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When it comes to accessories sunglasses are a must-have item. It is a necessary item when going out and facing the sun. It also adds an extra touch to your overall looks. Sunglasses can make you look 10 times better than who you are or it can also make you look less attractive depending upon what type of sunglass you choose. Today, there are millions of different styles, designs, and materials out in the market.

If you need to buy sunglasses then you should keep a couple of things in your mind. You need to specify what type of design you want, what type of material you want, what type of style you want in your sunglasses. Today there are many sunglasses companies out there who sell customized sunglasses for your need. But to customize sunglasses first of all you need to understand what you exactly need.

There are some points that you need to know before buying sunglasses, that way you will get the best sunglasses for your face and it will go smoothly with your looks and it will also make you more attractive.

How To Measure Your Face

It is important to measure your face before buying sunglasses. Measuring your face will give pretty much clear thought of what is your face shape and length. All you need to do is gram a measure tape and stand in front of the mirror then follow the given step.

1. Measure Cheekbone To Cheekbone

To find the top of your cheekbone place the end of the measuring tape just below to your eye. Then measure the same point on the other side of your face. You need to note this number.

2. Measure Your Jawline

The end of the jaw bone is under your ears. To measure your jawline, go to that end of jaw bone under the ear of one side to other end around the bottom of your face. You also need to note that number.

3. Measure Your Face Length

To measure your face length, you will need to measure from the center of your hairline straight down to the front of your nose to the bottom of your chin. And write down that number.

Take a look at those numbers that you wrote and compare them to each other and you will determine what your face shape is. Face shapes are listed below.

Sunglasses According To Your Face Shape

Round Face

If your face has noticeable curves and less defined ages then you have round face shape. You need to avoid curved frames. It will make your round shape face more round.


You need to buy sharp-edged sunglasses that will define the look of your face more clearly. Rectangle, square, wrap and shield-shaped sunglasses will go smooth with the round face shape.

Square Face

If your face has the same length and width across the face then you have square face shape. Square face shape has a generally broad forehead and strong jawline. You should avoid buying frames that make your face look more like a box. Avoid square and sharp-edged frames.


You need to buy a round or oval-shaped frames. It will help you to round out the sharpness of the face and will provide you a balanced look. Aviators, butterflies, cat-eye, round, or any frames that have round or oval curves will look good with a square face.

Oval Face

If you have gentle roundness on top and bottom then you have an oval shape. The difference between round and oval shape is oval face has more distance from the forehead to chin then round face shape. You should avid huge frames that block your symmetric face.


You can choose any frame for your shape and that is one of the biggest advantages of having an oval face shape. Choose the sunglasses that cover your face from cheekbones to eyebrows.

Oblong/ Rectangular Face

If you have a long and narrow face with few angles than you have rectangular face shape. The difference between square face shape and rectangle face shape is that rectangular face shape has more distance from forehead to chin then square face shape. you should avoid oversized sunglasses. Also you have to avoid small frames.


Larger wayfarer or rectangular frames will look good on rectangular face shape. Frames with sharp angles and broad lines will give an edge to your face. Frames like a wrap, shield, square, wayfarer and the rectangle will go smooth with oblong/ rectangle face shapes.

Diamond Face

If you have narrow jawline and forehead with wide cheekbones then you have a diamond face shape. You can call it diamond face shape or it is also defined as a 45 degree rotated square. You should avoid frames that are wider than your cheekbones.


Oval and rimless frames will look good with the diamond face shape. You should wear frames that have gentle curves.

Heart/Triangular Face Shape

If your face is wide at the temples and narrowest at the chin then you have a triangle or heart-shaped face. Avoid frames with thin edges and straight lines along the top.


Sunglasses with wide edges and no straight lines will look smooth on heart face shape. Frames like cat-eye, shield, butterfly, rimless, and aviator will look good.

Other Things To Consider When Buying Sunglasses

Sunglasses are not just an accessory but it is also important to protect your eyes. So there are other facts to consider when buying sunglasses that are listed below.

UV Protection

The real reason to wear sunglasses is to protect your eyes from the Ultra violet rays then comes from the sun. direct sunlight from the sun can damage eyes sight. Always look for sunglasses that provide 100% UV protection.

Frame Size

Once after you considered what type of frame you will need, you also need to know what size of frame you will need. Frame size refers to the actual fit of the sunglasses. Small frame size works better with small faces and big frame size works best with big faces.

Frame Material

You should know the material of your sunglasses because it will play a large role in giving you comfort. So you need to choose it according to your needs and your budget. Some frame materials are listed below.

  • Metal frames are less durable and not ideal for action sports.
  • Nylon frames are less costly and lightweight than metal frames.
  • Titanium frames are durable, scratch-resistant, and high on the prize.
  • Acetate Frames provide various colors and textures.
  • Plastic frames are a cheap option if the prize is an issue.
  • Polycarbonate frames are the best choice for kids.

Sunglasses are a must-have accessory. It will look good if you brought them according to your face shape. Also, keep in mind buying sunglasses that look good but protects your eyes as well.

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