Fashionable Hairstyles For This Year

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Finally, we removed the caps: it’s time to show your hair in all its glory! And it should be done in accordance with fashion trends. We watched the world’s catwalks and chose for you the top 8 best hairstyles that will cool the image in 2017 There is a tendency for everyone – when only styling or a total change of image with a haircut is necessary. So, look!

Fashionable Hairstyles

Trendy Haircut Caret

Trendy Haircut Caret Fashionable Hairstyles For This Year
If you have not decided for a long time to get rid of the length, now is the time! This classic successfully roams from season to season, setting new rules. In 2017, it is a short haircut that barely covers the ears. Actual bonus – straight thick bangs. Recommendations for styling the following: give hair the shape of waves or suggest a slight mess on your head. To organize the latter is extremely easy – we apply a styling foam along the entire length and gently whip the hairdo with our hands.

Short haircuts

Short haircuts Fashionable Hairstyles For This YearDo not immediately abandon this trend, because this hairstyle has more advantages than you think! Firstly, it is very fashionable! Cara Delevingne and Kristen Stewart could not resist this fashionable trend and cut off all that was superfluous. Secondly, the styling is always ready. No need to spend time shaping hair. Haircut by default looks well-groomed and neat. And most importantly, summer is ahead: which means comfort with such a mini length is guaranteed.

Hair Waves

Hair Waves Fashionable Hairstyles For This YearWith this fashionable trend, we appeal to long-haired girls. Cutting is not necessary. It’s all about styling. Waves can be started from the roots or slightly below. Perhaps your hair will be enough to braid a couple of braids. Or use special stylers for smoother and more structured waves.

Hair Curls

Hair Curls Fashionable Hairstyles For This YearYes, small and very funny curls are in trend again. In winter, under a hat, such a trend is difficult to wear, and in the summer with a flowing dress – the most chic! A curl is not the only wish this season. The main role here is played by the volume, which sets the easy change of hairstyle. How to lay? Small curlers or curlers with a small diameter. And a lot of tools before and after installation. Curly hair – a capricious thing.

Side Hairstyle

Side Hairstyle Fashionable Hairstyles For This YearAnother trend that does not require the intervention of stylists. It looks elegant and takes a minimum of time. We curl the ends, brush the hair on its side and fasten the curls with invisible hair. For a more durable design, hair can be pre-assembled in the tail. On the catwalks, we observed high beams, but you have the right to experiment with height. Universal hairstyle – it will be worthy to accompany you at work and after, during the evening events.

Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos Fashionable Hairstyles For This YearSuch a spectacular styling is worthy not only of the catwalks, but also of parties. Yes, the view is like a wind walking in your hair or you just got out of bed. However, this is a classic grunge! Therefore, a leather skirt with a top or an intriguing dress will be a great addition to your disheveled hair. It doesn’t get any simpler – slightly comb the hair over the entire length and fix the effect with varnish.

Straight Hairstyle

Straight Hairstyle Fashionable Hairstyles For This Year

Neatness never went out of fashion, and this season it has received particular relevance. Full symmetry and harmony – parting in the center and perfectly smooth and straight hair. If nature has presented you with obedient hair, congratulations, you are already in trend. But the owners of disobedient – it is necessary to arm the iron.

Back Hairstyle

Back Hairstyle Fashionable Hairstyles For This Year

The main wish for this trend is perfectly laid back hair. The task is incredibly simple – we take a mousse, a rare comb in our hands and brush back the length, including the bangs. But how to arrange the ends, decide for yourself – horse tail or loose. In the latter case, the hairstyle should be fixed by Nevedimki.


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