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Are you ready to give your hair a new look? Every woman wants to give her a new look in a while. Hair colour is the main indicator of woman’s mood and state of mind. You need to update it to stay attractive. But many of us can’t afford the expense of salon and we don’t want to waste our time by sitting three to four hours in a salon. Hair colour at home save time, money which are very precious things. At first it may look a disaster and impossible to do at home but with some practice and tips it will be alright.

While coloring your hair at home can save your money. The hair colour is the only expense.

Here are some best hair color tips that will help you to look good and attractive by flaunting your perfect colored hair. Keep reading!!

Best Hair Color Tips

1. Don’t look for the model on the box

The model on the box smiling will surely look beautiful but keep this in mind her hair is a fantasy. It is always the case that color ends up lighter than the model’s hair color says the colorist. So, it is always advised that don’t look for the the model on the box she will obviously look beautiful and attractive. You can see the chart on the top of the box which shows you the final color you get from a range of different hair color shades.

2. Select the right shade

Don’t just go in the store and grab the dye which you like, take your time and be patient while doing so. This tip is really important because selecting the wrong shade can do disaster to your hair. To find the best shade, choose the shade which is close to your current one. Usually in a store boxed dyes are placed in order. Look for a section of your hair and find a box which is a close match. You can look for more options from that particular range.

If you have brown, blue or green eyes with cool skin tone you can go for the color like- brown, blonde, burgundy, red or even blue.

If you have warm skin tone you can go for the color like- golden brown, black with reddish tone.

3. Always buy two boxes of hair color

Always buy two boxes of hair color because if you have long hair then you may need two boxes for the full coverage. So, it is suggested to have an extra packet of hair color.

4. Do a strand test

It may seem to you less important step, but don’t make the mistake of skipping this tip. It is important when you are using a new hair shade for your hair. Just grab a strip of hair  from behind your ear which is not visible apply the dye and wait as prescribed time on the box. Wash with cool water. Let it dry. If you are happy with the color and test then you can proceed and if you don’t like it you can simply go for a new shade.

5. Gather all your necessary tools

Keep all your important and necessary tools so you don’t have to run in between of the process in searching for the tool. Some of the necessary tools includes box of the color which you are going to apply, plastic gloves, petroleum jelly for rubbing along the hairline so that hair color don’t stain on skin, comb, dye brush, timer, shampoo, conditioner, clips. Arrange all the tools it will make your work easy.

6.  Start from the top

Start applying the dye from the roots as they need the most color and more processing time. Then comb your hair and apply accordingly. Apply to the hair which is visible when you style your hair for the day and the move onto the bottom layers. Try to brush the dye to the roots as much as possible and then you can drag your brush to the length of the hair. Repeat this process until the last inch of your hair. This will make the process ease.

7. Use hairdryer

Not every hair is similar. Some hair is more or less resistant to color than others. If you have very thick hair and you are going for lighter shade then hairdryer is must step. Switch on the hairdryer and focus on roots. You can do this process for 5-10 minutes for better results. It is always a good step before applying the hair color.

8. Make sure you look into two mirrors

It is always difficult to color back of your head and sometimes it can become very complicated. For making this process easy you can use two mirrors. Take one handled mirror to check the back of your head in the other mirror as you color. This will make sure you don’t leave a strip of hair and all the section of hair is colored properly.

9. Don’t mix two shades

Don’t mix two shades in order to get a new shade. Mixing two shades is never recommended. This has no surety that resulting color after mixing two colors will give a good combination. It is always better to stick with one color but the result also varies slightly from what is shown on the box. So, never mix two shades for getting a new shade color.

10. Protect your skin from the dye

There are chances that you get stripes of color on your forehead and it is the worse situation. You can protect your forehead from this by applying a solid lip balm along your hair line or you can also use petroleum jelly for doing so. You can follow this step with your forehead, ears before applying the color. This will protect your forehead and ears from getting dye which looks very odd. So, make sure do not skip this point.

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