Kiernan Shipka – Outfits, Accessories, Hairstyles & Looks

Kiernan Shipka - Outfits, Accessories, Hairstyles & Looks
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Household teenage witch to fashion icon, Kiernan Shipka is surely blossoming into a modern-day star with impeccable taste in fashion and accessorizing. A Gen-Z icon who influences many young minds of her generation on a daily basis. The blonde beauty can pull off looks set by ace designers to just about anything like a simple overall for her characters or as per her wish.  Let’s look at how she influences us all through simple yet gorgeously spellbinding styling.

About Kiernan Shipka

Born (Date & Place) 10 November 1999, Chicago, Illinois, United States
Full Name
Kiernan Brennan Shipka
Nicknames Kiernan
Height 4 Feet 11 Inches
Age 23 years
Popular Movies/TV Series Carriers, Mad Men, When Marnie Was There, The Legend of Korra, Wildflower, Riverdale, Swimming with Sharks, Treat
Debut Monk
Net Worth $ 4 Million (Approx)

Outfit –

Kiernan Shipka Outfits

From free-flowing gowns to couture pieces, the 22-year-old can surely stir up the fashion meter. Much like other icons of her Generation, she makes fashion look easy and appealing and a viable option for all. She opts for short skirts with a special liking for plaid skirts, cause plaid ain’t ever out of fashion, and co-ords most often, cause fashion must not be complicated, right? Bandeau Bras, corset-type tops, and quirky patterns and prints, a statement that’s easy to follow yet flattering for all body types. Effortlessly channeling the girl next door or spunky schoolgirl look is what Kiernan is all about.


Kiernan Shipka

Minimalism is all the trend now, chunky jewelry or over-accessorizing is a tale of the past. For Kiernan, it’s a statement piece on her neck, some rings, a statement piece on her ear, or maybe just a tie, some round-framed sunglasses, to anything fun and fresh. A generation that accessorizes with scrunchies, she surely is showing them the way for better choices to look a scale above.


Kiernan Shipka

Soft beach waves and curls or just a tussled hair look, that’s what our lovable Sabrina goes for. She embodies the new “clean girl” trend, uncomplicated and sculpted, that seems to be Kiernan’s Mantra. Shoulder-length hair with a bob, some volume, and bounce, to give her a fresh and girl-next-door look.


Kiernan Shipka

Be its bold colors, flower prints, or metallic finish dresses, our girl is ready to channel her inner goddess through it all. To make any look feel effortless, one has to know his or her limitations and wants, and Kiernan seems to have found her niche. She slips through styles and looks that sculpt her body and give an effortlessly pretty look. she achieves the spunks she envisions. With minimal makeup, with just a hint of concealer and blush and lip shades that are earthy and light, she paints a picture of summertime and picnics.

If one wants that summery, country girl with a bold style look, our friendly witch Sabrina aka Kiernan Shipka is your person to follow. Her fashion is for all, and it’s youthful and light. Pastel shades and monotones, glitter, and grunge, it’s a fest of color, quirk, life, and all things young.

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