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I don’t want an uneventful and safe life, I prefer an adventurous one. — Isabel Allende

Unfortunately, without additional efforts to achieve this is almost impossible. It is possible to emphasize your own individuality and attract the attention of others with little expensive means. For this, ears piercing is perfect. You say that it hurts and looks teenage. But before you think about it, take a look at these eye-popping ear piercing options. The main thing in this case, to trust the real professional and follow all the recommendations for piercing care.

1. Double piercing

For such a piercing you will not be difficult to find suitable earrings, since in most cases in jewelry stores they are in bulk, for any color and taste. With minimalist design, you can stand out from the crowd.

2. Double piercing of the earlobe with an additional tragus

Puncture of the tragus – this is one of the varieties of ear piercing, which in another way is called the piercing of the tragus – a dense cartilage. The piercing of this area is now quite common, but it’s difficult to decide on it, since the puncture of the cartilage is an unpleasant procedure and the healing process takes about 3-9 months. But in combination with a double puncture the ear lobe of the tragus looks unmatched.

3. Triple ear lobe piercing with a tragus

An alternative variant of the combination “tragus piercing” is a triple puncture of the lobe with an additional puncture of the tragus. In fact, you can pierce the lobe as many times as you want. Together with a small puncture of cartilage this will look unusual.

4. Tragus piercing with multiple piercings of the lobe

Another example of a puncture of the earlobe with a tragus. It will be pleasant to all those who prefer to buy multipurpose sets of small пусетов which can be combined among themselves.

5. Double Orique Piercing

Orique is another kind of puncture of the ear cartilage. Oriole is located on the outside of the curl of the auricle right in the middle. This piercing looks refined and elegant. For ornaments, you can use small rings or 2 small stones with stones.

6. Helix Piercing

Helix is ​​a puncture of the cartilage on the upper part of the ear curl. This piercing is considered to be quite simple and feels like a lumbar puncture in pain. However, chelix is ​​characterized by a long and painful period of healing – from 3 to 9 months. Ideal for fashionable earrings-cuffs.

7. Double piercing of the lobule with a single helix

The variant of piercing for all those who prefer to combine earrings, but differ in originality.

8. Helix Piercing with additional anti-Helix

An anti-helix is ​​a puncture of the cartilage just above the tragus. Like the usual helix, this puncture is almost painless, but with a long healing period. Particular attention to the anti-helix will have to be given to those who own long hair, since the jewelry often clings to the hair and by carelessness can injure the ear.

9. Piercing tragus with anti-helix

A great combination of piercings for all who like to be in the spotlight. Of course, not everyone will be willing to risk such a puncture, but it’s worth it.

10. Double anti-chelix piercing

A sophisticated option for lovers of a romantic image. Such a piercing will require patience at the puncture and healing stage, but most likely you will fall in love with it as soon as you see it.

11. Triple anti-Helix piercing

Another advanced version of anti-helix for adventurers.

12. Double helix piercing with additional triple anti-helix

But a clear contender among the combinations of piercings in the category “And you, weak !?”. It looks great, but thoughts about the experience of discomfort for a long time will not leave you.

13. Double piercing of earlobe with double helix and triple anti-helix

Bezbashenny version of the ear piercing for all lovers of extreme sports will add vivid emotions into your life.

14. Dais piercing

One of the simplest and affordable varieties of ear piercing. The puncture is carried out through the protrusion of the cartilage located just in front of the ear canal. It is believed that dace is an easy-to-perform piercing. But in order to heal relatively quickly, you need to contact the piercing professionals. There is a small plus for those who decide on such a puncture. Many claim that after the piercing they managed to get rid of migraines and intense headaches, and periodically feel a sense of pleasure.

15. Dais piercing with triple anti-helix

Ear piercing in this combination will please both the lucky owner of the piercing, and others.

16. Dace piercing with a single helix

The combination of Dace and Helix look great in any situation. By appearance they look quite at ease and gently.

17. Piercing anti-helix and anti-tragus

Anti-tragus is a puncture of the cartilaginous part located above the ear lobe. There are 2 types of anti-tragus: puncture the edges of the shell directly and pierce the anti-curvature from the edge through the lobe. In the art of piercing, anti-tragus is considered the most painful puncture, therefore anesthesia is desirable for its implementation.

18. Oricle piercing

Oriole is considered a simple puncture of the cartilaginous part of the external curl of the auricle. Best looks with ring-shaped decoration.

19. Helix Piercing with Oricle

A bright combination of two punctures of the cartilaginous part, which look harmonious together.

20. Hands piercing

Hand is an average stitch among other types of piercing. The puncture site is located in the cartilaginous part between the inner and outer area of ​​the auricle. Feels nothing different from the puncture of helix. The healing process with proper care is also standard – 3-6 months.

21. Multiple Helix Piercings

This piercing looks quite creative, but it will also heal much longer than a single puncture.

22. Piercing Industrial

Specific double ear piercing top of ear pin, connected by one earring. This puncture is not considered painful and heals from 6 to 12 months. The main nuance of industrial – a puncture is better to carry out in several stages, since with improper care and choice of jewelry, the ear can change its shape.

23. Snug Piercing

Snag is a vertical piercing of the middle of the antiflora. The sensation is a painful procedure and requires anesthesia. With proper care heals within 6-12 months.

24. Conch piercing

Conch piercing – a puncture in the inner part of the auricle, on the “bottom” of the external ear. The healing takes from 6 to 12 months. Conch less than other types of piercing is subject to external stimuli. It is not recommended to pierce the horse, if hearing is weakened.

25. Improved ear lobe piercing

Ear piercing is a traditional kind of piercing, which at least once in life makes every girl. In order to stand out among the rest, you can experiment with the number of punctures on the lobe.

26. Hands piercing with helix

This combination of punctures is an excellent option for those who have already become the owner of one of these types of piercings and wants to slightly diversify their piercing kit.

27. Piercing tragus with hand, snug and puncture of earlobe

A real option for everyone who prefers to stand out in the crowd around the clock.

28. Helix Piercing, Snag, Tragus with Multiple Puncture of Earlobe

Nobody doubts that the right combination of jewelry on such an ear can make a real sensation. But do not forget that in every case there must be a measure. And piercings are no exception.

29. Studs and Hoops

Looks really good!! You would have to take a long time in the am to find earrings that would match good tho.

30. Daith Heart Rook Piercing Daith Piercing

31. Septum piercing with black niobium ring with black opal

A gorgeous daith Adam did for our client Marjorie.

Hope you like these Adventurous Ear Piercings Ideas.

Which one you like most? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below. And be sure to follow on Pinterest for more ideas!

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