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5 Must Have Trendy Sunglasses For Stylish Look

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Trendy Sunglasses For Stylish Look!

Sunglasses – a must-have accessory for any girl, as they have not only decorative but also protective function. This detail of your image can protect your eyes from harmful ultraviolet radiation, as well as protect your face from premature wrinkles. Quite a wide selection of glasses allows a modern girl to express her personality and add a stylish look to her image. Let’s see what models of sunglasses are in fashion this year.

Trendy Sunglasses For Stylish Look


The aviators’ glasses are already a classic. They have long been the favorites of many girls, and they are worn by fashionista not the first season. Initially, in the early 30’s, such glasses were created for American pilots. But already in 1937 they began to disperse into masses. Since then, aviators have won universal love and recognition around the world. This model is good because it easily fits into any image and goes almost to everyone.

Must Have Trendy Sunglasses For Stylish Look

Cat Eyes

If you like retro, you can opt for the cat’s eye (or chanterelle) model. Their fans were such stars of the past as Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe. These glasses will add an image of slyness, playfulness and femininity. This model comes for girls with pointed chin, as well as with pronounced cheekbones.

Must Have Trendy Sunglasses For Stylish Look

Round Shape

Once again, we pay tribute to the 70’s, hippie style and John Lennon, as round glasses are fashionable. They can be with dark glasses as well as with actual ones in this season, colored or mirror glasses. By the way, glasses of this form have a name – tishays. They are suitable for girls with square and oval face. Smooth lines are able to soften pointed and elongated features. People with an impressive chin and a large lower jaw can also fit this model. As for the style, the round glasses will look most harmoniously in casual, boho and grunge style.

Must Have Trendy Sunglasses For Stylish Look

Square Shape

This season, the trend is geometry. Therefore, square-shaped glasses, along with round and rectangular, you can easily add to your image. This model has a fairly classic look. In this regard, the glasses of this form are universal and can complement both business and sports look. This accessory is suitable for girls with triangular and oval face.

Must Have Trendy Sunglasses For Stylish Look

Fashionable Frames

This season’s trend is massive, so don’t be afraid to experiment with thick frames and oversize glasses. Animalistic print is also in fashion, did not bypass this trend and frames of glasses. Leopard pattern is often found in different brands. Colorful frames are suitable for fans of bright colors. They can be combined with dark or mirror glasses, as well as with colored glass. At the fashion shows, some designers presented glasses with an abundance of decor: openwork metal elements, sequins and rhinestones.

Must Have Trendy Sunglasses For Stylish Look

Hope you like these trendy sunglasses. Please keep visiting K4 Fashion for trending outfits and more! We would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below. And be sure to follow on Pinterest for more ideas!

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