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Wedding Accessories for Brides: Let’s Shop Your Special Day

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Wedding Accessories for Brides!

We continue to prepare future wives for the most long-awaited and solemn holiday in their lives – the wedding. With a choice of a dress and fashionable wedding tends, we have already defined, it is necessary to find worthy companions for a wedding dress. We tell, what accessories it is necessary to pick up to a dress and what things to equip in this fateful day.

Wedding Accessories for Brides


Wedding jewelry should emphasize the beauty of your dress, harmoniously complement it. Be sure to check the color compatibility of dresses and jewelry – embroidery in gold or silver suggests gold and silver tones of accessories, respectively.
Do not overload the image. If you have a chic neckline on a dress, stop at a volume necklace and unobtrusive earrings. The second option – massive earrings – will be perfect for dresses with a high neckline. In both cases, the bracelets are shown. Make sure that all the elements of your ensemble are combined in color and material. And the ring should be the only one on this day. It will be worn by your future husband.

Jewelry Wedding Accessories for Brides: Let's Shop Your Special Day

Hairstyle & Hair Accessories

Perhaps the most difficult part of the wedding image is the hairstyle. Modern designers are able to satisfy the taste of any bride – whether it is a complicated hairstyle or flowing curls. In the first case, decorated studs, scallops and hairpins will fit perfectly. Wreaths, rims, miniature hairpins and ribbons decorated with flowers and rhinestones will help to decorate the curls. Brilliant tiara is suitable for any hairstyle and hair length and promises to turn each bride into a real queen.

Hairstyle & Hair Accessories Wedding Accessories for Brides: Let's Shop Your Special Day

Bridal Veils

The veil symbolizes the beginning of a new life from scratch and is a leading accessory to the wedding image. It should be perfectly matched with the color of the dress. The choice of veil length is another important point. Let the length not exceed the length of the dress. In this case, the dresses and veil form the perfect tandem. The most common and universal variant is up to the fingertips. It is suitable for almost any dress. But the mini models require a special length of veils – short, to the neck. Another “mesh” solution is the veil, greetings from the far 30s. Coquettishly covering a part of a face, gives an image of playfulness and mysteriousness.

Bridal Veils Wedding Accessories for Brides: Let's Shop Your Special Day

Shoes And Heels

Classic wedding genre – elegant shoes boats on a low heel. If the cherished date falls on a hot summer period – give preference to sandals. The color of the shoes should also match the color of the dress. Recently, the great popularity in wedding images got metallic shoes color. For white dress – silver, for ivory – gold. Metallic shoes or sandals will give a slight shine to your image of precious metals.

Shoes And Heels Wedding Accessories for Brides: Let's Shop Your Special Day

Flats And Sandals

We recommend this pair to arm all brides, even the ardent fans of heels. Wear heels for the solemn ceremony and photo shoot, and a flat-soled model for the festivities and dances. A long wedding dress will hide this little trick and no one will notice the substitution. If the hem opens your legs, choose sparkling ballet or sandalwood decorated with beads, rhinestones and sequins.

Flats And Sandals Wedding Accessories for Brides: Let's Shop Your Special Day


The ritual of wearing and throwing garters at weddings came to us from America. The bride puts one garter on her right leg just above her knee, the other on her left leg above her palm. The groom removes the garter from his right leg and throws it into the crowd of unmarried men. A single man who has caught the garter promises happiness and a quick marriage. But the garter on the left leg will serve as a sensual accessory to the bride on the wedding night.

Garter Wedding Accessories for Brides: Let's Shop Your Special Day


These things will awaken desire and passion on your wedding night. Let it be white lacework that reminds you so much of the past day that made you husband and wife. A tempting set of body, garters and stockings will help to stretch the intrigue. Impatient people can be limited to a spicy peignoir or a light body.

Underwear Wedding Accessories for Brides: Let's Shop Your Special Day

Hope you like these wedding accessories for brides. Please keep visiting K4 Fashion for trending outfits and more! We would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below. And be sure to follow on Pinterest for more ideas!

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