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Work is not only monotonous everyday life, but also holidays – birthday party, March 8, corporate events … All these events I want to emphasize the informal mood and, of course, a stylish festive way. The set of clothes for a holiday in office it is necessary to choose accurately that not to look provocatively or, on the contrary, is not transparent. What to put on on work in especial day, we will tell further.


Arguing with the beauty and tenderness of the lace is probably pointless. This delightful material looks really solemn and exquisite. For a festive day at work, choose a lace skirt with a monochrome blouse or, conversely, a lace top and a more relaxed, laconic bottom. But be careful, translucent things are not acceptable at the workplace, so please note that the lace fabric assumes lining or oats acted as a decor.

How To Look More Stylish At The Office


Leather things look very extravagant, even being strict and monotonous. For the everyday working image they are unlikely to be suitable, but for a freer day at work will be quite appropriate. Choose a medium length leather skirt, add a flowing top or free jumper and stylish accessories – a pendant or bracelet. Heels as well as possible will emphasize a special occasion. Make sure that the skirt is not too short, this image will look vulgar and provocative.

How To Look More Stylish At The Office

Bright Accents

It is not customary to choose things in bright colours for everyday work, but they should not be abandoned on a festive day. The blazer of bright shade will perfectly underline even monochrome image and will become stylish accent in the image, and the skirt of juicy colors will look harmoniously in combination with more restrained and simple things. The main rule – do not choose more than one bright thing for the image, so that the festive set of clothes has not turned into a tasteless.

How To Look More Stylish At The Office

Flying Fabrics

Things from flowing fabrics look amazing. But as for the office style, they are much less common there, as they are more suitable for more informal occasions. However, the holiday in the office – and there is the same reason. In winter it can be flowing palazzo trousers or maxi skirts, in summer the choice of such things is much more. The delicate texture of the fabric creates a very elegant, refined image, incredibly light and airy.

How To Look More Stylish At The Office


Prints are a real find for fashionista. The restrained stripe and laconic cage is for everyday image, and bright floral motifs, birds, complex ethnic patterns – for a special day. Bright things with prints very refresh the image and make it more complex and detailed. As a companion, choose quieter models that match the colour scheme – both similar combinations and more contrasting options look good. If the pattern is quite intrusive and catchy, it is better to refuse accessories.

How To Look More Stylish At The Office

Original Cut

In women’s wardrobe there are things non-standard cut, which can not be worn every day, and they patiently wait for their excuse. A long vest, which is in the trend this season, a long jumpsuit or a skirt with a luxurious decor – all this can be chosen as a festive office bow. Again, make sure that the skirt is of medium length, the jumpsuit is not too open – in this case, combine it with a blazer or bolero. A high heel will be more appropriate than ever.

How To Look More Stylish At The Office

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