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Everyone has their uniqueness. The same goes for everyone’s hair. Each person has a different type of hair and has different textures and different styles. People style their hair to look good. And it is absolutely true that hair can change your whole personality. But if you do it wrong it can ruin your look too. Hair will keep growing so you can change different styles and you will know what suits you.

But nowadays hairstyles are more of a trend and fashion statement rather than keeping it healthy and simple. The funny thing is….. that most of people do not like their hair type. So people with curly hair want straight hair and people with straight hair want curly hair.

Today there are many options available to straighten your hair. You can straighten your hair temporarily or permanently. It is advisable to not do it frequently because heat and chemicals may make your hair even more vulnerable to damage.

Pros of hair straightening

Here are some advantages of hair straightening,

1. Your hair will have little to no frizz at all

Remember those time when you wake up in the morning or when you wake up after a nap and then your hair look frizzy. Then you have to style your hair or wash your hair to make it look good. Every time after waking up you have to use products and hair straighteners that are not good for hair and also it can be irritating and time consuming. To avoid this problem you can try permanent hair straightening and your hair will be free from frizz forever.

2. Hair looks smooth and shiny

After you have done your hair straightening treatment you will not have to worry about the shine of your hair. You will not need any products to make your hair shiny. It will look shiny and smooth always.

3. Easy for every hairstyle

Straight hair will be easy to maintain rather then curly hair. Also, you can make almost any style easily with straight hair. You will not have to spend time applying products and sprays to make perfect hairstyles.

4. Bye-bye to flat irons and blowdryers

Flat irons and blow dryers are needed when you have curly or wavy hairs and you want to make it straight. Once you will have your hair straightening treatment you will not need any of these electronics to manage your hair. It will be easy to go out for you and you will not have to spend time drying and straightening your hair anymore.

Cons of hair straightening

Here are some disadvantages of hair straightening,

1. It can lead to dry hair

If you go for hair straightening treatment that involves too much heat then it will make your hair dry. You will not face hair loss because of the chemicals that are used in the treatment. But after the treatment you may face this problem of dry hair. you will need to take some care of these dry hair because it has more chances of breakage. You need to add some kind of moisturizer in your hair to make it better.

2. It will look bad once you have new growth.

Your straight hair will look good for a couple of months. Hair will grow the same as before. It means if you had curly hair before than your new grown hair will be curly. If you had wavy hairs then, newly grown hairs will be wavy. You can not change your newly grown hair. And after some time you will need treatment again because new grown curly hair and old straight hair will look odd.

3. Only straight hairstyles are applicable

Once you straighten your hair permanently then you will able to do hairstyles that are only applicable to straight hairs. Hairstyles that have a combination of both curl and straight hair will not be an option for you anymore. You will have to stick to straight hairstyles.

4. No volume in hair

After straightening your hair you will remember those days when your hair used to stay high. Straight hair will look flat and it will not have any volume. So if you are a fan of volume than you shouldn’t consider straightening your hair. your hair will not look bouncy anymore.

5. It is expensive

If you are low on budget then you should not consider straight your hair because it will cost you more. Rather than you should buy a hair straightener and you will be good. Also it is necessary to go to an experienced stylist because hair straightening treatment involves many chemicals and heat processes. It will be around 6 hours process.

6. It is irreversible

If you are not completely sure whether to go for it or not than you shouldn’t go for it. You will not have your wavy or curly hair back. Even after the growth of new hairs it will never be the same as before. So you should consider other options before going for permanent hair straightening.

Types of hair straightening processes

There are many kinds of treatments available to straighten your hair. First of all, you should talk about all these with your hairstylist and then choose what is good for your hair.

  1. Keratin treatment (also known as Brazilian straightening)
  2. Japanese straightening (also known as thermal reconditioning)
  3. Chemical straightening (also known as hair relaxing)
  4. Hair rebonding
  5. Flat iron

You should choose hairstyles that suit you. Go for those hairstyles that are easy and good looking with your hair type. You may ruin your natural hair with treatment. If you still make your mind about hair straightening then once you should consider the above-mentioned points then talk with your hairstylist and then go for it.

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(Reviewed by Dr. Samiksha Rane)

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