Henna & Mehndi

Women tend to decorate mehndi on many occasions during the festivals season, after all it’s a part of women’s make up. Often people wear mehndi in hands on any special occasion. On the Teej and many festivals women wear mehndi and express happiness. Whether it is a wedding, festival or any such events mehndi used first. But do you know that there are several types of mehndi designs?

1. Indian Mehandi Designs

Peacock, flower- leaves, unique curly, cured patterns are more used in Indian style mehndi designs. Indian brides prefer to apply these beautiful designs.

2. Arabic Mehandi Designs

In comparison to Indian mehndi designs this field design takes very less time. This is opposite of Indian mehndi designs. In Arabic field mostly decoration, outline, flower, leaves and some circulation boundaries are seen. Women who have less time liked to apply this mehndi more.

3. Indo-Arabic Mehandi Designs

As the name pronounces this field is a mixture of Indian and Arabic. During applying this bold outline is used whereas in inner side Indian field these lines are applied. Mostly in Indian marriages relatives of bride and groom like to apply this type of mehndi.

4. Moroccan Mehandi Designs

Moroccan mehndi designs are very famous in Middle East countries. Mostly geometric designs are used in this field like triangle square circle and etc. The speciality of Moroccan mehndi designs that it is applied similarly in both the hands. Many easy designs you can try on your wedding. It depends on you what type of mehndi you want. The festival of kajari teej is known as the festival of love and trust between loved ones. It is said that the color of mehndi describes the love of the husband in the wife’s hand. On the occasion of teej you should also apply mehndi on your hands. Not just on the festival of teej but in all festivals application of mehndi is just like a ritual. When a person gets married both bride and groom apply mehndi on their hands and many families mehndi functions are also organized. So in India mehndi plays a very vital role in each function festivals and etc. In India whenever there is an occasion of happiness mehndi is applied by women. There is a lot of type of mehndi designs. Each person applies mehndi according to their own choice.
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