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The bridal looks are literally the talk of the town and well, it should be. You only get married once and your bridal look should be worth remembering.

Gone are those days when brides used to wear pathetic and good to be discarded outfits for their wedding. Brides today love to do an aesthetic makeover rather than just looking like a garbage bag.

Well, even garbage bags are trending now. Anyways, coming back to the point, in the generation of an Instagram Pinterest everyone like to glam it up like our insta models.

Everyone in the house is busy with the arrangements and you are sitting in your room staring at the distant horizon while racking your brains over that perfect bridal looks. You have got the jewellery, the lehenga, the makeup but still, you are unable to decide your final look. You have no idea if everything will be a match and if yes then what is your final look supposed to be like?

However, there is no need to get disheartened. It is possible to look like the images that steal your heart. Your wedding can also be a dream come true and you can also look at how you wish to look on your big day. If we can’t help you then what are we here for?

Bridal Looks, Styles & Dresses

In this article, we have curated a special list of the real bridal looks for all your social media fantasies. So, scroll down below to get some major inspiration about what you should look like on your big day. Let’s begin.

1. Looking so subtle:

 Looking so subtle: Real Bridal Looks, Styles & Dresses Inspirations

Lehenga @asianacoutureofficial
Shot by @delhivelvet
Makeup by @adai_artistry
Hair by @naro_artistry
Accessories from @omsons_bridal_store

Makeup is not something that will entirely change you but it does a pretty good job of enhancing your features. Our bride here has gone for minimal makeup and has kept her face clean by just applying a little bit of nude blush. All she has done is to enhance the beauty of her eyes and lips. Coming from the top she has those carefully filled eyebrows with some classic smoky eye makeup. For her lips, she has gone for a nice soft plum shade. Now talking about her dress she has gone for nice pastel shade to match her makeup. She is wearing a floral embroidered Gehenna with a pastel green shoulder drape and a nude pink head drape. For jewellery, she is wearing a diamond. The overall look is perfect.

2. Classic red:

Classic red: Real Bridal Looks, Styles & Dresses Inspirations

Shot by @royalaffairweddings
Makeup by @recindamartis_hairandmakeup
Outfit by @sabyasachiofficial
Planned by @shalini.bhandari.88

There is something about the colour red. A wedding seems to be incomplete without the colour red. Today we have millions of colours available in the market which are used by the brides on their wedding. But a traditional red has its own charm. Our bride here has ditched all the fancy colours and have gone for traditional red Sabyasachi lehenga. Her lehenga has a red floral embroidered blouse with a matching red polka dots skirt. She is also carrying an embellished shoulder and head drape. She has kept her makeup soft to keep up the charm of her outfit. For her jewellery, she is wearing a diamond set with emerald stones attached to it.

3. The cool bride:

The cool bride: Real Bridal Looks, Styles & Dresses Inspirations

Image Source: Hollycal Productions

Gone are those days when we used to clock those awkward photographs of just standing still. Brides today are pretty modern and they are ready to get clicked anyways they want. Their photographs are fun and cool and really amazing to see. Look at our bride here. Look at how cool she seems on her wedding day. No nervousness. For her outfit, she is wearing a light pink lehenga which has an embroidered blouse and a mirror adorned embroidered skirt. She also has a similar head drape. Her makeup is also pink based and for jewellery, she is wearing a gold and diamond necklace with green accents. The way she carries her sunglasses and the cup is really awesome.

4. Twirl with happiness:

 Twirl with happiness: Real Bridal Looks, Styles & Dresses Inspirations

Image Source: Harvarinder Singh

There is nothing better than happiness. Everything seems to be perfect just when you are happy. Look at how pretty our bridal looks while she is twirling with happiness. She is wearing a red embellished lehenga with a red shoulder and head drape. For her makeup, she has gone for nude face and gorgeous red lips. She is wearing classic gold jewellery. But what is most interesting is her layered pearl necklace which falls perfectly till her waistline.

5. How about a dance:

How about a dance: Real Bridal Looks, Styles & Dresses Inspirations

Shot by @linandjirsa & @vinuthnagaridipuri
Outfit by @sabyasachiofficial
Makeup by @saltspellbeauty
Planned by @xquisiteevents

Don’t let your photographers trick you to those awful poses. Breakthrough the shackles of convention and try something new. How about dance at your own wedding? Pretty interesting right. If you think it’s odd then learn something from our bride here. She is rocking in her conventional red embroidered Sabyasachi lehenga with her not so conventional dance. Coming back to the lehenga it also has sequins. She also wears a matching head and shoulder drape. For makeup, she wears bold eyes with dark red lips. Her jewellery is basically diamond and gold with green accents.

6. Shake off the nervousness:

Feeling nervous? Well, it is logical for every bride to feel nervous. But we suggest shake it off and do it in style. Look at how our bride has shaken off all her nervousness and is letting it all go with a laugh. This is what real brides are supposed to look like. Talking of her attire she is wearing a red lehenga which has a floral embroidered blouse with a similar floral embroidered skirt. She has ditched her dupatta for this occasion and is rising above all boundaries. For her makeup, she is wearing bold eyes with red lips and her jewellery is diamond and emerald jewellery. But did you notice the groom’s name printed on her bangles? Cool detail.

7. So calm and serene:

So calm and serene: Real Bridal Looks, Styles & Dresses Inspirations

Wedding styled, designed & executed by @commesognovero
Planned by @perceptice
Make up by @biancalouzado_79
Outfit by @sabyasachiofficial
Shot by @weddingnama
Jewelry by @khannajewellerskj

Our bridal looks mesmerizing. She looks like a model straight out of the Vogue magazine. She is as calm and serene as the ocean behind her. Looking gorgeous in the Sabyasachi lehenga, she is giving us some serious photo shoot goals. She is wearing a nice floral embroidered lehenga which has floral applique details all over her blouse and skirt. She also carries a peach toned shoulder drape. Her make is soft and subtle to match her outfit while for jewellery she has gone for gold and diamond jewellery with emerald stones.

8. The food junkie:

 The food junkie: Real Bridal Looks, Styles & Dresses Inspirations

Bride @anushaabhatt
Shot by @tales_by_storyteller
Outfit by @azafashions
Jewelry by @gharenu_vadodara

A slice of pizza before a hectic schedule is worth it. This is a perfect photo shoot idea for every bride who is a food junkie. As for the outfit she is wearing a rich burgundy colour lehenga which is heavily embroidered and sequinned. For makeup, she has gone for classic smoky eyes with rich wine coloured lips. To finish it off she is wearing diamond jewellery with green accents.

9. Pastel magic:

Pastel magic: Real Bridal Looks, Styles & Dresses Inspirations

Shot by @wedontsaycheese
Makeup by @thebodycareandcure
Outfit by @asianacoutureofficial

If you have seen Anushka Sharma’s wedding then you must know why pastels are such the hype. Our bride here is wearing a similar pastel lehenga where she is wearing a white floral embroidered blouse and skirt. She has teamed it up with pastel pink embroidered head and shoulder drape. It is wise to keep makeup simple with shimmery smoky eyes and pink lips. She has finished off her look with diamond and ruby studded jewellery topped of with pearls.

10. Win everything with a smile:

 Win everything with a smile: Real Bridal Looks, Styles & Dresses Inspirations

Shot by @weddingnama
Makeup by @makeupbyuurmik
Outfit by @sabyasachiofficial

A lehenga is always the best attire to wear to your wedding. You have no idea what this 9 yards fabric can do to your overall look. Here our bride is wearing a peachy pink net embroidered lehenga with matching embroidered and sequined blouse. She has kept her makeup quite minimal and fresh. She looks stunning with the bun updo and gold and diamond jewellery with green accents. To top it all she is wearing a pretty blinding smile which is best out of everything that she is wearing. A smile is literally the best jewellery a girl can wear.

11. All decked up:

All decked up: Real Bridal Looks, Styles & Dresses Inspirations

Outfit by @taruntahiliani

A wedding is a one time happening and you deserve to look the best. So choose your favourite designer lehenga and wear every piece of jewellery that you can literally think of. Here our bride is wearing a red lehenga by ace designer Tarun Tahiliani. The entire lehenga is printed with small embellishments. She has paired it with an orange embellished blouse. For makeup she has bold eyes with dark red lips. And for jewellery well, where to start. She is wearing a layered gold and diamond necklace studded with ruby and emerald. It also has a pearl design. She also has matching earrings and bangles. Out of all this the best of it is the wide gold waistband that she is wearing. It is classic and gorgeous.

12. As blue as the sky:

. As blue as the sky: Real Bridal Looks, Styles & Dresses Inspirations

Shot by @oragraphy
Outfit by @payal_zinal

This is a very powerful colour that a women can wear. This colur gives a very boss lady and super women vibes. If you feel the same then ditch your conventional red and pink outfits and opt for something different. This powder blue lehenga really steals the show. The lehenga has minimal embroidery and a matching dupatta. She has kept her hair and makeup quite simple and minimal. For jewellery she is wearing a gold and diamond choker necklace with green accents, matching earrings, a nose ring and maang tika.

Hope you enjoyed this article, that was all for this article. We took you through some stunning bridal looks and hope you collected all the inspiration and information you needed. For more updates, stay tuned to K4 Fashion.

We would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below. And be sure to follow on Pinterest for more ideas!

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