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India is known for it’s rich culture and heritage. The diversity that we embrace is magnanimous in all ways. Our language and dialects change in every few kilometres and each state has it’s own traditions and folk art. Along with the affluent folklore, our country also enjoys the existence of various handloom materials created by weavers from different parts of the country. Handloom is a material that is made manually without using any kind of machinery.

By using these opulent hand-woven materials, various apparels are made in India, for example, shawls, sarees, suits etc. Out of all these apparels, sarees dominate the handloom market by miles. Saree is the most worn and dearly loved apparel of India. The closet of every Indian Woman remains decked up with different kinds of sarees. They come in so many different materials, works, colors and patterns that you can never get enough of them.

So, to escalate your love for sarees a bit more, here we are with a list of handloom sarees from different parts of India that you must have.

Indian Handloom Sarees for Stylish Look

1. Brocade For Benarasi Sarees

Indian Handloom Brocade For Benarasi Sarees

Image Source: Karagiri

Brocade is an intricately woven fabric with raised design, often made up of gold and silver. It uses silk fabric as a base and usually involves complex designs and patterns. Benarasi sarees are a speciality of Brocade Handloom. This Pure Benarasi saree with silver and golden zari embroidery is every woman’s dream. It has a broad golden border and a heavily embroidered pallu.

2. Kosa Silk

Kosa Silk Indian Handloom Saree

Image Source: Vayan Clothing

Kosa Silk sarees hail from Chhatisgarh. It is one of the many varieties of Tussar silk. It usually comes in vibrant shades like Pale Golden, Honey brown, Orange and in some subtle shades like Ivory and Beige.  This Ivory Kosa Silk Saree with leaf prints all over it and thin black border and coordinated pallu looks enchanting to another level.

 3. Chanderi Saree

Indian Handloom Chanderi Saree

Image Source: Prerna Chhabra

Chanderi Sarees are a speciality of Madhya Pradesh and have been a part of Indian textile since ancient times. They were most favored by the Queens of the Mughal Era and continues to rule the hearts of women till now.  Golden Zari and silk is weaved into a cotton yarn to create Chanderi sarees. While the Cotton keeps the saree sheer and light weighted, the Silk and Zari gives it a shimmery look. You can pair these sarees with new age blouse designs as you can see in the image and give them a trendy look.

4. Bhagalpuri Munga Tussar Saree

Indian Handloom Bhagalpuri Munga Tussar Saree

Image Source: Shop Shanai

Bhagalpuri silk aka Tussar silk hails from Bhagalpur, Bihar. Bhagalpuri Silk is known as the Queen of all silks due to it’s rich texture and superior quality. The enticing fabric holds it’s existence since the Vedic age but became really popular during the Mauryan Age. Today, Bhagalpuri sarees come in different colors, textures and varieties and are being loved by the women all over India making it a must have for you as well.

5. Muga Silk Sarees

Indian Handloom Muga Silk Sarees

Image Source: Ai Studioo

Muga silk is a variety of wild silk that hails from Assam. An authentic Muga Silk is extremely durable and has a natural golden yellow tinted texture. The fabric doesn’t require any dry cleaning and is known to gain beauty after every wash. The Muga Silk sarees consist of traditional Assamese prints and motifs weaved with maroon yarn.

6. Bandhani Sarees

Indian Handloom Sarees Every Woman Should Have

Bandhani sarees are a speciality of Gujarat which also comes with a variation named Bandhej. It is basically a traditional printing technique used by Gujarati weavers in which they tie a fabric for resist dying. This process creates amazingly precise circular patterns on the fabric making it look exquisite. It comes in traditional bright colors like red, orange, yellow, hot pink etc.

7. Kanjeevaram Sarees

Indian Handloom Kanjeevaram Saree

Image Source: Anu Mishra

Kanjeevaram silk sarees aka Kanchipuram sarees hail from Kanchipuram, a small city in Tamil Nadu. Kanjeevaram sarees have a basic shiny texture and majorly uses golden and silver zari while weaving.  They are durable and have an affluent look marking every big ceremony of South India. However their stunning look couldn’t restrict themselves to South for too long and today they have their fans in most parts of India.

8. Kalamkaari Sarees

Indian Handloom Kalamkaari Sarees

Image Source: Kapaas Katha

Kalamkari is a handloom that comprises of hand painted/block printed designs on cotton fabric. The most authentic Kalamkaari is usually made by artists using pen and natural colors. It’s origin dates back to the medieval period in Andhra Pradesh. They come in various colors, mostly traditional bright colors. The artwork consists of various designs and patterns, however, the most authentic ancient Kalamkaari consisted of paintings of Hindu dieties and Hindu Epics like Ramayana and Mahabharata.

9. Kota Doria Sarees

Indian Handloom Kota Doria Sarees

Image Source: Chakori Ethnic

Just as the name suggests, Kota Doria sarees hail from Kota, a small city in Rajasthan. Kota Doria sarees are made by blending cotton with silk in checkered pattern. These intriguing sarees are loved for their light weighted fabric. The fabric makes for a comfortable wear and can be easily molded according to new age fashion trends, making it a must have.

So, here were 9 Indian Handloom Sarees that you must have to up your saree game a notch higher. Also, these handloom sarees have the essence of Indian craft and culture that we must support to motivate these weavers who have been taking our heritage forward since ages. So, get them if you don’t have them yet and flaunt them in the upcoming occassions.

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