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Give a guess! Sitting down in the barber’s chair, you constantly experience excitement: often you yourself do not know what you want or just are not ready to entrust your transformation to a stranger. Here we are ready to help. Knowing the features of your face, you can easily decide on your appearance. For each type of face, we selected the most appropriate haircuts, bangs and hairstyles. These instructions will be very useful when you next go to the salon. We look!



  • slightly rounded chin
  • frontal bone slightly wider than maxillary
  • the widest part of the face is the cheekbones

Oval Choose The Right Haircut & Hairstyle For Your Face ShapeWhat haircuts fit:

Congratulations, you are the owner of the reference face shape, which does not require visual adjustments. So, you can experiment with unconditional hair length and hairstyles. If you think your face is too long, try elongated haircuts: the length from the collarbones and below.


You will look brilliant with bangs and without it. If you decide, try oblique.



  • face is equal in length and width
  • rounded lines
  • possible pronounced cheekbones

Ombre Hair Color Choose The Right Haircut & Hairstyle For Your Face ShapeWhat haircuts fit:

The main task is to slightly stretch the face vertically, thereby bringing it closer to the reference oval shape. This task will perfectly cope with multi-layer haircuts with volume at the crown. Try taut high ponytail with perfectly brushed back hair or low side wavy tail. Perfectly fit pixie haircuts, regrown square, short bob, elongated bob. And remember the volume on the top of the head. Owners of curly-haired hair should not experiment with a short length: grow hair and choose elongated haircuts.


If the bang, then necessarily multi-level and asymmetric. No even cuts and fluffy styling. If the hair length hides the ears, you can try oblique bangs.



  • forehead and jaw are the same width
  • forehead, jaw and cheekbones are on the same vertical
  • pronounced forehead and jaw lines

Choose The Right Haircut & Hairstyle For Your Face Shape

What haircuts fit:

Haircut should soften square lines. Try an asymmetrical haircut with a side parting and a “ladder”. Curls or light curls in the face smooth strict face geometry. The chin will appear already if you add light volume at the roots. Ideally, if the forehead is not fully open or covered at all: consider a fringe or parting part, from which the hair covers part of the forehead.


Shown oblique multi-level bangs to the cheekbones.



  • face tapers from forehead to chin
  • powerful forehead
  • narrow, pointed chin
  • narrow jaw bones

Choose The Right Haircut & Hairstyle For Your Face Shape

What haircuts fit:

By adding volume to the bottom of the face, we balance it with the forehead area. Try trapezoid haircuts, square to the middle of the neck with the tips laid out. An elongated bob with slightly curled tips will do. In other words, your hairstyle is the one that has the volume in the chin area.


Perfectly shaped profiled bangs.



  • high forehead
  • narrow chin
  • forehead, cheekbones and jaw bones on the same vertical
  • face length greater than width

Rectangular Choose The Right Haircut & Hairstyle For Your Face Shape

What haircuts fit:

Your main guideline is the volume: light at the roots and impressive starting from the eyebrow line. But the volume in the area of ​​the crown should be abandoned. You will save curls, curls, light waves. Try multi-level haircuts. Your length – starting from the shoulders and below.


Volumetric oblique or straight bangs that hide the length of the face.


Which one you like most? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below. And be sure to follow on Pinterest for more ideas!

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