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As an ancient form of design on the hands, the Mehndi was famous among the women folks to make their hands look more beautiful. It was prevalent across all parts of India, especially during the festive and wedding seasons. Some of the major festivals included are- Holi, Diwali and Karva Chauth. It was not just the house which was decorated, but also the hands that draped the house, with beautiful forms of art. This art laid in various patterns and designs is considered to be an expression of one’s emotions and feelings.

The layout of the mehndi on their hands is famous for their interlaced complexity. Various thin lines with beautiful curvature and loops signify their creativity. At the center of the hand, are the buds ready to blossom with an artistic view. They are surrounded by the creepers and arches that gracefully beauty the hands. The original scenes pop out when the palms are joined together signifying the unity in the family. These designs have various inner meanings that bestow good luck and the blessings of God. As a form of self-expression, the mehndi radiates our inner feelings, desires and emotions.

As a famous art across all age groups, the women get their hands decorated with various designs when attending to the wedding or parties. It is considered as an imitation of expensive jewelry that decorates the body of the bride. Another belief of mehndi is that the darker and longer the design stays, the more caring and love the bride will receive from her husband.

Bridal Mandala Mehndi Designs for Back Hand

1. Exquisite Mandala Design


Image Source: Kashees Official

Who has been to a yaar ki shaadi? I think, everyone might have loved the naach, dhol, gaana, and the mehndi ceremony. Indian Marriages are the most talked about events, due to the traditional rituals, masti, khaana and dosti that one gets to witness all for free! Talking about Mehndi, the bride and her pals splurge on the captivating designs that find a way to their Instagram diaries. The back of the hand is beautifully painted with a splendid mandala and bordered around with delicate flowery lace. The fingers are stunningly immersed in a sea of lacey complex florals. The bride is going to be awestruck as she sees the gorgeous design on her hands.

2. Elegant Back Hand Mandala Design


Image Source: Minal Beauty

Mehndi has become every girl’s ghena or jewelry that enriches her beauty and exudes her inner emotions attractively. Elaborate and ornamental mandalas paint the bride’s hand like Picasso’s art. Mandalas are beautifully bordered with semicircles, thin laces and dots resonating perfection. The fingers are stunningly submerged with tiny lovely rings and leaves balanced with minute dots. The wrists are softly covered with slanting outlines and curvatures. The mandala’s are the true symbolization of the life that must go on attitude, which is so relatable to marriages in India.

3. Circular Shaped Mandala Design


Image Source: Henna Paradise

Mehndi laga ke rakhna is the classic shaadi song that expresses the affection of the bride and the groom. Kajol looks stunning in her green attire surrounded by her friends enjoying the song and dance. The mandalas are complexly carved with delicate patterns of bold circles, arches, spirals and curves. They exuberate charm, grace, and artistry. The fingers are tenderly wrapped up with delicate lace and tiny flowers balancing the mandala excellently. The wrist is stunningly enclosed within an elusive floriated watch, bordered with twisting creepers. Don’t be surprised to get lovely compliments for the mehndi on your shaadi from your husband.

4. Lotus Mandala Design


Image Source: Henna By Divya

The Indian bride is no less than a princess, and mehndi promises her all the finest things that she desires like love, warmth, happiness and bliss. The mandala is eye-catching as it’s occupied with thin circular leafy chain, spherical patterns and bordered with rounded flowery design. The fingers are festooned with chequered lattice and enclosed with sloping bold lines. The wrists are enclosed with alleys of ravishing outlines, miniature florals, and striking shrubberies. Mehndi has amazingly turned into an art of expression of one’s inner feelings that cannot be expressed in words.

5. Flowery Mandala Design


Image Source: Minal Beauty

Indian brides are the most beautiful brides as they look fabulous with their embellished wedding lehengas, jewelry, and the Mehndi. The Divine Lotus is submerged in the spectacular mandala and radiates magnificence and grandeur. Mandala represents infinite cosmos, while the Lotus shows creativity, poise, and splendor. The fingers are entwined by the thin and delicate filigree, of sloping outlines, leaves and dots. The wrists are draped with heavenly lacey dices, and bordered with alleys of bold mysterious outlines. A beautiful flower perches within a coned wall like a celestial deity. Surprisingly, Mehndi signifies all the good things like success, good luck and fortune due to which it’s become a part of Indian rituals.

6. Stunning Mandala Mehndi Design


Image Source: Amrita Kale

Mehndi has become synonymous with festivity, fun, and cheerfulness that can be seen especially during the shaadis.  Bollywood movies like Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayengay we see the demure Indian bride decked up with mehndi and bounded by her friends. It’s all about naach, gaana, masti and loads joyful memories to take back. Delightful mandala is filled with a sea of delicate rounds, tiny lines and encircled by designer spokes. The fingers are deftly bounded by tailored trinkets and petite flowering shrubs. The wrists are gorgeously bounded by a silky chequered lace and mysterious and enigmatic alleys. The Bridal look can be completed by adorning oneself with the stunning and elegant kundan jewelry and a Red paneled lehenga.

7. Stunning Mandala Mehndi Design

Shaadis are a fanfare in India as they are packed with rituals like mehndi, sangeet, and haldi. You can’t escape the fun and merriment at weddings, which you will take back home as enduring memories. The mandalas are adorned with imperial yet graceful roses radiating a wonderful sight. The fingers are decorated with chequered lace and bounded by minute trinkets. The wrists are enclosed with flowery elegant bracelets, while the arms are decorated with embellished bangles. The design should be on the bride’s favorites, especially if she loves minimalism.

8. Fusion Mandala Design


Image Source: Henna By Divya

The vibrant and stylish bridal pictures on Insta, have altered the taste buds of the brides in terms of their jewelry, attire, and makeup. Mehndi is one of them. The Mandalas are laden with abounding wheels and skillfully bordered with tantalizing creepers. The outline is impressed with plentiful shadows of flowers while balancing the mandalas gracefully. The fingers are hugged with delicate nettings, sloping sketches, tiny rings, and dots.  The wrists are bounded within a heavenly intricate lattice, and leafy alleys. Indian brides are incredibly transforming themselves into modern yet traditional ones with the aid of Instagram and Facebook.

9. Exclusive Mandala Design For Back Hand

Shaadi means getting married to the love of your life amidst the crazy naach, gaana, dost, and thoda rona. The brides are perpetually teased by her friends for the blush on her face as she gets her first glimpse of the groom. The brilliant mandalas that are adorned on her hands imply the vast universe.  They are filled in with tricky yet intricate chakras and surrounded with minuscule flower petals.

The arms are ornamented with varied complex laces of chequered boxes, loops, shrubberies and bounded by the infinite alleys. The fingers are enclosed within charms made of loops, small streaks and plants. No Indian wedding is complete without Mehndi that stands for love and affection between the bride and groom.

10. Classic Back Hand Mehndi Design


Image Source: Himani Henna

Do you remember Aishwarya Rai’s look from Jodha Akbar? This movie has transformed the Bridal looks into an immense grand and majestic style in terms of ornaments, Lehengas, and makeup. The color of the mehndi astonishingly symbolizes the bride’s love and affection for her dear husband.

The mandala exudes a gorgeous mirror work style of design. It is elegantly surrounded by magnificent chandeliers that elevate the mandala exquisitely. The arms are enclosed in an opulent yet majestic lace of intricate squares, spindles, archways, outlines and creepers. The fingers are classily encircled by miniature trinkets. It’s every Girls dream to adorn their hands with a bowl of mehndi in their marriage amidst her friends and kinsfolks.

The mehndi is synonymous with celebration, fun and good luck. Across the Instagram and Facebook photographs are the testimony to its popularity at marriages, haldi and sangeet. These patterns are minimalist and exhibit beauty and grace, as the flower silently paves its way on the hand. The synchronized patterns on the hand, which exhibit nature such as the small leaves attached to its steam are eye-catching. It is also filled up with the trendy colors of the nail and ornaments on the hands.

Women who like unique and austere designs, can surely go for it. A gorgeous long choli lehenga, Kashmiri jhumaks, anklets, bangles, maang tikka and matching neckpiece will surely radiate the beauty of the bride. These artistic views on the hands hold the lushness of the Indian tradition which has become popular across the country.

These designs, today also include the sequins that shine across the hands of the bride making it a jewel. The various layouts that are sculpted across the hands and legs of the bride represent its unique cultural significance. These rich convoluted formations have also attracted the NRIs, thus increasing the demand for it.

An increase in demand has evolved in the opening up of various online mehndi parlors thus spreading its popularity not only in India but also across the world. The Bollywood movies, from the early ’70s to date, have not only popularized the decorative designs of the mehndi but also its importance for women across all age groups.

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