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Summers are here and we all are searching for some good trendy yet comfortable clothes Right? Well, recently some of India’s best fashion week was conducted at different places and Amazon India fashion week was one of them. like previous year even this time Amazon India fashion week gave us some great styling inspiration. Let’s have a look.


MAKE IT CLASSY WITH LIGHT COLORS Summer Trends From Amazon Indian Fashion WeekEveryone loves to wear, the light fabric and light colours in summers and why not? light colours give us a classy and sexy look, that to with lots of comfort. Designers came up with some strong ideas of keeping the fabric light, but they added the drama with laces and other accessories which i like the most.

For daily wear you can try some lace tops/dresses in pastel colours. You can also play with the combination of light colours, like white and blush pink. These kind of combination looks great and gives you a classy look. Apart from that, you can try some more casual and sporty look with loose t-shirts, unfit jumpers and sneakers.


KEEP IT LOUD WITH PRINTS Summer Trends From Amazon Indian Fashion WeekIf you like to add some drama to our outfits, then Amazon India fashion week had something for you as well.”Shivan & Narresh” collection was the best in this category.

They created a fusion of a Indo-western outfits and played well with prints and colours.  Liked the way, how both of them played well with western design and Indian Prints.

Their collection was pretty impressive, stylish and comfortable. So, this summer you can try out something like this, to look stylish yet comfortable.

If you are a retro lover, then this time prints from Amazon India fashion week will help you a lot to get a retro look according to your personality. Wide-leg jeans, with floral Top will give you the perfect look for summers.

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OVERSIZED TOP WITH SKIRT Summer Trends From Amazon Indian Fashion WeekI personally like to wear loose clothes in summers. The look stylish and smart at the same point of time. This time I found this style in “Nida Mahmood” collection.

The oversized top and a skirt is a must have in every girl’s wardrobe collection. Especially, in summers. Nida created the casual and wearrable designs. She paired the

Skater/Loose skirt with oversized tops, and sneakers. Her collection was best for street style and casual summer looks.

4) The Shades of Blue- Wedding style edit

The Shades of Blue- Wedding style edit Summer Trends From Amazon Indian Fashion WeekWedding season is here and I know you want to rock with your look at your friend’s wedding. So, here is “Charu Parashar’s” collection for you. She played very well with different shades of blue.

She kept the fabric light and chose the dark colour to add loudness to the wedding/party looks. You can try something like that to create an elegant and classy look for a wedding or for a party.

choose the right design and outfit according to your body type but keep the fabric and make up light to be comfortable in that look. You can also try some golden and floral prints on your outfit to add some more drama and loudness to your look.

5) Stripes Can Never Be out Of Fashion

Stripes Can Never Be out Of Fashion Summer Trends From Amazon Indian Fashion WeekEveryone have stripes in their wardrobe, you just have to style it in the right way to create a trendy look. You can create any look with the help of striped pants or a shirt or a t-shirt.

But for a change, you can choose some light colours to keep the summer feel to your look. It will not only make you look smart and stylish, but you will also feel comfortable in those clothes.

You can even try pattern on patterns to create some new cool and stylish looks. Pattern set-suits are also in trend, so if you want you can wear that too for your formal look and for casual look, try some light and funky prints.

So these are the top 5 fashion trends from Amazon fashion week 2018. From all these designs my favourite is Stripes and prints. Since 80’s and 90’s fashion is back in trend, so it will be fun for me to experiment with modern prints and 80’s and 90’s design. So, what are you waiting for, just go ahead and experiment with these latest trends to make your own style.

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Image Source: qoo10.sg


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