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Surviving in corporate life is really difficult right ladies? We all have to manage our house and office with a proper balance due to which we do not get the time for us, which is really very important. Sometimes we do not have time to make a nice hairstyle for our office to look more presentable. I think this is not right. We all have to look good and smart to present ourselves in a better way.

You have to do small changes in your appearance to get noticed and to look more presentable.  But who has time to get ready in the morning when you are getting late for work. Don’t worry ladies I have got your back. Here are top 5 minutes hairstyles that you can do when you are getting late for your office.

1. Quick Wrap Around High Pony Tail

Getting late! Do not have even Five minutes to spend on your hairs. Do not worry; the quick fix to your solution is a high pony tail with wrap around hairs on the tie point of your pony. These pony tails looks classy and smart and gives you more [professional look at the same time.

Tip- Fix the wrap of your hairs with a hair pin for better finish and support.

Quick Wrap Around High Pony Tail 5 Minutes Hairstyles For OfficeImage Source

2. A Side Bun For Meetings

Ufff! Meetings makes our schedule hectic and managing the hairs can make it more difficult task but its a meeting and you have to look presentable right ladies! So, a side low bun is a solution to this problem. Just do it with some flicks left on your face and do your make up right. That is it! You will rock it like a Boss lady.

Image SourceA Side Bun For Meetings 5 Minutes Hairstyles For Office

3. Braids Are Always Helpful

A three strain side braid is always my saviour. Whenever I think I can not do any good hairstyle and I have to give a presentation on the spot. I just choose this hairstyle. It takes Only three minutes to complete it, but it adds grace and smartness to your whole formal look. With this simple trick you can save yourself from bad expression because of your hairs on your face while giving a presentation to your client. I still remember how easy it was for me just to make this hairstyle and look smarter.

Image Source Braids Are Always Helpful 5 Minutes Hairstyles For Office

4.  A half Do is Always My Favourite

I am a person who likes to add fun to her outfits, even if it is formal wear or the casual one. A half do with your formal dress will work out, if you do it with a proper finish. Whenever there is a small formal party I prefer these kind of hairstyles, so that I do not look boring at office party.

A half Do is Always My Favourite 5 Minutes Hairstyles For OfficeImage Source

5. Because Half Bun Is A Solution

If you do not want to feel hot I would say that you should go for Half bun, It will look good with formals and specially with pencil skirt and trousers. With the half bun you can add small earrings to the look.

 Because Half Bun Is A Solution 5 Minutes Hairstyles For Office

So these are the top hairstyles, that you can try on daily basis to look a little more smart on daily basis with out taking those long hour efforts just to look good.

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