10 Trending Blouses with Stylish Sleeves For This Summer

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Trending Blouses!

Summers are already here and gone are those days when you have to cover yourself up under jackets and coats. It is time to flaunt your sexy and trendy fashion style yet again. Blouses otherwise known as tops are the most go-to item of any girl in this whole wide world.

This apparel is available on the tops and blouses section of any leading shopping website. They are extremely stylish and comfortable and can give you an instant gorgeous transformation. There are several designs available and they are meant to flatter all types of body shapes. All you need to do is choose the right one for yourself.

Nowadays tops are all about trendy sleeves. From sleeveless to bell sleeves to puffy and cape sleeves everything is so in lately. These tops come in a variety of fabrics and patterns and it is made to suit everyone’s tastes. These designs are going viral and it has enabled the fashion market to undergo a huge and fantastic change. They are available on all shapes and sizes. So whether you are extremely skinny or plus size, these tops are meant to flatter everybody. From casual to a party you can find blouses for all occasions.

These trending blouses & tops will leave your fashion competitors guessing about your fashion sense while you flaunt it in style. Here in this article, we will share with you some trendy tops sleeves design which will transform you from drab to fab.

Trending Blouses with Stylish Sleeves

So if you are all prepared for this summer then let us have a look at these trending blouses. To add to your style, we collected some trending blouses with stylish sleeves. These designs will make your style alive even in high heat this year.

1. Bishop sleeves

Bishop sleeves Trending Blouses with Stylish Sleeves For This Summer

A bishop sleeve is a mixture of classic and trendy. It is something you would find Audrey Hepburn wearing. This blouse might be simple but it is far from being boring. This blouse has a beautifully drafted sleeve which is fluid and fabulous. This is such a versatile blouse that you can wear it for both day and night look. From workwear to dinner this blouse can be worn with anything and everything. It is not a puffy sleeve but the fullness of the sleeves is entirely at the cuffs.

2. One shoulder blouse

One shoulder blouse Trending Blouses with Stylish Sleeves For This Summer

One shoulder tops are a very trendy design to try this summer. As the weather starts to heat up you start finding new ways to flaunt your gorgeous skin and try to be comfortable. One shoulder tops are very easy and breathable and super stylish as well. What we have here is a shirt style blouse which drapes over one shoulder leaving the other shoulder bare. There are plenty of varieties of this top and you can try any of it as per your liking. You can wear these with anything and flaunt your own unique style.

3. Ruffle sleeves

Ruffle sleeves Trending Blouses with Stylish Sleeves For This Summer

Tops with ruffle details are quite astonishing and they tend to win hearts every time they are worn. These tops look uber chic and give you an angelic appearance. The detailing on the sleeves has made these tops an utmost favourite of women all over the world. These tops provide a very unique look and you tend to stand out in the crowd every time. The top shown in the image has a ruffle detailing on the sleeve which makes the simple top quite mesmerizing. Ruffle tops can change your overall personality so it is very important to choose a top that suits your style.

4. Tiered sleeves

Tiered sleeves Trending Blouses with Stylish Sleeves For This Summer

A top with tiered sleeves is a very interesting top to wear. A tiered top is a layered top with the same fabric as the top. It gives an amazing look to anybody who wears it. The layer details form an awesome dropping effect which looks quite new and fashionable. What we have here is one such example of tiered sleeves. It has three tiers with a buffing detail at the end. It also has a turtle neck which makes it even more classy. It serves as a good top for your nighttime party look.

5. Cut out sleeves design

Cut out sleeves design Trending Blouses with Stylish Sleeves For This Summer

Cut out sleeve is a good way to show off some skin without revealing too much. The top shown here has a slight cutout with some criss-cross detail of the same fabric. It further has a ruffle detail which looks quite cool and classy. The cutouts at the back make it highly summer appropriate. It is a classy and trendy top which can be worn both as casual wear and also as party wear.

6. Bow sleeves design

Bow sleeves design Trending Blouses with Stylish Sleeves For This Summer

A bow detail top gives you the much needed cute look.  A top with bow detailing can add a very feminine touch to your entire look. It is a really cool addition to your wardrobe and can add grace to anyone who wears it. It is very important to choose the correct type of bow detailing because different details suit different body types. The top in this image has a faux bow detail on the sleeves which will make your sleeves look longer and slender. The cutout shows just the right amount of skin providing a very chic look.

7. Mutton sleeves blouse design

Mutton sleeves blouse design Trending Blouses with Stylish Sleeves For This Summer

This is an inverted leg of a mutton sleeve design. Mutton sleeves are usually fluffy at the top and tighter at the bottom. But what we have here is tighter at the top and fluffy at the bottom. It is more like a bishop sleeve which adds beauty and precision to the top. This top has a lot of fullness and it looks entirely mesmerizing. It is good for all the skinny girls as it gives a very fuller look to your arm.

8. Cold shoulder blouse design

Cold shoulder blouse design Trending Blouses with Stylish Sleeves For This Summer

A top with single strip cold shoulder design gives an amazing look over jeans. This trend has been in the fashion market for quite some time now and it has no intention of retiring soon. This is a super hot design and it can be worn by women of all ages. Not only does this top give a very appealing look but it also makes your arm look slender. It is a nice way to add a subtle touch of modernity to your otherwise bland tops. If you are tired of your simple tops then this top is a perfect option as it will add the much-needed oomph to your outfit. So ditch all your worries and opt for this top for both casual and party occasions.

9. Lace-up sleeves design

Lace-up sleeves design Trending Blouses with Stylish Sleeves For This Summer

Sweatshirts are a great way to amp up any outfit. There is no perfect time or day to wear a sweatshirt. The sweatshirt can be worn on any casual occasion. They are cool, easy breezy and breathable. The sweatshirt shown here has a very sexy crisscross detail which provides a very cool look without having to show any skin. This is a very unique and trending design and it spills elegance. So if you want to add a classy vibe to your outfit without having to reveal anything then this is a perfect option for you.

10. Slit sleeves blouse design

 Slit sleeves blouse design Trending Blouses with Stylish Sleeves For This Summer

A slit sleeve is latest, contemporary, chic and fun. Slit sleeves pattern is quite popular and it adds an extra element to your otherwise simple and boring top. The top shown here has a tiered bell sleeve detailing with a slit in the middle. It also has a tie-up detail so that it does not look too revealing. You can adjust the straps as lose or right you want it to be. A versatile top to either dress up or down as per your own convenience.

That was all for this article. Hope you enjoyed this lavish couture tour. These trending blouses are not only interesting but are perfect for all your occasions. From casual to party wear you can select as per your liking. For more latest updates stay tuned to K4 Fashion.


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