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Stylish Saree Blouse designs!

Ethnic wear is all the rage now. From ladies all over the country to our B-town divas traditional wear is ruling. Here we are going to talk about one such ethereal garment which is a saree. A saree is the most favoured garment of the ladies in our country. It accentuates your femininity and brings out the grace in you. You have no idea how this 6yard fabric can make all the difference in the way you look.

But a saree in itself is nothing. You need a blouse to jazz it up. If you think no one is going to decode all the layers and look into your blouse, then you are dead wrong. A blouse back and neck is the only visible in a saree. The online market is flooded with millions of unique designs for your blouse. And it is only possible that you find yourself confused while walking down the isle of all these amazing designs. In order to make it easier for you we have curated a whole list of some trendy and stylish blouse designs for you to keep you party ready all the time.

Stylish Saree Blouse designs

Stylish saree blouse designs prominent the looks of the wearer. For a classy and sophisticated look, try these blouse designs for wedding season.

1. High neck blouse design

High neck blouse designs have been the hottest trend lately and you must have seen almost all Bollywood divas flaunt this style. This is a great option for ladies with a heavy bust as it is super comfortable and they do not have to be conscious about skin show all the time. High neck blouses do not have to be boring always. Here we have printed and sequinned embroidered blouse which has an oval cutout at the back. It also has a hanging design which makes it even for beautiful. This blouse is perfect to be paired with designer sarees of the similar pattern and is great for all occasions.

2. Bejewelled neck blouse design

Embellished or jewellery neckline is definitely going to give you the princess vibes. These blouses have been made quite a trend by our designers. The work around the neck gives it a very festive feel and they look utterly regal and elegant. Here we have an off-white blouse with an embellished neckline which is great for weddings and parties. Pair it with a similarly embellished saree to complete the look. Do not go overboard with the saree and let the blouse do all the talking.

3. Beads detail blouse design

Oval back necks are a great way to spice up your traditional wear if you are bored with the usual round necks and pot necks. What we have here is a huge oval cut at the back which is beautified with gold-toned beads. The blouse is further embroidered with golden and red threads and it is great to be worn with your casual or designer sarees. This blouse is a statement piece in itself and it can turn any of your drab boring look to fabulous and amazing.

4. Back cutout blouse design

Cutout backs are quite popular nowadays. This style tends to suit women of all body types as there are millions of shapes available. These designs bring in a little touch of modernity to the otherwise contemporary styles. What we have here is a multicoloured sleeveless blouse which has a V shape cut out at the back. The blouse further has a Dori detail to tie up at the back. Blouses of this type are great for both casual events and festive parties. Pair it with your traditional or designer sarees and you are good to go.

5. Elephant embroidered blouse design

Motifs with animal patterns on it are great for people who are a little experimental. These act as a faux pas when you want to wear simple blouse designs and yet want to stand out of the crowd. Here we have a beautiful yellow colour blouse with multicoloured animal and floral motifs on it. It has a close neck design with long sleeves. You can wear this with chiffon, georgette and designer sarees and you are sure to be a head turner for all cultural and traditional events.

6. Criss-cross back blouse design

Blouses have come a long way from what it used to be. It is getting innovative and experimental every now and then. Blouses that have a criss-cross design is barely new to anyone who has been following the blouse patterns closely. The blouse we have here is of beautiful pink colour with criss-cross detailing at the back. It further has a brooch detail to beautify it even more. The blouse has full sheer sleeves and it is great to be paired with a designer or net sarees of the similar pattern. Wear it to weddings and parties and you are sure to grab a lot of attention.

7. Sleek cutout blouse design

Cutouts of this kind are great for women who are not much of the experimental types. If you do not want to try all the innovative designs then you can go with this simple and sleek cutout at the back. Designs of this type work well with traditional designer and silk sarees. The blouse shown here is a beautiful blue colour blouse with embroidery all over it. It has a sheer back in the middle with a sleek and subtle cut. You can pair this blouse with similar matching sarees or even contrasting ones as shown.

8. Square cut back blouse design

Square neck blouse backs are the most favoured blouse designs by women of all times. They are classics and they look good every time. They are easy to carry and they have a very sophisticated appeal to them. Here we have a floral printed blouse with a deep square neck. You can pair this with your usual cotton sarees to increase the show. You can adjust the depth of your back as per your liking and can add a touch of glam to events and festive parties with this elegant blouse design.

9. Latkan blouse design

Latkan designs add a cute and unique look to your beautiful blouses. They spice up your boring blouses and make them occasion worthy. Here we have a plain pink sleeveless blouse with latkan designs on the sleeves. The pom pom latkans provide a super cute look to the otherwise plain blouse and instantly makes it festive worthy. Pair this with your usual cotton sarees for a more casual look or chiffon and georgette sarees for a festive appropriate look.

10. Gorgeous blouse design

Paisley design is barely new to any Mehendi lover. But this style is not only limited to mehendis but they have even made their mark in the world if blouses. Here we have a beautiful pink and orange colour blouse with paisley embroidery on it. It further has diamond shaped cutouts with zari work all over it. The pink sheer fabric is placed on the inside to act as a barrier against any skin show. Pair this with any kind of saree and let the blouse do all the talking.

11. Sheer back blouse design

A sheer blouse is a trend which can never go out of style. It is a perfect choice for summers and is a great option for all those ladies who do not want an exclusive skin show. Not every occasion demands to show off skin and in those times these blouses can come really handy. The blouse we have here is a black printed one. It jas zig-zag print all over and has a sheer back with golden embellishments. The blouse is perfect to rock each and every occasion. Pair it with your designer lehengas or sarees and strut like a stunner.

12. Buttons and embroidery blouse design

Embroidery blouses are the best when it comes to being sober and stylish. They reflect the skills and love of all the dressmakers. The blouse we have here is a colour blocked blouse which is of blue and green colour. The blouse has a U neck at the back with a dori. The entire blouse is embroidered and embellished and the sleeves have a button detailing which makes the blouse even fancier. You can wear this blouse with your traditional banarasi and silk sarees and can mark your presence.

13. Sheer sleeves blouse design

Transparent blouses are quite the rage in the fashion world lately. They add a stylish and trendy look to your outfits and is a great pick for all occasions and parties. Here we have a black blouse with applique detailing. The interesting fact about this blouse is its unique sheer sleeves. Sheer sleeves is a great way to jazz up your outfit in case you do not want a sheer back. Pair it with a similar saree to complete the outfit.

14. Embellished back blouse design

Embellished sheer blouses are a great choice if you want to mark your presence in a wedding or a party. Here we have a sheer embellished back design which is chic and elegant. Blouses of this kind us a dream of every Indian girl and it spells festive all over. This exquisite work of art is a great pair for your designer sarees and it will serve a great purpose for all your invitations.

15. Embroidered blouse design

Embroidered blouse designs are quite Vogue lately. They compliment your wedding sarees well and give you a rich and classy look. The blouse here has delicate and intricate embroidery all over and also has slight embellished details. The blouse further has a golden zari work detail on the sleeves. This is a great pair for all your traditional sarees and can be a showstopper for all occasions.

16. Front V cut blouse design

V neck blouse designs are classics and seem to a favourite for women all over. They are sober and sophisticated and can serve a great purpose when it comes to being stylish. Here we have a red blouse with a slight V neck detail at the front. The blouse is of full length and reaches all the way up to your waist. This is a great blouse to be paired with either silk or chiffon sarees and can be used both as casual and work wear.

17. Mirror work blouse design

Mirror work design is nothing new and it has been on trend for quite some time now. These blouses are great for festivals and events and can really give you a lavish look. Here we have a green blouse with mirror work detailing. The blouse further has faux buttons to increase the show. These blouses are at utmost favourite if women as they give a glamorous and elegant look. These blouses work well with both traditional and contemporary sarees and can help you to achieve a ravishing look for all of your invitations.

18. Striped back blouse design

For a trendy and elegant saree look all you need is a stylish blouse. And this is one if a kind. The extravagant blouse design is going to leave all your fashion competitors hunting for your fashion style. Here we have a sheer blouse with floral embroidery on it. The blouse further has a striped detail at the back. Floral embroidery and sheer fabric never go out of style and these two together makes an exclusive combination. Pair this with a similar designer or net saree to complete the combo and be in the limelight of every party.

19. Zari work blouse design

This blouse is extremely glamorous and sophisticated. Blouses of this kind are always in demand whenever it comes to festive occasions. These blouses are known to add a style statement to your look. Here we have a green embroidered blouse with zari work on it. It has golden zari on it with added sequins. The sleeves are of quarter length with pom pom details and have a great cut at the bottom. This blouse is great for bridal wear and you can pair it with a similar heavy saree to complete the look. Accessorize with some nice matching accessories to round off your look.

20. Designer blouse

Designer blouses have always been on demand. There is no harm in splurging a little more on your favourite things sometimes. The blouse shown here has a sheer pattern with embellishments all over. Embellished blouses provide a great look to your entire outfit and it is meant to grab the attention of all your audiences. Pair this blouse with similar hued sarees for a classy and elegant look. Wear this to parties and events or even to your wedding reception and you are all sorted.

That was all for this article on stylish saree blouse designs. Hope you enjoyed the lavish and exclusive couture tour. For more updates stay tuned to K4 Fashion.

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