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Kiesza’s Hairstyles & Hair Colors

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Let’s get our hair done like Kiesza! I’m sure the vivid image of the Canadian singer has also attracted your attention. And, by the way, these roquettes are easy to do. You just need to arm yourself with bigwigs (or flat), a means of stacking, studs, and invisible and good mood!

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Checkout Hairstyle & Hair Color Of Musical Sensation Kiesza

Kiesza’s Hairstyles & Hair Colors

Kiesza hairstyle instantly delighted girls all over the world. Of course! With this styling, you too will not go unnoticed and decorate any party.

Please note that Kiesza’s hairstyle can be made smoother and neater to go to a social event (Grandma’s birthday). You can ruffle your hair to create a “hooligan” look and light it at a party. And if you make clear and voluminous bagels, you can also go on a date. One thing remains unchanged – the hair raised upstairs, twisted in bagels. Ready to start?

Kiesza’s Hairstyle For Medium-Length Hair

1. Wrap your hair around the curlers or prepare a strip. You will need curls!

2. Separate a clear parting from the ear to the ear and make a cheerful ponytail.

3. If you prefer flatulence, it’s time to use it. Treat each lock with mousse for laying.

4. Wrap the curl around your fingers, screw it in as you like, and fix it with studs. Show imagination! You can lower the buckle on the forehead, imitating cheerful bangs, you can twist the bagel higher. How to do Kaiza’s hair on medium-length hair.

5. Make one more parting and repeat the action, all in all, you have to get 3-6 tails. Do not forget to process each one with mousse and twist.

6. Hair like Kiesza is ready! All you have to do is spray it with lacquer to keep your hair in place.

Kiesza’s Hairstyle For Long Hair

If you have long hair, do the same! Just twist every buckle into a flagellum and then “snap” it. You can weave the braids, from which you need to pull out the individual straps. Do not forget to fix them in such a way that there was no gum on your head.

By the way, you can make mega-toothed hair, if you weave small braids for the night, and in the morning to do the hair of Kiesza in steps. Just don’t twist the curls of your curls in bagels, but the hair scratches. Kiesza approves!

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