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Military Style Fashion Trends for Women!

Military style is very popular lately. This is due to its convenience and spectacular appearance. The military style originated in the post-war period, when almost all the factories of Europe were destroyed, and due to the lack of civilian clothing, it was necessary to change the military uniform to dress civilians. In the 60s, this style was adopted by hippies, and in the 80s, at the suggestion of famous designers, military reached its peak of popularity, having won not only podiums, but also leaked into the wardrobes of ordinary people. Currently, the military style is again relevant. In this article you will find a selection of images in a fashionable military style.

Military Style Fashion Trends for Women

Features of Military Style

The characteristic features of the military style include:

  • The severity of the lines. Clothing in the military style is simple and restrained forms. Most often you can see straight and trapezoidal silhouettes.
  • Protective color. The main shades for the military style are khaki, olive, grey, brown as well as black and grey.
  • For the direction of the military use fabrics  such as leather, denim, tweed and wool.
  • Various patches, metal buttons and shoulder straps are used as decorative elements
  • An abundance of different pockets is also a hallmark of military style.

Features of Military Style Military Style Fashion Trends for Women

The Dress

The military style dress looks strict, but sexy. It fits the figure emphasizing its dignity. The length of such a dress, usually up to the knee or in the palm of the hand above or below the knee. Military style dress models are closed with a round neckline or collar stand. Most often they are decorated with decorative metal buttons in two rows or shoulder straps. The waist can be emphasized with a coarse belt with a simple buckle. The dress in military style is self-sufficient and does not require extra accessories. A clutch or bag of graphic form and shoes on a heel will complete the image.

The Dress Military Style Fashion Trends for Women


Initially, military style pants were strict, straight, with ironed arrows. In the 60’s, under the influence of hippie culture, they changed, became more free and baggy. Nowadays, you can find pants in the military style pants in various styles, from skinny to wide with patch pockets. These trousers are combined with countless different clothes. You can make a grunge image with them as well as a rather elegant minimalistic look, adding a simple top, short jacket and studded boots to khaki skinny pants.

Pants/Trousers Military Style Fashion Trends for Women


Comfortable and fashionable jacket in the military style easily fits into the casual style. It will look great with jeans and bristles or complement a set of leather pants and white shirts. A combination of a mini dress and a military style jacket will suit young girls.

Jacket Military Style Fashion Trends for Women


Vest in the military style, in addition to the protective color, distinguishes the presence of bulk patch pockets. This wardrobe element can be perfectly combined with shorts and a T-shirt. The military style vest in combination with a small black dress is an interesting and non-standard variant. This image can be complemented by a large smooth metal bracelet and a bag of laconic shape. The elongated vest in the military style will be an unusual addition to a simple set consisting of skinny pants and sleek top

Vest Military Style Fashion Trends for Women


A military-style coat resembles a military overcoat. Thanks to the simplicity and asceticism of the cut, this element of the wardrobe is universal and easily fits into almost any image. Fitted coat-skirt, flared to the bottom, is suitable for almost all types of figures. Relief stitches and oncoming soft folds on the back model the silhouette and hide the disadvantages.

Coat Military Style Fashion Trends for Women

Accessories and Shoes

Military Style shoes or boots and boots on thick soles without heels or on low heels, as well as high boots with laces. A good addition to your wardrobe is a military style bag. It is distinguished by its laconic shape, most often rectangular of matte leather, suede or even textiles of protective color.

Accessories and Shoes Military Style Fashion Trends for Women

Hope you like these military style fashion. Please keep visiting K4 Fashion for trending outfits and more! We would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below. And be sure to follow on Pinterest for more ideas!

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