Top Woolen Sweaters Brands in USA

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Winter means cozying in front of a fire, drinking hot chocolate and wearing your favorite woolen sweaters. If you live in the United States or are planning to go there for a trip during winter times you need tons of woolen garments to keep you warm during the harsh winter where temperatures can go up to -20° C in some parts of the United States of America. The woolen sweaters and crop sweaters are a huge trend in America and are not only made to stay warm in winters, but they are also extremely fashion forward and can add a wow factor to your winter wardrobe.

Sweaters are a basic and essential item for wardrobe. You should always have a white knitted woolen sweater, a v neck sweater, a turtle neck black sweater, a long sleeved cardigan, and a long coat in your wardrobe if you are planning to be involved in the fashion industry. You should also keep in mind the softness, warmth, itchiness, wearability, and length as factors when buying a new woolen cardigan or sweater.

Here are some of the top woolen garments brands in the USA.

Top Woolen Sweaters Brands in USA


This Swedish company is a favorite go to shop among youths and adults living in the US. The store not only sells a variety of clothing items at a reasonable price point but their winter collection is also one of their bestselling collections. They offer interesting sales on select items making the higher end price affordable to the working class as well. Their woolen sweaters, cardigans, and cropped sweaters are among the top bought items.

Where to buy– Stores across the continental US or their website online.


This clothing store speaks sophistication when it comes to office woolen wear. The store offers all kinds of apparel for all seasons and the price is also transparent. The clothes are made of the best materials and they have also ventured into the world of shoes and bags for women. You should definitely add their White Woolen Sweater which gives off a professional office woman look to your wardrobe.

Where to buy- Stores across the United States or their own store website online.

Princess Polly

If you follow some social media influencers, chances are you have heard of Princess Polly. Princess Polly is an apparel website targeted towards the youth and young adults. The streetwear design and budget friendly woolen wears are a must buy if you want items of good quality at a reasonable price. They sell everything from summer clothes to winter woolens to add to your wardrobe today.

Where to buy– They have an online store that ships all over the US, Australia, and the UK as well.


This Japanese clothing brand is a popular choice among people who love casual wear. Their basic and unisex design makes them more appealing to the general public. Their cashmere line of woolen sweaters is the most raved about among their customers. Although the cashmere sweater is a bit on the expensive side, the quality is worth the price.

Where to buy– Their website shipping all over the US and also India.

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The lesser known franchise of the brand H&M is slowly gaining popularity among fashion enthusiasts. The store features everything from shoes to winter wears and priced from reasonable to high end. The brand is a hit among social media Influencers and supports social causes with fashionable clothing.

Where to buy– Their online store.

Brandy Melville

This brand is also a hit among social media. Their sober colors and floral printed designs add a bit of youthfulness to their clothes. They sell summer clothes and dresses and winter cardigans, vests and pullovers as well. The prices are affordable and the quality of clothes is of excellent condition.

Where to buy– Their online store ships all over the United States.

American Eagle

This is one of the best known brands of the US. Their jeans and woolen wear are some of the hottest items to buy. Not only are their sweaters of the best quality in terms of softness, but the price point is also in the range of affordability. American Eagle is one of the oldest brands in America, it is also one of the most loved brands and they continue to produce excellent quality of clothing that satisfies their customers.

Where to buy– Offline stores across the US and their online website.

Tommy Hilfiger

Founded back in 1985 this premium American apparel brand is also one of the best known brands in the US. They sell everything from summer to winter clothing and have even ventured into home furnishing selling home décor at different prices. Tommy Hilfiger sweaters and cardigans are made from the finest yarns and of the highest quality making their products high end in the price range.

Where to buy– Stores across the states and also their online store. Tommy Hilfiger branded clothes can also be found in Flipkart and amazon for Indian customers.


This French apparel brand does not only sell apparel but also sells footwear, eyewear, and also perfumes. This well reputed brand is known for good quality apparel at a high end price. You can recognize this brand clearly from their logo of a green colored crocodile. The woolen sweaters are not only soft due to blended yarn work but they also fit every size and have a variety of colors.

Where to buy– Stores across states and also their online store. The brand also sells clothes to India via shopping websites like Myntra, Flipkart and Amazon.


This apparel retail store is also among consumer favorite. They sell clothing items at a reasonable price and have a variety of options. Guess is a popular name brand is worn also worn across the world and even in India.

Where to buy– You can buy clothes from this brand from stores across the US and also their online website and also in some select stores in India.

If you are planning on buy a new sweater for your winter adventures in cold weather, remember these following tips:-

  • Store the woolen sweaters by folding them neatly instead of hanging them.
  • Don’t wash your sweaters every time you wear them, washing more can wear out the yarn.
  • Follow the labeled instruction mentioned in each cardigan or sweater to wash them properly.
  • If your sweater feels itchy, instead of discarding it, try to wear it with a long sleeved shirt or top to minimize the itchiness.
  • Do not pull on to any loose strings you see in your sweater as it might unravel the whole thing.

Now a days, vintage and thrift shopping has become a popular trend among the social media influencers. Shops like the Salvation Army are thrift stores where they sell used or preloved clothing items at a fraction of price. These stores sell clothes from name brands that may have been factory rejects or once owned by someone else. Thrifting can also be a way to own high end brand woolen items at a cheap price. You can plan your next trip to the nearest thrift store and find interesting clothing items that might even add dazzle to your boring winter wardrobe. Make sure to properly take care of your woolens so that they last a lifetime.

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