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Animal Prints have been a part of the Fashion Industry for a long time now and they have garnered love in every form they have attained. Be it a jacket, skirt, dress, shoes, belts or bags, they have always been in top trends. They are one of the most enticing prints and have an extremely high fashion quotient. They are unanimously loved by designers from all over the world for their exuberant designs and patterns.

The history of Animal Prints goes back to the time when Kings used to use rugs made of fur and animal skin. Lately people started using them to make fur coats and jackets. They slowly became a trend that never left the fashion industry thereafter. Today, we wear animal print outfits and accessories that have patterns inspired from the skin of Cheetahs, Leopards, Tigers, Zebras, Giraffes, Snakes and many more.

So, now that you know what a rage Animal Print Outfits have become, checkout these Outfits and Accessories with these spiffy animal prints to update your wardrobe with this amazing trend.

Animal Print Outfits & Accessories for Girls

1. Animal Print For Winters

Animal Print Outfit For Winters

Image Source: Hannahglch

Animal Print Outfit For Winters

Image Source: Sarah & Leah – Twin Fashion

These Animal Print Winter Wear are loved by women all around the world. The Leopard Print Over Coat is a rage and looks stunning when paired with black skinny jeans and a nude high neck. You can accessorize it with coordinated black ankle boots and a flat cap. You can also get this Zebra print sweater and pair it with black skinny jeans and ankle boots. You can accessorize these looks with hoop earrings to add to the charm.

2. Animal Print Pants

Animal Print Pants with white shirt for women

Image Source: Adriane G.

Animal Print Pants with black top for women

Image Source: Estilo July

Leopard print is the most dominating and preferred animal print amongst the others. These leopard print palazzo pants and slim-fit pants look alluring when paired with a black black or a nude top. You can accessorize the slim fit pant with black Stilettos or Peep toes. The palazzo pants would go best with Black Barely there heels.

3. Skirts In Various Animal Prints

Skirts In Various Animal Prints Outfits And Accessories for women

Image Source: AZ Dress

Although it’s hard to make out the difference between Cheetah, Leopard and Jaguar prints, all of them look equally enticing. The come in different shades of base colors as you can see in the image. The first two looks comprise of Jaguar print skirts. The first look shows a center slit long skirt while the second look shows an ankle length skirt. Both the skirts have different shades of base colors. The third look comprises of a Leopard print ankle length skirt. You can wear knotted tshirts and crop tees or with plain black and nude tops. You can pair them with shoes if you’re wearing them with a tshirt for a comfy sporty look or wear them with heels if you’re wearing them with a top for a chic look.

4. Animal Print Dresses

Animal Print Outfits And Accessories For women

Image Source: Dovilyyt

Animal Print Outfits And Accessories For women

Image Source: Bomdiairis

These trending animal print dresses are a pattern adorned by women in all over the world. The first look shows a full sleeved ruffle border dress in snake print with a coordinated waist bag. The dress has been paired with knee high leather boots and stockings. The second look consists of an off shoulder leopard print bodycon dress. The dress has been accessorized with Barely there heels and ear cuffs. Get these looks to stand out in a party.

5. Animal Print Footwear

Animal Print Footwear for women

Image Source: Santa Lolla

Animal Print Footwear for women

Image Source: Jessica Praun

Animal print footwear look extremely attractive when paired with animal print uppers like tshirts, tops or jackets etc. The various animal print mules in the first image can be paired with coordinated animal print shirts and tops with slim fit pants. The leopard print heels in the second image would go well with black, nude and coordinated leopard print dresses or skirts.

6. Animal Print Tops

Animal Print Tops with black shorts

Image Source: Paulina Galoostian

Animal Print Tops with black jeans

Image Source: Inspo By Ines

The zebra print top in the first image and the leopard print shirt in the second are both looking unique and stylish at par. The tops can be paired with a short leather skirt or leather pants both. They would also go well with black skinny jeans. You can get coordinated accessories like animal print bags and footwear to complete the look. Wear them with drop earrings or hoops and they would add to the voguish vibe of the look.

7. Animal Print Bags

Animal Print Bags for women

Image Source: Schutz Roraima

Animal Print Bags for women

Image Source: Kirsche Shoes

If you love animal prints but aren’t sure if you can pull them off, just start by trying animal print accessories like bags and belts. These animal print bags would never make you look OTT and would give your outfit a trendy and style high look. They would look best with Black and Nude colors like Ivory, Beige and various shades of Brown.

8. Animal Print Belts

Animal Print Belts

Image Source: VS Cintos

A standard dressing rule suggests that you should match your belts with your footwear. However, the designers of today love experimenting and bending the rules of fashion. Just like bags, you can also try out animal print belts if you feel animal print outfit isn’t for you. As you can see in this image, they come in different prints like Leopard, Jaguar, Cheetah, Snake, Zebra and Giraffe prints. Pair them with your pants, skirts and even on dresses to give them a modish look.

So, here were 8 Trending Animal Print Outfits and Accessories that you can try out to add a contemporary dapper vibe to your regular looks. This trend has stayed for years and it isn’t leaving the fashion industry anytime soon. So buckle up and get these trendy looks to escalate your style quotient before anyone else does.

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Street Style: Go And Grab The Best Outfits

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