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We all know what is getting the most visibility on social media. Pops! And what makes social networks and media sites explode? Assorted intimate videos and photos of celebrities. Let’s be real: Celebrities always seem to get into scandalous situations that make them the number one topic of conversation in the news cycle. While there is always something to talk about on the Hollywood scene, some of these dramas are certainly bigger than others.

This is the other side of the coin – the more popular a person is, the more people want to see the “dark” side of him. Celebrity rumors are a kind of mirror, reflecting what behavior pop society considers unacceptable, which personalities are most deserving of scorn, and the weak balance between celebrity culture and the media. K4media is taking a look at the biggest entertainment news and gossip stories of all time, let’s talk about the hottest celebrity scandals of all time.

Let’s Gossip Some Funny But Famous Celebrity Scandals

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Paris Hilton

Let's Gossip Some Funny But Famous Celebrity Scandals Paris Hilton

The stylish blonde wasn’t lucky enough twice. First, her ex-boyfriend, a professional poker player Rick Salomon, published on the Internet record of love affairs with another 18-year-old Paris in one of the hotels in Las Vegas. His video was ambiguously called “Night in Paris”. But it was only good for the star! She became much more popular.

And the second time someone published an intimate photo of Hilton. Although the star didn’t show up, we’re sure she didn’t like it. It is good that at least now the socialite has settled down.

Pamela Anderson


Pamela is a real connoisseur of the home video movement. In addition, her video was uploaded to the Web twice. First, in the mid-90s, there was a home sex video on the Internet with her ex-husband Tommy Lee.

But 10 years later it all happened again. Only Tommy’s place was taken by her boyfriend Bret Michaels. Anderson was furious and a few years sued the hackers. As a result, the actress was able to sue 90 million dollars. But, however, no one took the video from the Web.

Britney Spears

Let's Gossip Some Funny But Famous Celebrity Scandals Britney Spears

In 2007, Britney not only underwent severe treatment, divorce, and almost no parental authority. Her husband stabbed the singer in the back again. It is said that he was the one who leaked the 19-second video where Kevin Federline and Spears had oral sex. Rumor has it that the ex-husband threatened to sell the tape to the media, but whether or not he did it is unknown.

Later on, a photo of the singer’s naked breasts, which were taken during the shooting of the video “Gimmie More”, came to the Internet. Poor Britney. With such a husband, anybody would go mad.

Jennifer Lopez

Let's Gossip Some Funny But Famous Celebrity Scandals Jennifer Lopez

The singer was luckier than anyone else: her sex tape never made it online. But Jennifer’s ex-husband Jennifer Noah blackmailed her by posting their fun online and demanding money. However, according to the marriage contract, he has no right to distribute confidential information about Lopez.

But according to Noah, his lawyer found a loophole in the document, so in 2015 he was really going to release a DVD with frank video. However, Jennifer’s lawyers stopped the attempt.

Kim Kardashian


That’s who really became popular all over the world after the home video, it’s Kim. In 2006, then just a friend and stylist Paris Hilton found out what it means to become a star of home video with her ex-boyfriend Ray Jay. At first, it upset the future star, but it still turned out to convince her. Kim’s mother, Chris Jenner, was able to assure her daughter not to remove the video from the web. She said that Kim’s life would change forever after this recording.

And so it happened! “I don’t like this recording, but it made me work ten times harder to make people see who I really am,” said Kim on Oprah Winfrey’s show.

Eva Longoria

Let's Gossip Some Funny But Famous Celebrity Scandals Eva Longoria

“Desperate Housewife had to be a home movie star, too. The sex tape of the star with her ex-husband, basketball player Tony Parker, was placed on paid services and then destroyed, so Eve, one might say, got off easily. But the actress still claimed that the video is not her.

It is easy to assure everyone otherwise when the video has already been destroyed. So whether it is or not, we will never know.

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