Latest Gold Chain Designs Under 20 Grams Weight

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Jewellery is a women’s best friend. No one knows when or how women are going to fall in love with jewellery. There is neither a correct place nor a correct time. While there are many types of jewellery available out there in various designs and materials, gold still seems to top them all. Gold is a highly favoured material of all Indian women and it is known to mark its presence in some of the most auspicious occasions.

Here is this article we are going to show you some gold chain necklace designs which are going to be great for each and every occasion. They are all below 20 grams so they will fit right for all your weddings and cultural functions. These chains are great for gifting purposes too. Gold chains enhance the look of your entire ensemble. It is also a great way to attract attention to your neck and collar bones. They can give a very pleasant and sensuous appeal to your neck.

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Gold chains come in a variety of shapes and designs and fashionistas all over the country are using them to flaunt their own style statement. They really come in handy when you want to add charm and beauty to your overall look. There are millions of gold chain designs available out there. Both online and offline. Going through each and every one of them can be really tiring and confusing as well. Therefore to make it easier for you, here in this article we bring to you some of the best gold chain designs which will leave you breathless.

So, without much further ado let’s begin.

Light Weight Gold Chain Necklace

1. Gold chain with diamonds

Gold chain with diamonds Latest Gold Chain Designs Under 20 Grams Weight

Diamonds are classy and stylish. And wearing them paired with gold chains just simply elevates your entire look. Here we have a gold chain with beads detailing on it and then in the middle, you will find some structured patterns with diamonds embedded in it. It also has little gold beads hanging from the bottom. Chains of this kind are a prized possession as they are marked with elegance and sophistication. They are perfect for parties, weddings, dates and dinners.

2. Heart-shaped necklace

Heart-shaped necklace Latest Gold Chain Designs Under 20 Grams Weight

If you are looking for something fresh and innovative then definitely give this necklace design a try. It has little sweethearts made all over it. The necklace also has some spiral designs along with the heart motifs. It is curated and crafted with so much precision that the intricate detailing show the skills of the craftsmen. It comes with matching earrings and a ring. So it is perfect to wear to any occasion such as weddings or cultural and social functions without having any second thoughts. This is also great for gifting purposes to your loved ones.

3. Necklace with bell-shaped pendant

Necklace with bell-shaped pendant Latest Gold Chain Designs Under 20 Grams Weight

If you are looking for a statement piece in just a fraction of the cost then this might be a good investment. It is crafted with gold beads of different sizes and a gold bell-shaped pendant. This will be a great addition to your jewellery collection and it is wonderful for gifting to your loved ones as well. Wear this for any occasion or festivals and let the power of gold mine from within. Best paired with traditional Indian outfits.

4. Contemporary necklace

Contemporary necklace Latest Gold Chain Designs Under 20 Grams Weight

This gold chain design gained its popularity from South India. Gold jewellery from South India has its own unique touch and are very different from normally found designs. Here we have one such design. The entire chain has a very intricate pattern and the pendant has a delicate woven pattern as well. The entire chain is simple with being a little heavy in the pendant area. The lustre and the design are just breathtaking and it is enough to make anyone look drop-dead gorgeous. You can pair with more traditional outfits for a full-on contemporary look and can mark your presence for any heavy-duty occasions.

5. Dainty danglers

 Dainty danglers Latest Gold Chain Designs Under 20 Grams Weight

Gold is a very auspicious metal in the Indian community. No occasion, function or festival is complete without the presence of gold in it. Keeping all Indian invitations in mind here we bring you one such design which is not only pretty but very versatile as well. Here we have a gold chain with some abstract shapes and sizes on it. It also has beautiful engravings which simply enhances the look of the chain. To top it all we have two sleek pretty danglers as a pendant with good beads on them. This chain is extremely pretty and is going to make you shine on all occasions.

6. Traditional gold chain design

Traditional gold chain design Latest Gold Chain Designs Under 20 Grams Weight

This appealing yellow metal marks its presence in almost all Indian occasions. It symbolises purity and it signifies blessings when you gift it to somebody. Keeping Indian traditions in mind here we have a very pretty gold chain design. It is extremely simple yet elegant. It has a thick chain with beads and a pendant. The pendant has delicate decorations which look gorgeous. It also has little gold beads hanging in a set of three something that you would find in traditional anklets. It also comes with a matching set of earrings so you can wear it or gift it and it is going to be perfect for all your invitations.

7. For the old school brides

For the old school brides Latest Gold Chain Designs Under 20 Grams Weight

This gold jewellery is extremely simple and is great to be worn by newlyweds every day. It is nothing super fancy so it will not be too much or overpowering for daily wear. It is an entire set which comes with a gold chain and a matching pair of earrings. The good chain has some beads detailings with a diamond-shaped pendant which is intricately crafted and designs. It further has little beads hanging from the pendant. This simple gold chain set is great to wear to work or even for social gatherings and functions. It is also great for gifting purposes too.

8. Gold crush

Gold crush Latest Gold Chain Designs Under 20 Grams Weight
When we are thinking of gold and purely of gold then how can we leave an entirely gold-encrusted necklace behind? Necklaces of this kind is a must for all occasions and especially for weddings. This is for all those brides who like to keep it simple. You can wear this at your reception with a statement lehenga or even your designer gown. This gold chain is designed with complex details all over which marks the beauty of this neckpiece. It can be layered with other necklaces if you are looking for a bridal look.

9. Gold and silver together

Gold and silver together Latest Gold Chain Designs Under 20 Grams Weight

Silver is the most common and favoured material after gold. And getting them together in a single chain is amazing. Here we have one such chain with both these precious and priceless materials. We have a silver chain with golden beads on it. The whole beaded chain design gives an amazing look to it and especially looks good with traditional Indian outfits. It is a classic and timeless piece and can be used as daily wear by all women especially newlyweds.

10. Floral shaped pendant

Floral shaped pendant Latest Gold Chain Designs Under 20 Grams Weight
Florals are trending everywhere. From dresses to shoes and now even in jewellery. They look pretty and unique and gives a nice feminine touch to the wearer. Here we have a gold chain which looks quite heavy due to the big round gold beads on it. It further has flowers in an inverted position which makes it look like a pendant. Necklaces of this kind look extremely delicate and are known to add grace to all your outfits. Pair it with Indian outfits especially sarees to maintain the true essence of it.

11. Long gold chain design

Long chains have a very antique look to them. These designs have been passed on and handed over for generations. They never seem to go out of style and are indeed a prized possession. Here we have one such design which has gold beads of all sizes all over it. The beauty of the necklace lies in the way it is made. It is so delicately and intricately crafted that it is definitely going to enhance the beauty of your neck. They look great with traditional outfits, especially with sarees.

12. Intricate gold necklace

Intricate gold necklace Latest Gold Chain Designs Under 20 Grams Weight

This chain is delicately and intricately woven and it falls a little below from where your choker necklace would fall. A petite necklace of this time with a circular coin-like pendant is the soberest design you can ever find. This is neither too heavy nor too light and it is exactly why this is a favoured chain design among youngsters. This petite gold chain design is adorable and attractive and you can wear it for all occasions when you do not want to go all heavy and crazy on jewellery.

13. A delicate gold chain design

A delicate gold chain design Latest Gold Chain Designs Under 20 Grams Weight

Another simple gold chain design which is great for casual wear, office wear and for social functions or gatherings. This chain design is not super elaborated but looks pretty in its simple form. It has a thin chain with some beads and a leaf pendant. It follows a simple pattern and gives a very nice look to the neck. This delicate chain design looks great with both traditional and western outfits and can really accentuate your neck by giving it a soft and subtle golden touch.

14. Sleek and chic

Sleek and chic Latest Gold Chain Designs Under 20 Grams Weight

Chains of this kind are quite favoured by young girls. They are not heavy and complicated but simple and chic. The chain here has a very sleek chain with some beads and stones at the end and pretty danglers to top it all. These chains can be paired with both Indian and Western outfits and can be with for any casual occasion or everyday wear. These chains are especially favoured by those who do not want to carry a whole lot of load on their necks.

15. Simple gold chain design

Simple gold chain design Latest Gold Chain Designs Under 20 Grams Weight

Gold chains are a statement piece in itself. The beauty and elegance of these chains can be very beautifully captured in simple gold chain designs. You do not need to go all fancy and overboard. Here we have a very simple gold chain design for you. It has a sleek chain with some beads detailing. The pendant comprises of white stones studded in a floral shaped carving. This also can be worn for casual occasions and are great for daily wear too.

16. Perfect bridal set

Perfect bridal set Latest Gold Chain Designs Under 20 Grams Weight

A perfect and alluring bridal set is hard to find and finding it for the fraction of cost is even tougher. So here we have one such bridal set for you which is below 20 grams. A bridal necklace is an integral part of all bridal jewellery. Therefore talking about the necklace we have a gold chain which has very intricate detailing on it. It has a diamond-shaped pendant which is crafted with beauty and precision. It further has hanging strings of chains on the sides with golden beads dropping from the curves. This is an extremely elegant bridal necklace design. It also comes with matching earrings. So you can pair it with other necklaces to complete the whole bridal look.

17. Beaded beauty

Beaded beauty Latest Gold Chain Designs Under 20 Grams Weight

Necklaces form a very important part of every jewellery collection. Even if you don’t wear any other jewellery pieces a sleek gold chain can do all the work for you. Here we have a gold chain with huge beads all over it. Beads just form a very decorative part of a gold chain and in this gold chain, you have highly decorated beads made entirely of gold. It further has a bell-shaped pendant which makes the entire necklace even more beautiful.

18. Lightweight gold chain design

Lightweight gold chain design Latest Gold Chain Designs Under 20 Grams Weight

Not all occasion demands heavy show off of your gold jewellery. You do not require to wear all your gold jewellery for a single occasion. Here we have one such gold chain design for social gatherings, simple functions, office wear and can also be worn daily. This chain is entirely made of gold which has some beads detailing. It also has white stones attached to the beads to enhance its beauty. The chain also has a little pendant which only makes the chain prettier. Newlyweds can also wear this as a daily wear accessory.

19. Circular pendant gold chain design

Circular pendant gold chain design Latest Gold Chain Designs Under 20 Grams Weight

Circular motifs are quite popular among South Indian women. They look extremely elegant and sit just about right in your neck. Here we have a similar necklace design with a circular motif. The entire necklace is delicately decorated and the cut and design are such that it will provide a highly appealing and feminine look to the wearer. This necklace is a great statement piece to be worn on its own but if you are a jewellery lover then you can layer it up with other neckpieces. This looks great with traditional outfits, especially with Kanjeevaram sarees.

20. Pretty minimalistic

Pretty minimalistic Latest Gold Chain Designs Under 20 Grams Weight

Minimalism is the new trend lately. Women are abstaining from heavy jewellery and makeup and are inclining more towards simpler and minimal looks. Here we have a pretty basic and minimal jewellery set. It has a gold chain again with beads detailing and circular pendant. It comes with a matching set of earrings which serves great to be worn daily or even to more casual and social gatherings.

With that, we come to the end of this article. Hope you enjoyed this fascinating yellow metal tour. For more updates like this stay tuned to K4 Fashion.


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