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If we’re being honest, boho style is one of those aesthetics that never really goes away. Yes, we are talking about floral prints, maxi dresses, and embroidery.
Boho style is very much in trend these days. Boho style is one of our all-time favorite aesthetics. It originated in the 70s and repeats many elements of the image of hippies. Bohemian style is a mixture of ethnic motifs, romance, and grunge.

We all know that the boho style is more than a fashion trend. It’s artistic, carefree, and liberated. The most famous fans of this genre are Kate Moss, Olsen’s sisters, and actress Sienna Miller. Next, we’ll look at the main components of the boho chick trend.

Let’s dive into this boho trend, we’ve put together a list of the essentials for a chic boho look. So, check it out.

The Ultimate Guide To Boho Fashion

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A silhouette floor dress is one of the narrowest elements of the boho style. They often have bright prints and embroidery. Drawings can be ethnic, graphic, or floral. Dresses with boho style are characterized by soft flowing materials. Silk, chiffon fabrics, developing in the wind, give the image lightness and airiness. Such dresses can be combined with rough leather boots, sandals, sleeveless vests, and ethnic costume jewelry.

Boho-Style Tunic

The free-cut tunic is another detail of the Boho chic style. It can be a peasant style with embroidery and ruffles, or it can have a more restrained look. The tunic will look great as an independent element of the image, and in combination with trousers or jeans flared. To this image, you can add a saddlebag, felt hat, and sandals to the platform.

Bohemian-Style Skirt

Long Boho-style skirts resemble gypsy skirts. They often have ornaments on them, as well as one or more of the skirts below. These elements are part of the Boho style for a reason. The name boho comes from Bohemia, a place where many Gypsies lived – bohemians. Then, freedom-loving people with broad views began to call themselves bohemians. Their manner of dressing up in dresses with elements of ethnicity was called “bohemian style”.

Boho-Style Tops

Boho style suggests a combination of seemingly incompatible things in different proportions. This trendy direction does not tolerate glamour and clinging silhouettes. Boho-style tops can be different, depending on the effect you want to achieve: from gentle and romantic blouses with ruffles and ruffles or linen peasant shirts to worn tops in the style of grunge. The most important thing is the materials from which the clothes are made. The Boho style is characterized by natural fabrics such as linen, cotton, wool, and chiffon.

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Boho for Curvy Shapes

Ladies with curvaceous shapes can also dress in boho style. But you have to be careful with the multi-layers that are an integral part of this trendy direction. You should choose light-flying fabrics that do not weigh the silhouette. Pay attention to the ornaments that visually extend the figure, that is, located in a vertical plane. Long waistcoats and cardigans also create a vertical and stretch the image – so these elements of bohemian style are suitable for ladies.


Boho-style accessories also feature natural materials. Leather soft hobo bags or saddlebags are often found in bohemian images. They can be decorated with fringe, embroidery, rivets, applications, or perforations. Jewelry using semi-precious stones, solid brass and wood bracelets, and various high-rise bracelets, and necklaces can also become part of your boho outfit. Other elements of this style include various straw and felt hats, scarves, and shawls. When creating a Boho style hairstyle, pay attention to naturalness and carelessness. Loose hair, and disheveled braids will highlight the femininity that is inherent in this style. Hair can be supplemented with a wreath of fresh flowers or a headband.

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