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We can all agree on the fact that handbags are a woman’s most treasured piece of accessory. There are so many things that a woman has to carry in her bag, right from money to tissues, keys, sanitizer and what not. No wonder why we keep hoarding handbags even after having loads of them and no place to keep. But that’s the thing about accessories. You can never get enough of them. There is such a wide variety of bags present in the market for women that you can’t resist having them if you have a habit of styling different kinds of bags with different outfits. After all, there might not be a reason for every occasion but there’s surely a bag for it.

So, here we are, to help you find out the kinds of bags you actually need and the one’s you must add to your wardrobe.

Stylish bags for different outfits

1. Tote bags

Women Tote bags

Image Source: Fashion In Ukraine

Tote bags are the casual bags that we carry on regular days on a shopping spree or on a casual day out. It is generally used when you need a spacious bag to keep numerous things. They come in different materials right from leather to cotton and jute. They can be customized and even hand-painted at home. However, Tote bags usually don’t get fastened so you have to be careful when you keep things in it.

2. Shoulder bag

Designer Shoulder Bags & Purses

Image Source: Xeros Outlet

Designer Shoulder Bags & Purses

Image Source: THE BAG BAR

Shoulder bags are also the kind of bags that you use on a regular basis. However, they have multiple pockets and get fastened to keep the stuff safe unlike tote bags. They come in different materials, colors and sizes. They are the most common handbags owned by women. The shoulder bags that are small in size and have a long strap are also termed as sling bags. Shoulder bags have defined lines and structure giving them a classy and elegant look. Although they can be paired with a wide range of outfits, the bigger shoulder bags look best with formals and sling bags go best with casual clothing.

3. Hobo bag

Women's Leather Handbags - Leather Purses & Hobo Bags

Image Source: byelke

Hobo bags are large, spacious and come in crescent shape. A slouchy posture is their basic attribute from which you can identify them. They also have long straps and are made up of soft materials that make them slump once kept down. They do not contain a hard wiring around the corners to keep them uptight. These bags can also be paired with casual wear when you need more space to keep your things while you roam around.

4. Clutch

Designer Women's Leather Clutch & Purses

Image Source: Basic Leathers

A clutch is a female counterpart of a wallet. It is small in size, compact and is only made to hold your valuables like money, atm cards, Id proofs etc. Due to their small size, women like to keep them in their spacious shoulder bags separately as it enables them to find their valuables easily in a bag full of different stuff. You can also carry a clutch individually if you don’t have much things that you require to take along.

5. Minaudiere bag

Women's Minaudiere Clutch Bag Evening Bags Handbags

Image Source: EMM KUO NY

Minaudiere clutch is the type of clutch that is emblazoned with sequins, beads, stones and pearls. These clutches are a fashion accessory mostly paired with wedding wear like heavily embellished lehengas, sarees and suits. You can also pair it with a simple dress for an event when you have to add style to an outfit through accessories. They are designed to carry just your valuables to an event.

6. Waist bag

Waist bag for women

Image Source: Atomy Store

Waist bags are also small sized bags that can be worn around the waist. They are an evolved version of cross body bags that came down to the waist from the upper front body. They come in shapes of pouches or boxes and are used to carry valuables. They are mostly worn when your hands are busy holding some other thing. They are best used while travelling, shopping etc when paired with other bigger bags.

7. Top handle bag

Designer Womens Top Handle Bags

Image Source: Parisa Wang

Just as the name suggests, top handle bags come with a handle on their top to hold them. They don’t have long straps. They are usually medium in size and are used to keep other small important things along with the valuables like lipsticks, scrunchies, napkins, perfumes etc. They have a high style quotient and you can pair them with your favourite outfits for special events.

8. Cross body bag

Women's Crossbody Bags

Image Source: Julia Elisa

Cross body bags derive their name from the style in which they are carried. They are worn in a cross body fashion. Their origin comes from the time when people used to protect their bags from bandits by keeping it tied to their body. They were brought back to fashion during 2018 by major labels like Gucci, Prada and LV. Apart from the valuables, they are also used to carry some snacks, small water bottles, tissues, medicines and first aid etc.

9. Bucket bag

Bucket Bags for Women

Image Source: meli melo bags

Bucket bags come in various sizes ranging from small to medium. They are always circular by the shape of their base and body just like a bucket. A bucket bag is made up of a hard material to keep the shape uptight. They can also be found in jute material that look similar to a basket. Bucket bags give a unique look and go best with street style outfits. However, in India an evolved version of Bucket bags exists by the name Potli bags which are made up of embroidered handloom and are small in size. These potli bags also come in heavily embellished work with beads, pearls etc and are worn with traditional outfits to functions.

10. Wristlet

Women's Wristlet Handbags

Image Source: laceandlion

Wristlets are mini purses that have a short carrying strap attached to them. They aren’t too spacious and are only good to carry some valuables just like a clutch. However, they are made up of soft material and donot have any hard linings unlike a clutch. It hangs securely by your wrist and keeps your hands free. Moreover, it also keeps you free of the tension that you might lose it. You can either carry it individually or carry it inside a bigger purse, whatever suits your purpose.

11. Backpacks

Backpacks Bags - Travel Backpack Bags & College

Image Source: Monique

Leather Backpacks Bags - Travel Backpack Bags & College

Image Source: Luli Bebe

Back packs are another most common style of bags that are a major rage amongst girls. They come in different sizes from small to huge. They also come in different colors and materials. Leather back packs are the most preferred back packs by the grown up girls as they give a classy and stylish look. They come for different purposes right from going to school, tuition to travelling and going on trips. Be it a sporty look or an elegant one, backpacks are available in all styles and patterns making them the most multi faceted type of bag amongst the whole list.

So, these were 11 different types of stylish bags that you must have to accessorize different outfits. Complete your bag collection by adding these to your list and flaunt them every time you step out of your house.

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