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Diamonds are a woman’s best friend. Very rightly said. If you want to make a woman yours for life, never miss a diamond. In this article, we will share with you some of the prettiest Gabriel & Co. diamond rings for engagement which will want you to get married as soon as possible.

The entire family seems to be busy getting everything right and organised. From the venue to food yo arrangements. Even the bride herself is busy selecting her attire and deciding her looks. But just wearing designer outfits and getting the parlour like glow is not enough, isn’t it?? There is something more than you need. Some zing, some bling, some eye-catching jewellery. In this article, we will do just that. Show you some eye-catching diamond rings you won’t be able to stay away from.

Gabriel & Co. Diamond Rings

Diamonds are considered as love charms and what can be a better place to prove your love than your wedding day. From the day diamonds came into existence they were loved, worn and even fought for. They are considered as a symbol of confidence and luxury. In this article, we will see some of the classic pieces from the famous Gabriel & Co.

Gabriel & Co. are the makers of the fine diamond jewellery. They believe in making milestones are memories and call themselves as the keepers of ardours, enhancements and beauty. They claim to understand the power of fine jewellery and also its significance in a person’s life. Their wedding collection tends to elevate each person’s individuality, celebrate memorable occasions and bring genuine joy into their customer’s lives.

Having said so much let’s begin with the bling tour.

1. Lola:

You all must have heard the fact ” A diamond is forever “. Very true, isn’t it? Look at this gorgeous diamond ring. This will make your engagement day more vibrant. All those shine and bling is definitely going to make the day. This ring is made entirely of white gold and has a 14K diamond attached to the middle of it. It has a round split which kind of gives a Chanel vibe. If you are a fan of something luxurious, definitely go for this.

2. Layered diamond ring:

This is a nice and trendy ring design. This ring has a layered look which makes it unique. If you have really lean and thin fingers, this ring is perfect for you. The layered design makes your fingers appear nice and full. It is made of white gold and there is something about this ring which will leave you wanting for more.

3. Bruna:

This is yet another round split shank engagement ring. It is exactly like Lola, that we have seen before. But the only difference is that it is made of 18K white gold. The diamond attached to the middle makes the ring pop out. Super pretty and as it covers most of the part of your fingers, you don’t have to worry about having really thin fingers. This ring will give an illusion of nice and round fingers.

4. Calm:

A breathtaking designer ring. This ring has kept me spellbound. I have no words to explain how beautiful this ring is. Made of 18K white and rose gold this ring looks ultra regal. The ring is designed in a twisted spiral motion to elevate the look. For brides who really want to keep up their fashion statement high, this is perfect, hands down. Even if you have no other designer pieces on your body, it’s completely fine. This ring will do it all. Let your diamond do the talking.

5. Zaira:

An eye-catching piece of jewellery. This ring has a nice and innovative look to it. Made entirely of white gold has a pop of rose gold to enhance beauty. This engagement ring is made of 14K white and rose gold and is designed in a round and twisted form. Enough to elevate your look, just wear this and you are good to go.

6. Matilda:

Dainty and sleek are what can be made out for this design. It found are not a big fan of big and chunky jewellery and like to keep it simple, then this ring is for you. A simple and classic diamond ring never grows old and neither does it go out of style. Even a simple round shaped diamond ring is effortlessly striking. Made out of 14K white gold, this is going to prove your love for diamonds.

7. Milan:

Milan, the fashion capital of Italy has been brought to your fingers. The name suits the ring perfectly as I have never seen anything like this. Beautifully designed, intricate delicacy and just the right amount of bling finishes the whole look. Made out of 14K white gold the ring has a square shaped diamond attached to it. The double layering of the ring is what makes it pop and an absolute delight to wear. This ring is going to make your whole world sparkle.

8. Amber:

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There goes another alluring piece of jewellery. It is lustrous and gleaming. It is so pleasant that you can not take your eyes of off it. The ring is made out of 14K white gold and has a twisted pattern. This ring is an elevated version of a dainty and sleek look in its own new way. Having just the right amount of bling and shine, this ring has the perfect details.

9. Thailand:

Every woman on this earth fancies a diamond ring. And when it is your wedding day then why not. There is nothing as too much on a wedding. This day is about making all your dreams come true. And having a fancy diamond is just an added bonus. This is around the Halo ring made out of 18K white and rose gold. As the name suggests the land of white elephants, your finger will signify the land of white dazzle.

10. Double Halo Diamond ring:

You can never have an overdose of diamonds. And on your big day is it perfectly fine to have a little obsession over these tiny, blingy and expensive little things. Every woman fantasises a big rock on the fingers one day, and this is it. Look at this ring. Intricately designed and made out of 18K white and rose gold, this ring is going to make all your jewellery dreams come true. Double the halo, double the diamonds, double the happiness. That all you need in your life. Cheers!

11. Lafayette:

The graver the name, the grander is this ring. This has a certain mystery to it. Its mystical look is exactly what makes this ring so adorable. The designer has paid so much attention to the details, that this ring has turned out to be a masterpiece. This is an 18K white gold round halo engagement ring. So if you want to make your partner feel special, guys, go for this. After all, she is the one.

12. Balsam:

The flawless work of art is portrayed here in this ring. Everything from the design to the look to the diamonds is on point. Everything is faultless and is made to absolute perfection. This is a 14K ground halo engagement ring. Perfect for every woman who just wants a little boost of confidence.

13. Odessa:

A strikingly beautiful ring. Look at how royal this looks. This is a 14K white gold double halo engagement ring. The ring is designed in a twisted form with an oval-shaped diamond. The bigger the rock the better. Or at least the illusion of a bigger rock will do the trick. The ring is so astonishingly beautiful that it is going to leave all your audience in awe. It is beauty underneath, the decorated second layer that makes all the difference.

14. Lara:

A yet another decorated piece. This ring gives me ring goals and is definitely a must-have ring in your entire jewellery collection. But I am not saying you have to rob a bank or something to acquire this, it is just an idea, an inspiration. But for all those who have no limits to splurging on their wedding day, go for this. It is a 14K white and rose gold round double halo engagement ring. Look at the little heart at the bottom of the rock, how can you miss this. Explicitly impeccable and significant enough to show your love.

15. Eros:

We saved the best for the last. A complete stunner and an unbeaten showstopper. This stunning ring is going to make everyone feel special. The blue sapphire is exactly like the ” Heart of the Ocean ” in the movie Titanic. I know I always wanted something like this and when I saw this my heart went racing. This is something that Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle can be found wearing. This is a quality Sapphire engagement ring made out of 18K white gold and has three stones attached to it. Grab it ladies while you still got a chance and show some self-love.

That is all for this article on Gabriel & Co. diamond rings. Hope you enjoyed this jaw-dropping elegant and luxurious diamond tour. If you are still in the hangover of all these mesmerising designs, then snap out of it and order your favourite piece now. For more latest and designer updates stay tuned to K4 Fashion.

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