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Pearls Clothing & Jewelry!

These mother-of-pearl peas boast a rich history. It was first appreciated by the Chinese 42 centuries ago! Exchange coin, currency, decoration of monarchs and, thanks to the cultivation of shellfish in the middle of the last century, pearl threads in the caskets of our grandmothers. This is not the end of the story. Designers honor classics, but at the same time successfully adapt pearls to modern fashionable conditions, about which we will discuss below.

Pearls Clothing & Jewelry


Classics among the jewelry are pearl carnation earrings. One pea per ear. A strict pair of white blouses plus black trousers will harmoniously complement or become part of the wedding image. However, jewelers keep pace with the times, making pearls part of the most different shapes of products. And now the barely noticeable beads hang elegantly on a chain or hide in an avant-garde plate of precious metal.

Earrings Women Trendy Pearls Clothing & Jewelry


Pearl thread and a small black dress – to repeat the impeccable image of the legendary Coco Chanel is incredibly easy. Indeed, even the thinnest and most laconic pearl necklace will make the set elegant and refined. Including, if you are wearing ordinary jeans and sweaters. Choosing the top, play on the contrast. Pearls look great against the background of blue, black, brown and burgundy shades. And remember, long necklaces and beads create vertical lines, which makes you a little slimmer. So don’t be afraid to choose jewelry in a big way.

Necklace Women Trendy Pearls Clothing & Jewelry


Now we will tell you how stylists manage to make classics ultra-fashionable and modern. Reception number one – a pearl bracelet is painted among other similar to himself and the clock, being part of a large multi-layer bracelet. It should be noted that this mother-of-pearl mineral looks equally good with silver and gold. Or completes the actual nowadays open bracelet. Pearls can be found on popular “prefabricated” bracelets as a charm. There are many variants.

Bracelets Women Trendy Pearls Clothing & Jewelry


If you can’t do bold style experiments, you’ll find a lonely pearl on the rim to your liking. Be careful, the size of the product should correspond to the size of your fingers. Otherwise, a small pea may indicate the parameters of your hands and just get lost in the image. Wear one ring or, as in the case of bracelets, a selection of other rings. Girls with standard equipment can experiment with oversize silhouettes. The product of a natural origin you will hardly find, but pearls received artificially are capable to accept different forms.

Rings Women Trendy Pearls Clothing & Jewelry


Pearl, and a brooch. It would seem, hello from grandmother’s wardrobe. However, if you look at the high fashion, it becomes obvious that this accessory is confidently walking along the catwalk along with other fashion trends. Thus, the Chanel fashion house is crazy about this mother of pearl, which is proved by every new collection. And how many ways to wear a brooch! Lapel jacket? Beret? Bag? Yes, and again – yes!

Brooches Women Trendy Pearls Clothing & Jewelry

Pearl Decoration

It seems absolutely impossible to put a noble pearl in the rebellious grunge images. However, here too, the stylists have shown all their strength and power. Delicate finishing with pearls on a jacket made of stern denim, crown top, leather and eyelets. The work is done brilliantly. But this is an extreme. If you want to combine such a jacket with girly dresses and skirts, start right now!

Pearl Decoration Women Trendy Pearls Clothing & Jewelry

Pearl jeans

This image breaks the principles of perfectionism – from delicate finishing to pearl disorder. For example, on jeans. It feels as if the swing of someone’s hand threw a handful of this noble mineral over a pair of trousers. And classic silhouettes don’t seem so boring anymore. Especially if there is a white lace blouse in the form of a mother of pearl.

Pearl jeans Women Trendy Pearls Clothing & Jewelry


The presence of this decor will save you the need to select a set of spectacular accessories. A thing richly embroidered with pearls is already a decoration. And that’s why basic and neutral things in a set with such a product will create a harmonious union.Embroidery Women Trendy Pearls Clothing & Jewelry

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