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The wedding season in India has to be the hottest and happening season amidst all. Every Indian bride or groom dreams to have that typical ‘ Big Fat Indian Wedding ‘ which involves everything starting from caterers, outfits, programs, and a hell of a lot of fun. Now, what makes Indian weddings special is the diverse cultural ways through which various people get married. For instance, people who are from Maharashtra will have a Maharashtrian-style wedding, those from Punjab will probably have it done in a Gurdwara, and so on and so forth.

In this article, we are specifically going to focus on the ‘ Bengali style of wedding ‘. It is interesting to note that a Bengali Wedding is not an affair of a day or two but can actually last for up to a week. Now coming to what a Bengali Wedding dress comprises of – The traditional Bengali wedding look comprises of a Banarasi or red saree, Mathapatti, necklaces, white and red bangles ( called Shaka Pola in Bengali ), Alta on the hands and legs, and the very famous white Mukut.

We have listed below a few Bengali Bridal Makeup looks for you. Makeup for any woman is a form of art – art that includes enhancing one’s appearances, concealing blemishes, highlighting certain areas of the face. Sometimes, it can also be used to change a person’s appearance completely or to such an extent that the person seems unrecognizable.

If you are a Bengali or are getting married, wearing a traditional wedding sari is a step that will ensure your transition as a newlywed. Now, makeup’s an essential part of getting dressed up for a Wedding and as a bride, you’d want to look perfect on your big day so how can we compromise on that?

Let’s now check out some Bengali Bridal Makeup looks for you to take some inspiration from –

Bengali Bridal Makeup Look For Your D-Day

1. The Nude Makeup Look:

Bengali Bridal Makeup The Nude Makeup Look
Image Source: Tanima Banerjee

No one can ever go wrong with the nude makeup look. The eye makeup here comprises a nude eyeshadow that goes on from a lighter shade to a darker one towards the end of the eye. Kajal and black eyeliner is a must. The nose and cheeks have properly been contoured. The lip shade looks absolutely bomb.

2. The Glittery Eyeshadow Look:

Bengali Bridal Makeup The Glittery Eyeshadow Look
Image Source: Pritam Biswas Photography

The base makeup here has been kept nude. The lip shade used is a shade of red that perfectly matches the saree worn. The eyeshadow here has a nude base with glitters on top of it which gives a chic twist to this makeup look. The kajal has been smudged from below giving the eyes a smokey effect.

3. Red Glow:

Bengali Bridal Makeup Red Glow
Image Source: Sayak Chakraborty

The face and nose contour here seems to look just perfect. The makeup look perfectly matches the entire outfit and if you decide to go full red on your wedding, including the makeup – then this look could inspire you. The eye makeup comprises a combination of nude and red eyeshadow with a perfectly winged eyeliner. The lipstick used here is red.

4. Dark Nude Makeup Look:

Bengali Bridal Makeup Dark Nude Makeup Look
Image Source: Abhiji Infinity Studio

A yet another nude makeup look except that the products used here are a bit more on the darker side. The eye shadow is on the darker end of the color nude as well as the lip shade. The cheeks and nose have been contoured pretty well.

5. Pretty In Pink:

Bengali Bridal Makeup Pretty In Pink
Image Source: Amans Makeover

If you are thinking of ditching the traditional red saree and are going for pink, then we have a makeup look to complement the look. We have perfectly done smokey eyes here with fake eyelashes. We see a perfectly blended base with pink blush on the cheeks. The lip shade looks just as pretty as the bride herself.

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6. Paint Me Nude:

Bengali Bridal Makeup Paint Me Nude
Image Source: Tanima Banerjee

Here’s another inspiration for those who are obsessed with the nude makeup look. The color goes well with every outfit and looks effortless when done. The nose has been highlighted very well here, making it look very pointy and of the perfect shape. The Chandan Bindi Art on the forehead is just too pretty which adds to this entire makeup look.

7. Cover Me In Sunshine:

Bengali Bridal Makeup Cover Me In Sunshine
Image Source: Makeup Artist Anamika Bose

Now, this look’s quite different from the others. If you’re up for experimenting with your makeup look then you can go with this one. The eye makeup is the real winner here – it has been painted in the shades of sunshine that are yellow and orange have been blended in together along with a hint of magenta shade. The lip shade used here is red.

8. The Brown Make Up Look:

Bengali Bridal Makeup The Brown Make Up Look
Image Source: Glory Santiago

Now if you wish to go for darker shades, you could take inspiration from this look here. The eyeshadow is a mixture of shades of brown with a smokey effect. The lip shade again is brown. The blush used is light brown with contoured cheeks.

9. Sprinkle Sparkles:

Bengali Bridal Makeup Sprinkle Sparkles
Image Source: Tanima Banerjee

A yet another glittery eyeshadow look with the perfect winged eyeliner. The lip shade used here is red along with nude base makeup. A perfect glam and glittery look. I personally love how the entire look compliments the outfit just perfectly!

10. Paint Me, Brown

Bengali Bridal Makeup Paint Me Brown
Image Source: Saptarshi Sarkar

A yet another brown makeup look except that the shade here is lighter than the earlier inspiration you saw above. The eye makeup is a blend of brown and orange along with a contoured nose and cheeks. This look perfectly highlights the main features of the face.

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11. The Bridal Glow:

Bengali Bridal Makeup The Bridal Glow
Image Source: Sourav Paul

This makeup look consists of highly contoured areas like the nose, cheeks, chin which is what is giving that bridal glow here. For the eye makeup, we’ve used golden eyeshadow at the inner side and brown towards the end. The lip shade is red.

12. That Pinkish Glow:

That Pinkish Glow
Image Source: Aninda De

Another makeup look comprises pink eyeshadow, lip shade, and blush. The base makeup has been kept nude. The eyeliner has been drawn into a double-wing which is commendable. The kajal has been smudged from below which is giving the eyes a smokey effect.

13. You’re My Sunshine:

You're My Sunshine
Image Source: Sayak Chakraborty

This makeup look again has a similar eye shadow look that you saw above. The eyes have been covered in shades of orange, yellow, and glitters which look very pretty though. The lips have been painted with a shade of red. The nose and cheeks have been perfectly contoured.

14. The Bridal Glam:

The Bridal Glam
Image Source: Sourav Paul

This is a very easy-to-do glam look where the eyes have been filled with brown eyeshadow with a hint of pink along with a winged eyeliner. The lipstick used is a shade of pink. A simple and pretty glam look for the prettiest bride who’s going to be in town!

15. The Brown Queen:

The Brown Queen
Image Source: Sourav Paul

A brown girl with a brown makeup look for her wedding? Sounds perfect. Everything starting from the eyes to lips has been painted in brown. The nose has been perfectly contoured. The bride here has also used a brown lens. A subtle look overall.

16. The Bong Queen:

The Bong Queen
Image Source: Sangita Makeup Artist

You are indeed going to look like a literal bong queen in this easy-to-do makeup look. A queen who’s all set to rock this new journey of her life! The fuller lips here are all for the wins. The eyeshadow is a mixture of brown and some glitters.

17. Queen In Red:

Queen In Red
Image Source: Aninda De

A yet another simple yet glam look where the bride’s dressed up in red along with a rebellious red lip shade to compliment the same. The eye makeup has a hint of glitters and pink. The nose has been contoured which gives it the perfect pointy shape.

It is important to understand that makeup does not change the way you look – it only enhances your natural beauty. So before you decide on makeup and cast and your looks, you need to start with a healthy routine so that the inner glow remains unstoppable. So that’s a wrap on this article of wedding version. We hope you could find a perfect makeup look for your Wedding day. Don’t forget to add on some confidence that’ll help you pull off any kind of look!  We also hope you queens slay at your wedding and we wish you all the very best for this new big journey of your life!

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