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Mehendi is of huge purport when it comes to a rejoicing. Be it a wedding, festival, or a carnival we all know Mehendi will make its precinct in the celebration. Mehendi is a freehand design scrawled on hands with Heena filled in a conical adjunct. If we see Mehendi in yet extraneous way then we will see that it is nothing but a plea to unite people. Every age group gets heated when it comes to Mehendi. Your younger siblings to your much older grandmothers, all of them light their eyes whenever there’s a reason to adorn Mehendi. At weddings, according to ritual, not even the bride but also the groom do Mehendi on his hand and it’s a celebration of joy, colors, and music. Also, celebrities could not bar themselves at their weddings. Remember the time when Sonam Kapoor rocked her Mehendi to Cannes? Either it’s Rakshabandhan or Eid each festival demands the adornment of Mehendi as a beck of custom.

There is a super-duper range of Mehendi designs when we roll on the internet. Each of us is picky and choosy about Mehendi designs if it’s our turn to get it done on our hands. From Arabic to Indian, Ind-Arabic to Moroccan there is a giant list to choose from. So, here we have simple but beautiful Mehendi designs for your hand, which you will love!

From Arabic to Indian, Ind-Arabic to Moroccan there is a giant list to choose from. So, here we have simple but beautiful Mehendi designs for your hand, which you will love!

Easy & Beautiful Peacock Feather Mehendi Design

A very creative way to tattoo Mehendi in your hands is now available. This Mehendi design is a hack to draw a peacock feather design. I bet you have seen Mehendi drawn freehand. But, have you ever seen Mehendi drawn this way? With a half broke spoon? Obviously no. Let’s look at the whole process of how to do this amazing Mehendi design. Place a spoon on your palm pointing in the downwards direction. Outline the perimeter of the spoon with Mehendi excluding the bottom. Now place the spoon at the left side, a little below from the previously drawn outline. Repeat the steps on the right side as well. Move down towards where the spoon was pointing. Place the spoon and outline it consecutively till your desired length. Now, darken the outlines with Mehendi in a systematic way. Inside the feather shape drawn by outlining the spoon, draw another small feather and fill it. Outline the small feather with another line and draw multiple lines above it to fill up space. To make the lines look defined shade them from below. This way define each peacock feather you outlined by spoon. A small peacock feather inside it, shade it, outline it, draw lines, and shade lines. Draw small swirls around each big feather to make the Mehendi the look more designer. Make sure you draw your design in such a way that it is symmetric. It just doesn’t look good if you don’t apply Mehendi with perfection. On your index finger, draw a semi-circle and followed drawing another small semi-circle inside it. Shade the circle completely with Mehendi. Draw lines connecting the smaller circle and the bigger circle. Trace the same design on your middle finger such that both the designs together with making a peacock feather. In this way, you have made a beautiful peacock feather designed Mehendi which will make people wonder how beautiful artist you are.

You went through two amazing full hands Mehendi designs in this log. Where one was a very effortless design that line up two major shapes drawn repeatedly and the other was a trick to draw a peacock feather design. We hope you were able to pick your design wisely. And, if not then a quick Mehendi tip is to mix and match different designs and connect them to have a love-some blend of all types. This will help you have a peculiar design!

Bridal Mehndi Designs for Front Hand

Bridal Mehndi Designs for Front Hand

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