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If you’re keeping up with fashion trends and trying to keep up with the times, you’ll probably be interested in what to put your feet in for the new season. The hottest trends, current models, textures, details – we will tell you all about it in our review!

Nose, Platform, Heel

The undisputed favorite of this season was a massive platform and a corrugated sole. It is popular not the first season, and has already managed to win the hearts of fashionable women – from summer sandals to winter boots – it is relevant everywhere.

Those who are looking for more elegant and graceful models will love shoes with a long toe. In addition to the classic variants on a high thin heel, pay attention to the shoes at low speed, such models with a sharp nose look very interesting and stylish.

And for those who do not like flat soles, but appreciate comfort and convenience, popular models with a massive, stable heel will be suitable. A large square heel is a raisin of modern shoes, its rough shape will not spoil the feminine and elegant image.

Women Trendy Shoes-Boots for This Fall/Winter


When choosing your ideal pair for the autumn-winter season, pay attention to the material of which it is made. One of the favorites can safely be called a metallized coating, which can not fail to attract attention. Glitter and reflection of the metal looks expensive, catchy and super stylish, so if you like bright, trendy images – feel free to add such shoes to your wardrobe.

Women Trendy Shoes-Boots for This Fall/Winter

Everyone’s favorite suede is not inferior to its position and still remains one of the most favorite textures. However, in addition to the classic black color, pay attention to the shoes in beige and brown shades, this palette is especially relevant this season.

And the most practical solution for autumn-winter shoes is, perhaps, rubber. Yes, it is rubber boots, as well as boots and boots with rubber soles, we recommend those who appreciate comfort in all weather.

Special Features

Beauty is always hidden in detail, so be sure to pay attention to the details when choosing shoes. This season, fashion designers preferred laces, numerous straps, chains, rivets reminiscent of the popularity of military style, and, of course, fringe, inspired by the current fashion of the 70’s. Each element can be beaten differently in each shoe model, so just choose the option to which the soul lies.

Women Trendy Shoes-Boots for This Fall/Winter

Styles for a Warm Autumn

It often happens that autumn pleases us with warm and sunny days and allows us to walk in light shoes. What to choose for this case besides a pair of classic shoes? Elegant loafers, comfortable slips, light shoes, comfortable low shoes, stylish chelsea – pay attention to these styles. They can be harmoniously blended into a classic, strict image for the office, as well as a freer look in casual or street style.

Women Trendy Shoes-Boots for This Fall/Winter

Styles for Cold autumn and Winter Styles

Cold weather is no reason to forget about the stylish image. In this case, you will need shoes, which will keep the feet warm and at the same time emphasize the impeccable sense of style. Boots will cope with this task best of all. This season the models just above the knee and above the bottle are especially relevant.High boots and half boots are not canceled, they can be supplemented with warm socks or socks, which must look out of the shin.

Women Trendy Shoes-Boots for This Fall/Winter

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