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How To Wear Accessories!

The devil’s in the little things. This truth can be revealed by the example of an image in which only one ring or hat can destroy your efforts in ashes and dust. Today we will talk about these little things – accessories – that we can’t think of without. We present you 8 rules, which will tell you how to wear and combine the accessories correctly.

How To Wear Accessories

Massive Accessories

We’re wearing massive bracelets right! Complementing your image with a selection of impressive jewelry, remember the quantity – no more than 3-4 pieces. The complete set is not overloaded: we carry bracelets only on one hand. They will be successfully echoed with the same massive earrings or necklaces.

Massive Accessories Smart Tips On How To Wear Accessories

Accessories Color

We choose one color dominant in the image – or bright accessories, including shoes and bags, or throwing clothes. In this case the image will turn out harmonious and pleasant for eyes. Here we will allow ourselves to mention the golden rule of “3 key colors” in the image: such a set will create a correct and without excess palette of the set.

Accessories Color Smart Tips On How To Wear Accessories

Jewelry Sets

It is not necessary to “pack” all the details of the jewelry set in one image. In most cases it looks ridiculous and too luxurious. Sets of 3-4 jewelry are created to give free rein to the imagination and in every way combine them: earrings + necklaces, earrings + bracelet, earrings + ring, and more. Two products will be quite enough.

Jewelry Sets Smart Tips On How To Wear Accessories

Composition and Decorations

Miniature girls can afford to experiment with the size of jewelry. But ladies with magnificent shapes should give up thin rings, chains and bracelets in favor of more dimensional products. Otherwise, the jewelry is lost and will not perform its direct function. This rule also applies to hats, belts and bags.

Composition and Decorations Smart Tips On How To Wear Accessories

Shoes and Bag

The fashion world has long since abandoned the prejudices about the color pair – a bag and shoes. The rule is to be, but no longer must have. Feel free to experiment with color, print, texture, shoes and bags. This is much easier, and the result will be much more interesting.

Shoes and Bag Smart Tips On How To Wear Accessories

Combination of Gold and Silver

Breaking another stereotype – a tasteless combination of gold and silver in the image. Not today! Such a game of shine of precious metals looks very spectacular and very stylish. Moreover, top jewelry houses have been combining all known precious metals in one piece of jewelry for many years.

Combination of Gold and Silver Smart Tips On How To Wear Accessories

Shoes and Tights

If the image requires pantyhose and a pair of shoes, the latter must be closed toe. An open heel, deep side cutouts, but no open nose are allowed. High and extravagant fashion removes the ban on this rule. But if you do not differ in disgusting taste and style, it is better to follow these instructions.

Shoes and Tights Smart Tips On How To Wear Accessories

Face Accents

Another golden rule – the image is not overloaded and allow no more than 3 accents per person. It can be a hat, handkerchief, massive necklace or earrings, brooches, sunglasses, contrasting details of clothes and even lipstick.

Face Accents Smart Tips On How To Wear Accessories

Hope you like these how to wear accessories. Please keep visiting K4 Fashion for trending outfits and more! We would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below. And be sure to follow on Pinterest for more ideas!

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