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Mehndi ceremony Photoshoot Ideas!

Marriage is the most auspicious occasion in a woman’s life. It is all about having fun on your last day as a single individual and plan ahead for your future. We Indians love to do everything with great pomp and show and marriage is one of them. We tend to have too many functions before the actual wedding and mehendi seems to be the most auspicious one.

Mehendi is the heart of every wedding ceremony and it is celebrated in an utterly playful way. Weddings are all about photography and capturing memories and in this article, we are going to share with you some amazing photoshoot and decoration ideas for your mehendi ceremony. Mehendi ceremonies are no more only about ritualistic performances but also about fun-filled experiences. It began as a traditional ritual and has transformed itself into the most happening celebration of the country.

Capturing your moments in some awesome photographs is a great way to create memories. Later in future when you take out some time and walk down the memory lane these photos will serve as a refreshing ingredient to your tiresome life. The photos will exude the true happiness of your ceremony and you will be able to relive the moment over and over again.

Mehendi has become an unskippable and essential event for all couples across India. Just as these photos are overflowing with happiness they are sure to melt your heart and encapsulate you in a wave of emotions. So without much further ado brace yourselves to enjoy this heartwarming roller roster of some blissful mehndi ceremony photoshoot ideas.

Mehndi ceremony Photoshoot Ideas & Decoration Ideas

1. Amidst the beauty of flowers:

Flowers are mandatory for all wedding ceremonies. They never go out if fashion and look extremely adorable and pretty. Here we have a beautiful set decorated with all sorts of flowers. It is looking extremely colourful and an appropriate mehendi stage. It also has a bench for the bride to sit comfortably during the entire photoshoot. Hop on into your mehendi dress and sit peacefully in this blissful atmosphere and pose as you like to get a beautiful photo clicked.

2. Use a prop:

Using a cute and fun prop can add life to any photoshoot. Umbrellas not only provide a fun quotient to your photos but it also adds brightness and colour to your photos. Here in this photo, we have our bride in a beautiful blush pink sequinned Gehenna sitting under an arch of flowers. The colourful curtains in the background along with the umbrellas at the forefront of the photo provide a very fresh and pleasing look to the entire photo.

3. Cute couple shots:

Getting your partner in a photo together is a great feeling. Here we have a cute couple sitting in the background of marigolds. Marigolds are an absolute necessity when it comes to decorations. They hold a special place in wedding decoration as well. Here we can see both yellow and orange marigolds hanging from a circular floral floating roof. It provides a very pretty contrast to the bride and groom who are in blue and pink outfits.

4. Flaunt your mehendi:

This fun and cute photo shoot idea is a great way to make memories with your partner. Both of them are daunting their mehendi laden hands which is absolutely adorable. In future when you will look back into this photo or will automatically bring a smile to your face. This photo has cuteness overloaded and it also shows the couple’s compatibility with each other. So if you are looking for a cute mehendi photoshoot idea definitely go for this.

5. The princess vibes:

Everything about this photo gives princess vibes. The bride in the photo looks exactly like any Rajasthani princess. Her green printed lehenga shines through the darkness of the night and her smile makes the whole appearance even more bright and shining. As for the decoration, we can see some colourful umbrellas. The umbrellas play a very important role in making the entire princess setting. Everything in this photo is quite mesmerising. If you are planning for a night time mehendi ceremony and want a photoshoot idea then we definitely recommend this.

6. Get cosy and mushy:

Millennial couples are all about photographs. They literally will give in everything to get that one perfect shot. The biggest obstacle that comes in the way is to find that one unique pose which will not only be golden but also heart-warming. Here we have one such couple photoshoot idea for you. Here the couple is getting all cosy and mushy with each other. The bride is looking super pretty in her yellow lehenga while flaunting her mehendi. The groom on her side is very softly placing a kiss on her cheeks. Apart from the couple, the background is amazing as well. The couple is sitting under a floral arch with marigold design at the back.

7. Let’s have a dance:

This photoshoot idea is great for all those ladies who find it really difficult to bring their man into one frame. Here the bride is looking absolutely gorgeous in her green and pink lehenga along with her full hand mehendi. Her partner is supporting her very well by giving a full-on dance pose. The happiness and compatibility of the couple are really shining through. They are standing under a multicoloured tenthouse which has a frame loaded with flowers in the background. This is a simple yet fun loving photo shoot idea.

8. If you are happy then twirl around:

Twirling is the best pose you can give while getting a photoshoot as a bride. This will not only make you full wedding lehenga visible but will also make you look like a diva. Twirling around in your wedding attire right after you have put on mehendi in the name of your beloved is an absolute delight to watch. Candid photos are sure to keep you covered but a wedding album cannot be complete without some picturesque bridal portraits. Here we have such one gleeful portrait idea which is a must-have for your wedding album.

9. Opposites attract:

Someone has very rightly said that opposites attract. How beautiful will it be if you can portray your story in just a photograph? If you and partner are also two different poles then we have an amazing photoshoot idea for you. Here as you can see that the bride is in full traditional outfit while the groom is in a western outfit. This depicts that they are both from two different worlds united in the institution of marriage. The background is also decorated with pink and blue balloons depicting boy and girl respectively. The curtains and marigold at the back compliment the setting quite beautifully.

10. Hanging garden:

A solo portrait of the bride under a floating garden is like a cakewalk. All details are very important in your wedding photography and decorations with flowers are no exception. But this photo shoot idea is not about wearing a floral bracelet or any other floral jewellery. It is a floating garden in the air with flowers hanging from it. The bright colour flowers in this image compliment the green bridal attire. It always feels special to have a crown overhead and a huge floral tiara is more than enough.

If you are a bride or bride to then do not forget to keep these mehndi ceremony photoshoot ideas in your wedding album. These ideas are fun, playful and full of enthusiasm. Wedding is all about enjoying in the middle of all the responsibilities. That was all for this article. For more updates stay tuned to K4 Fashion.

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