As we all know very well that fashion plays a very vital role in Bollywood. Whatever comes in Bollywood becomes the fashion trend. India is a country where probably whole the country follows Bollywood. From hairstyle to footwear’s everything which comes in Bollywood becomes a fashion trend and all follow it. On our fashion choices, Bollywood gives a major influence. Not everything becomes a fashion trend but something which got very popular like the hairstyle of Salman Khan in Tere Naam movie was on the trend at the time. Fashion is not just limited to you on screen but also whatever our Bollywood stars used to wear in daily life also. Many of the ramp shows also held in which jewellery dresses and all are introduced by different fashion designers. In today's time, all the Bollywood stars have their own fashion designers. Not just Bollywood stars many peoples like to design their dresses by designers. So through the help of Bollywood celebrities either by movies or by ramp walks many of the designers introduce their design and also try to make it come in Trend. Many of the jewellery designs, footwear designs which come in Bollywood are used by Tailors and footwear makers which is a source of inspiration for them. Many times the parties which Bollywood celebrities attend also become an extended Ramps. Searching for women dress up is not and tough task because many of the designs which are worn by our Bollywood celebrities will come in front of you. Then you can choose whatever you want. Many times some of the outfits become so popular and comes in Trend. Everyday fashion trend changes. Fashion trend never is the same. Because every day there is some ramp shows some Bollywood parties and some of the movies releases according to it our fashion trend changes regularly. But mainly all follow fashion trend. Our fashion is not just limited to women man had also adopted a lot of styles and looks. As we all see our Bollywood celebrities always have a different look. For example, as we all know Ranveer Kapoor tries different type of styles regularly. Not just Ranveer Kapoor all the Bollywood male celebrities have their own style and dressing sense which is also followed by the public. A lot of advertisements are also done by our Bollywood celebrities to introduce many of the brands, for example, Salman Khan had introduced "Being me" brand. This thing we all know that any of the outfit worn by actor or actress in any hit movie surely become a trend. Many of the fashion designers and fashion companies introduce their brands in movies. Outfits which are worn by celebrities on the red carpet come in trend very easily. So we can say that fashion and Bollywood have always gone hand in hand. Fashion is introduced by Bollywood. In today's time, mostly casual wears are in Trend most of the celebrities wear casual in their regular life. Wearing Georgette sarees, Art Silk lehengas and cotton dresses are in trend. Recently in the last 2 years, many of the Bollywood stars had married. There lehengas and Jewellery had also become very popular and these designs are used by many. Many of the jewellery designs had also become popular which are worn by Deepika Padukone, Anushka, and Priyanka in their weddings That all had come into trend.

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