is built on the palette of 2-3 color blocks. For the bottom will be suitable monochrome jeans, leggings or skirt. Large earrings, massive rings and a fashionable bag-bag on a wing will help to complete the original bow.

Prints and Color Block Sweater Different Types of Fall/Winter Sweaters for Women

Basque  Sweater

Do you want to be in the autumn and winter of 2018-2019 in the trend? Choose a sweater with a basky. Emphasizing the waist line, Basque will hide the magnificence of the hips and the presence of a small belly, as well as gives the image of femininity and charm. This model is perfect for “rectangles” and “inverted triangles”. The most advantageous sweater with a basque looks with a pencil skirt or narrow jeans. Shoes are recommended for shoes, shoes or half-shoes on lacing, and accessories for simple geometric shapes.

Basque  Sweater Different Types of Fall/Winter Sweaters for Women

Off Shoulder Sweaters

Sweaters with open shoulders will find special recognition in the coming season. It will make you look unusually fragile and sexy. It can be a style with partially naked or completely naked shoulders. Any of them looks great on the silhouette of “hourglass”. But the “inverted triangle” should be chosen with one shoulder down, the completely bare top unbalance the figure even more. The open-shouldered sweater blends perfectly with lush skirts, pencil skirts, leggings and jeans.

Off Shoulder Sweaters Different Types of Fall/Winter Sweaters for Women

Two in one: Sweater + Blouse

The hit of the season will be a sweater complete with a blouse or shirt. It is better to choose a contrasting combination. In the classic version it is gray or black top and white blouse. In a similar look you can go to work, study, business meeting. For a walk or shopping, dilute the palette with bright colors, such as a scarf with a large print or a bright bag.

Two in one: Sweater + Blouse Different Types of Fall/Winter Sweaters for Women

Hope you like these fall/winter sweaters. Please keep visiting K4 Fashion for trending outfits and more! We would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below. And be sure to follow on Pinterest for more ideas!

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