Indian Bridal Makeup Look in Celeb Style

Indian Bridal Makeup Look By Aayushi Patel
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Indian Bridal Makeup Look!

Simplicity is the best and we all agree to that. But there is no harm in projecting a better version of ourselves. Makeup exactly does just that. When we all feel that a naked face is so much better, we all also agree to the fact that makeup just helps us in enhancing our features. It does not transform us altogether, it just creates a better version of us. But what if we are just beginners and we know nothing about makeup. Don’t worry girls! There is a first time for everything and we are here to help you.

Marriage is the most auspicious occasion in a woman’s life. It is like a dream come true. Every woman all around the world must have dreamt of this big day at some point in their lives. This day happens just one time in our lifetime.

Indian Bridal Makeup Look

When all of us feel that makeup is complicated, it is not that hard. Well, let’s admit it can take some time to do it like a pro but we all can spare that amount of time to look like the celebs or the Victoria secrets models. Here are gorgeous makeup looks from Aayushi Patel for your wedding season. Aayushi is passionate makeup artist based in Ahmadabad. We hope these makeup looks will help you achieve your favourite celeb look.

1. Yellow and pink makeup look:

Yellow and pink makeup look: Indian Bridal Makeup Look in Celeb Style

A perfect summertime look which incorporates all the bright and fresh colours representing summer. You have brought yellow, playful pink and earthy browns. What else do you need? The makeup look created with these colours is simply amazing. We have eyeshadow created with pink, yellow and brown tones. A little him of silver glitter is placed at the top of the crease in order to glam up the eye look. For the rest of her makeup, she has kept her look quite muted with matte pink lips. The look compliments her outfits quite well and it is a perfect haldi look.

2. Classic red lips:

Classic red lips: Indian Bridal Makeup Look in Celeb Style

There is something about the colour red. It is really special when it comes to weddings. Marriages seem incomplete without this colour. So here our bride did not miss any opportunity to splurge on red. She is wearing a red outfit and for makeup, she has chosen to go for beige and brown tones for her eye look and her perfectly crafted red lips steals the show. The rest of her face is quite natural with just a flawless base makeup and just a little amount of blush.

3. Soft and subtle:

 Soft and subtle: Indian Bridal Makeup Look in Celeb Style

Nothing beats the sincerity and innocence of our muse here. The way she looks away from the mirror is breathtaking. Coming to her makeup, it is simply amazing and faultless. A perfect wedding guest looks for any wedding. She has a flawless illuminating base with very neutral cheeks. For eyes, she has mauve shimmery smoky eyes and creamy matte lips. If you have an invitation coming up soon then do try this makeup look.

4. Dewy makeup look:

Dewy makeup look: Indian Bridal Makeup Look in Celeb Style

Dewy makeup look has taken over the makeup world lately. This look brings out your natural glow and it is proven to make you look more natural and beautiful. Our bride here has portrayed that natural illuminating glow. She did not go overboard with her makeup. She kept it quite simple with shimmery smoky eyes and pink lips. Her makeup completely justifies the golden glow of her attire.

5. Bronze makeup look:

 Bronze makeup look: Indian Bridal Makeup Look in Celeb Style

Bronze eyes and pink lips are a match made in heaven. You cannot deny the fact that they look perfect together. Our bride here did not get experimental and stocked to basics. She has gone for bronze shimmery eyes with light pink lips. Perfectly crafted eyebrows, rosy cheeks and a red bindi completed her look. If you also want to stick to basics and still look expensive then definitely give this a try. Those lashes though are really dramatic.

6. Cut crease eye makeup with a red hot pout:

Cut crease eye makeup with a red hot pout: Indian Bridal Makeup Look in Celeb Style

Cut crease eye makeup is really taking over the makeup world by storm. It is not only neat and fascinating but ultra sophisticated as well. You can create this eye look with any colour you like. Here our bride has gone with pink cut crease eye makeup. She has not done much to her face. She has opted for neutral cheeks with red hot lip perfect for a pout. This makeup look is perfect for people who want to look charming with minimal products.

7. Glowy makeup look:

Glowy makeup look: Indian Bridal Makeup Look in Celeb Style

This makeup looks works for everyone and is an absolute favourite look for all the makeup junkies out there. If you are a bride you can definitely go for this look as shown in the image. Her makeup has a flawless base created with illuminating primer, rose tint cream blush and just the right amount of highlighter on the high points if her face. For her eyes, she has well-defined eyes with special emphasis on her eyebrows. She finished it off with nice creamy red lipstick. A classic makeup look for any bride.

8. Shimmery eyes makeup look:

 Shimmery eyes makeup look: Indian Bridal Makeup Look in Celeb Style

Women love everything shiny and sparkly so it is no wonder that brides absolutely love this look. Glitters are just so pretty to look at and it is exactly why shimmery eyes never go out of trend. Looking at our bride here she has a very muted brown shimmery eyes. Not smoky exactly but just subdued and soft. For the rest of her look, she has rosy cheeks and red lips. A perfect bridal look.

9. Soft glam makeup look:

Soft glam makeup look: Indian Bridal Makeup Look in Celeb Style

A soft glam makeup look works every time and for everyone for almost every occasion. This makeup look is capturing all the social networking feed nowadays. Our bride here has also done for such a look. She has perfectly defined eyebrows with soft shimmery smoky eyes and brown nude lip colour. Keeping her face as natural as possible she just emphasised on the features which she thinks she has best. So if you also want to look glamorous without having to do much then definitely give this look a try.

10. Sparkly smoky eyes makeup look:

Sparkly smoky eyes makeup look: Indian Bridal Makeup Look in Celeb Style

If you are anything like me who has moved on over black and gold-toned smoky eyes then you might love this look. This is fresh and bright and looks dazzling. Sparkly eyes for a very good job in attracting attention. Our bride here has gone for pink smoky eyes with some sparkle to just add a little jazz to it. She also wears a bright pink lip to go with it. The rest of her face is pretty neutral to make the eyes and the lips pop.

11. All shades of pink makeup look:

All shades of pink makeup look: Indian Bridal Makeup Look in Celeb Style

Women love pink no matter how they use it. Our bride here has gone for everything pink in terms of makeup. She has gone for a pink shiny smoky eye with hot pink lips. She also has rosy cheeks and also a bindi matching her lip colour. A beautiful contrast to her white attire. This is a perfect bridal look for every Indian skin tone.

12. Gold-toned eyes makeup look:

This makeup look has everything to do with your eyes. If you want to make your eyes appear bigger and brighter then go for this eye look. It is a gold-toned smoky eye which matches the golden tint of our bride’s outfit. This makeup will make your eyes stand out and will steal the spotlight. As for the rest of her makeup, she has soft blush on her cheeks with fuschia pink lips. The lip tint also matches her bindi which is quite amazing. This look is perfect for both the wedding and the reception.

13. Matte finish makeup look:

Matte finish makeup look: Indian Bridal Makeup Look in Celeb Style

If you are going for a summertime wedding then this matte look is for you. This look is most beneficial for girls with oily skin. You do not have to worry about oils seeping through your makeup making it a complete mess. Our bride here gas gone for cut crease eye makeup with nice soft red lips. No usage of highlighters whatsoever. This is what makes this look so fresh and summer appropriate. So oily skin girls go for this and put on your A game.

14. Traditional bride makeup look:

Traditional bride makeup look: Indian Bridal Makeup Look in Celeb Style

A traditional makeup look is the best makeup look for every Indian bride. If you are wondering how to do a full blown traditional makeup look, then take a look at our bride here. Starting from the top she has precisely emphasised eyebrows with nicely defined eyes. For her eye look she has gone for bronze and silver cut crease makeup with soft glam lashes. For  her lips she is wearing bright red lipstick. The rest of her face is kept neutral with rosy cheeks and a subtle amount of highlighter.

15. Warm toned makeup look:

Warm toned makeup look: Indian Bridal Makeup Look in Celeb Style

If you do not shy away from bold makeup and love to indulge yourself in all the warm tones. Then this look is perfect for you. It has all the warm tones starting from her bronze glittery smokey eyes to her soft bronze blush, the golden highlighter and red hot lips. This look is perfect for anybody who has warm or yellow undertones. These colours tend to play well with medium to olive skin tones.

That was all for this look. Hope you enjoyed this article and hope you have selected your favourite look for your wedding day. For more updates stay tuned to K4 Fashion.

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