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Styling Tips from Kareena Kapoor Khan

Fashion Tips from Actress Kareena Kapoor Khan
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Styling tips  from Kareena Kapoor Khan!

Kareena Kapoor Khan is the daughter of Randhir Kapoor and Babita and the younger sister of Karishma Kapoor she is known for her work in the Hindi  film industry and has been the recipient of several awards and she is one of the most popular and highest paid actresses in the Bollywood. She is the wife of Saif Ali Khan and the mother of the most popular child sensation Taimur Ali Khan.

Too formal, I know we all know this much about her, okay so beginning in this way

The Flawless beauty, glamorous diva, talented actress and what not. she is a real example of beautiful that is Khoobsurat  and I think the synonyms will be less in front of her she is one of the most admired actresses in the Bollywood industry and is also known for her attires right from the gym outfit to a red carpet Debonair she slays all the looks to the best so dear girls in this content we are going to talk about the styling tips from Kareena Kapoor Khan.

Let’s begin!

Styling Tips from Kareena Kapoor Khan


Where we all are aware of the fact that bebo has really gorgeous light brownish eyes and to that she added a smokey eye look which is embracing the whole look also there is a simple plain top hang with a Chunky funky neck piece  and bold lip colour and a classy bun altogether this  is giving away strong look without any extra hard work on it.

So learn to embrace and highlight the parts that are best on your body like eyes lips cheekbones, jawline then you will automatically lock more beautiful with less makeup.

Bollywood actress kareena kapoor glamorous look


Khoobsurat is when you look gorgeous naturally just like bebo. She looks elegant and classy with neon blue striped top and goggles and messy hair.

Keeping it simple with casual dress and little detailings can  also make you look classy.

Bollywood actress kareena kapoor glamorous look


As soon as I saw her this look in Veere Di wedding I was astonished like completely stunned she was looking like a princess from the heaven.

this bridal look involve a marvelous off shoulder embroidered dress with dazzling embellishments  on it and a choker necklace, makeup and the red bindi with  braided with flowers hairstyle  effect provides special effect to the bridal attire.

Take care of the ethinic accessories, it can make-break your look.

Bollywood actress kareena kapoor glamorous look


Her look for Lakme Fashion Week simple and chic as you can see in this picture pA check print Shirt which is a must havehfor every girl as it is everytime trendy tucked  with denim  jeans , goggles with messy hair and the speciality of the whole was the classy black heels boots with white knot.

Bollywood actress kareena kapoor glamorous look


The color and the flare of  an outfit can do wonders just like this sky blue greenish  flare and frill attire is marvelous to slay an event along with a black belt which is like  adding pearl to a neckpiece.

Find out the color you look best in.

Styling Tips from Kareena Kapoor Khan


Kareena Kapoor Khan with her huby Saif Ali Khan looks sizzling hot in a royal blue outfit and heels.

Choose a sexy dress for your date.

Styling Tips from Kareena Kapoor Khan


Here, Kareena confidently prove herself as a better Traveller with her snug outfit which is vertical striped knot top and flare denim jeans enlightened more with white frame goggles and classic nude heels. This  is a very comfortable and a must try.

Comfortability with style is all you need while travelling.

Styling Tips from Kareena Kapoor Khan


It is always quoted that a traditional dress makes a woman look more beautiful.

Here Kareena Kapoor Khan is looking glimmering  hot with her light yellow colour heavy  ethnic wear with perfectly matching accessories with a decent mid partition ponytail.

If you notice the attire you will realize that the color of the outfit is giving more volume as a whole. So,always choose a color that suit your skin type.

Styling Tips from Kareena Kapoor Khan


Cheers to  one of the most beautiful couple and their royal outfits representing immense love and peace.

Both of them are wearing white traditional attires and looks adorable as soon as they strike a pose romantically gazing at each others Eyes and holding hands ❤️

Also, always add some good jewellery to your outfit specially ethnic outfits which will instantly elevate the whole look and in this picture we can learn about the posing style with your partner  yeah maybe haha!!

Styling Tips from Kareena Kapoor Khan


Right  from styling to posing Bebo is just perfect. she is a role model of a beauty.

This bright  yellow  colour  dress is making the whole debonair sophisticated yet classy and   on the top of that is a bold red lipstick too glam eventually giving a classic shoot with the natural background.

Bollywood actress kareena kapoor glamorous look


So that’s it guys I hope you have got some really good styling tips from Kareena Kapoor Khan and let me know if it helped you somewhere. Just take care with  basic things are like, choose the colour which suits your skin type choose the fabric or the type of the outfit that looks good on your body. Try to keep your makeup sharp and sleek  sometimes a little extra is good doesn’t matter but the most and most important thing is CONFIDENCE.

Yes, if you do all the things but you don’t have confidence while wearing that thing then nothing will work trust me nothing will work out so you need to be confident with whatever you are wearing you have to rock it  and don’t forget to keep that generous smile on your face and kind attitude that is  soul over ego please kind of attitude always because that will be because that is something which you will be always grateful and that is something which is always appreciable.

I remembered something that you should always appreciate someone you should never criticize or judge someone  but to appreciate someone needs a lot of guts so whenever you appreciate someone you kind of develop a confidence within yourself that you are good and you are and then these little things are something which will help you improve yourself.

That was all for this article. Hope you enjoyed it. For more latest updates stay tuned to K4 Fashion.

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