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Street Style Outfits!

Today we will talk about one of the most dynamically developing styles, which is constantly changing, transforming and never limits itself to the framework and stereotypes. Street style or street fashion is a rather complicated trend that modern fashion bloggers love so much. It would seem that what is difficult is to choose a stylish image for every day? But look at the bold combinations of bright, unusual and sometimes even contradictory. In more detail about images of street style we will tell further.

Street Style Outfits

Bright Prints

The basis of street style is expression without borders. That’s why it often uses bright, expressive prints, from interesting stripes to pop art. Clothing in the color block style will also add a touch of flavor to the image, when the design contains literally geometric blocks of contrasting shades, creating visual accents and even optical illusions. You need to choose what emphasizes your individuality, but in addition, you need to properly combine these things with other elements of the wardrobe. There are no rules in street style, it needs to be “felt”. Therefore, whether the combination will be successful depends only on your sense of taste.

Bright Prints Street Style: Go And Grab The Best Outfits


Street style skillfully picks up the general fashion trends. Overseas clothing – there is that case. A voluminous, baggy sweater can be the basis for a stunning street style image. T-shirts, jackets, coats, oversize half-souvenirs can be used for street look. Companions of such things should choose more silhouette models to emphasize the refinement and elegance of the image -a pencil skirt or skinny pants will be a good complement to the set.

Oversize Street Style: Go And Grab The Best Outfits

Contrast Combinations

As we have already said, street style doesn’t know canons, organisms and stereotypes, that’s why it’s possible to combine even “incompatible” things in it, but it’s necessary to do it skillfully. A long feminine dress can be worn with sneakers, a loose T-shirt with an elegant skirt, a strict blazer with a simple T-shirt. Such contrasting combinations can be many, they look very spectacular, but here it is important to stay within the style and do not look stupid. If you’ve picked up a set, but doubt your choice or are simply uncomfortable, try to pick up other things. Perfect taste is more important than ever.

Contrast Combinations Street Style: Go And Grab The Best Outfits

Faded Things and “Carelessness”

Obsessive untidiness can also be present in street style images. By the way, this is another trend that is successfully used in this style. Worn or torn jeans, stretched T-shirts, loose tops with large nicks that fall off your shoulders carelessly – all these things will be relevant. In order not to look really untidy, add to your image notes of prestige – neat makeup and hairstyle, elegant sandals or snow-white sneakers, designer clutch or watch. Shoes and accessories must be flawless.

Faded Things and "Carelessness" Street Style: Go And Grab The Best Outfits


Speaking of accessories, you need to pay special attention to them. In street style, they are necessarily present, even if the image is so complex. Again, there are no clear rules for choosing a purse or belt, and this is something you can bring to the image to emphasize your originality and sense of style. Don’t be afraid to choose creative models or very bright prints, although sometimes even a simple thing can be original.

Accessories Street Style: Go And Grab The Best Outfits


Street-style multi-layers are very welcome. Of course, it is not so easy to choose several layers for one image that will look harmoniously together, but that is the essence of street fashion. The most common combinations are shirt and jumper or tunic, t-shirt and long vest, dress and cozy sweater or rough jacket. Try, experiment, don’t forget about the accessories. Let this image be your unique individuality!

Layering Street Style: Go And Grab The Best Outfits

Hope you like these street style outfits. Please keep visiting K4 Fashion for trending outfits and more! We would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below. And be sure to follow on Pinterest for more ideas!

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