20+ Unique Mandap Decoration Ideas For Indian Wedding

Mandap Decor Ideas For Your D-Day
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Choose best mandap decoration with our collection of unique mandap decoration ideas for Indian wedding and get happily married!

Wedding is one of the most important day of one’s life. One plans for this day a lot much in advance. A lot of consideration goes into Every detail of the Indian wedding. The bride and the bridegroom take a lot of pains to plan out each and every detail of the most important day of their lives.

The wedding venue, destination, wedding attire, accessories, wedding décor, the mandap, etc. each one of these requires a lot of thought and consideration for each of the intricacies. The wedding mandap is a very important part of the Hindu wedding. The Wedding mandap is the beautiful stall under which the bride and the bridegroom get married to each other. It should be the most beautiful thing of the wedding décor.

A beautiful wedding is all we dream of. Don’t worry we have got you covered. We have decoded some beautiful and breathtakingly amazing decor ideas which you will completely love. Lets explore unique mandap decoration ideas.

Unique Mandap Decoration Ideas

1.  Pink & White Floral Dome Designer Mandap Design

Floral Dome Designer Mandap Design
Image source: Zohaib Ali

This is a great wedding mandap design. This is a great mandap design. The basic structure of the mandap is a cement and mortar structure. The dome of the structure looks great. The beautiful kalash towers kept inside the structure looks great. the pillars of the structure are covered in beautiful floral patterns. The base of the dome has beautiful flower hangings. The light coloured flower hangings look great. The dome is also covered in a bright coloured wreath of flowers. The seating inside the mandap is low chairs which look regal and are fit for the traditional ceremony.

2. Chandelier Dome Shaped Mandap Décor with Ganesha Idol

Chandelier Dome shaped Unique Mandap Decoration Ideas
Image source: Ahan Destination Management

This is a very beautiful wedding mandap. The pillars of the mandap are decorated with beautiful flower strings. The combination of dark pink and white looks great. The beautiful dome of the mandap is covered with beautiful foliage painting inspired by the Mughal Paintings. The base of the dome is covered with beautiful light and dark pink rose flowers. the structure has beautiful white flowers strings at the base of the dome in the shape of an inverted bell. The dome houses beautiful Mughal set small height chairs which give a befitting setting to the wedding mandap. The proper lighting of the pillars adds more oomph to this whole mandap décor.

3. Modern Geometrical White Mandap Decoration

Modern Geometrical white Unique Mandap Decoration Ideas
Image source: Design House Decor

Most of the couples are looking forward to destination weddings nowadays. One of the prime destination is along a water body. This beautiful modern wedding mandap is very beautiful with cuboidal pillars and flat square top. The mandap is rested on a raised platform. The silver shiny pillars are covered with white flowers. The top of the wedding mandap has white flowers all around it. The beautiful white chairs look very beautiful. The white setting looks great as it provides a calming effect.

4. Beautiful Curtain Mandap Décor Idea

Beautiful Curtain Unique Mandap Decoration Ideas for your wedding
Image source: Laurie Bailey Photography

This is a beautiful night time wedding mandap. This mandap will be a great addition to your beautiful wedding décor. The raised mandap looks great. The way to the main mandap is beautified with candles inside the glass cylinders. These candle lights glimmer in the dark of the night and look beautiful. The top of the mandap is adorned with beautiful flowers. The white and green combination of the flowers and the foliage looks beautiful. The tall pillars of the mandap are decorated with white curtains.

5. Large, flowers ceiling Mandap Décor

Large, flowers ceiling Mandap Décor Ideas for your wedding
Image source: Altair Decor

This king size wedding mandap is a true addition to the wedding of  maharaja and maharani. If you have a lot of guests in attendance, you can go for this kind of mandap decorations. The high rise wedding mandap has a beautiful setting. The mandap is lined different items like flower alleys, candle lights on all sides of the main mandap. The four walk ways lead to the mandap. Four beautiful pillars support the beautiful hanging garden top of the mandap. The mandap has beautiful king size chairs for the bride, bridegroom and the family in attendance. It is biggest of our collection of unique mandap decoration ideas.

6. High rise rose top Wedding Mandap Style

High rise rose top Unique Mandap Decoration Ideas for your wedding
Image source: DreamzKrraft

this high rise mandap setting is one of its kind. The beautiful red carpet walk way to the mandap is lined with beautiful flowers. The walk way narrows down to a circular dome shaped mandap. The beautiful pillars of the mandap are covered with white flower garlands. The top of the dome is designed in red roses from which the beautiful flower strings dangle down which add more beauty to the whole wedding decorations.

7. Beach vibe Mandap Decoration

Beach vibe Mandap Décor foreign location destination wedding
Image source: Design House Decor

This is a very beautiful wedding mandap decoration with sparkling water in the backdrop. in this mandap setting every colour has come together to bless the couple. The walk way is lined with beautiful flower drawings. The walk way is lined with bunches of colourful flower. the beautiful rainbow chairs add more colour and beauty to the whole wedding decorations. The beautiful mandap is adorned with beautiful flowers and foliage which brings out happiness. The wedding decorations also include two elephants made out of the bushes.

8. Flower Decoration for Mandap with lighting

Flower drop down Mandap Décor Ideas for your wedding
Image source: Design House Decor

This is a grand mandap setting. This huge mandap is befitting for a marriage involving a lot of relatives. The whole mandap is covered with a huge wreath of white and pink flowers hanging above the whole mandap. the beautiful strings of white flowers dangle down the beautiful wreath of flowers. The magnificent white chairs on the raised mandap look beautiful. All the other chairs in presence are in the perfect combination of gold.

9. Flower wreath with flower hanging Mandap

Beautiful Flower wreath with flower hanging red rose mandap
Image source: DreamzKrraft

This is a beautiful wedding decoration idea. The beautiful decorations in flowers look surreal. The background of the mandap is a wall of roses. The beautiful flower stand on the sides of the sofa look beautiful in the marriage. The actual beauty is up above the heads. The beautiful wreath of red roses covers the heads of the couple. White flower strings dangle down from the whole area of the wreath. Smaller wreaths cover the area alongside the large wreath. The whole décor looks heavenly.

10. Beautiful Peacock pillars Mandap Decoration for Marriage

Beautiful peacock pillars Mandap with lights and flowers
Image source: Ahan Destination Management

This is a very beautiful peacock inspired wedding decoration. The beautiful decorations have a mandap with an inverted dome. the inverted dome is adorned with beautiful pink flowers. The pillars of the mandap are very well covered with peacocks. The whole pillars are covered in flowers forming the beautiful tails of the peacocks. The peacocks are perched on top of the pillars. The beautiful mandaps have sleek and stylish chairs to sit on. The mandap has beautiful lighting all around it.

11. Palace inspired beach Royal Wedding Mandap

Palace inspired beach Mandap royal look exotic
Image source: Innaz Communique

If you are looking for a Royal wedding décor, look no further because we have got what you are looking for. This great palace inspired wedding mandap is a great go to for a royal wedding décor. The flowers laden walk way to the mandap looks heavenly. The beach setting is beyond perfect. The beautiful palace inspired domes for the wedding mandap look magnificent. The palace inspired domes have bright hued curtains and bright red and orange flower chandeliers which look amazing and give a bright touch to the whole wedding décor. The silver chairs help in maintaining the focus on the beautiful palace inspired wedding mandap décor. The décor is set up on green grass with flower assortments.

12. Outdoor Mandap Design Decor with Pink Flowers

Outdoor Mandap Design Decor with Pink Flowers
Image source: DesiClassyBrides

This beautiful mandap has all shades of pink. We all dream of a beautiful wedding and the decoration makes it unique. This type of mandap has pillows of different shapes and size. The curtains are dropped making a canopy and the flowers are used in the middle as well. Sitting tables and chairs are also kept for the bride and groom and the carpet is of pink shade not the conventional red colour the drops of flower strings are in the middle. It has a perfect arrangement for guests from two sides and the middle side is kept for the couple.

13. Wedding Stage Decoration for Destination Wedding

Wedding Stage Decoration for Destination Wedding
Image source: DesiClassyBrides

A breathtaking scenic view while getting married is a real aesthetic pleasure. This mandap is set on a stage with the beautiful sitting area for the bride and groom and for the rest of baraatis on the other side. The baraatis chair are decorated with pink cover with the flowers bouquet on each chair while as the sitting area of the couple has beautiful yellow back chairs. The mandap has curtains drawn from each four side and creepers on its edge and the pillars have a large flower bouquet on each side while at the top its laden with flowers and ferns and leaves and everything beautiful.

14. Royal Look Indoor Mandap decoration

Royal Look Indoor Mandap decoration 
Image source: vivyanta

A backdrop that feels like a waterfall? Yes yes yes. With so much lights and flowers and the bouquets it has got to be the most pleasing decor idea ever. It has curtains drawn from each side and on the top has a long flower chain running the flowers and ferns add charm to the mandap. The mandap even has seven pots as the culture demands. It has two chair seats for the couple and from the three sides it has the seating arrangement for the other guests and in the middle has the place for firing agni and on the top it has the plain white curtain drop in the middle. It is really beautiful.

15. Floral Arch that Leads Your Marriage

Floral Arch that Leads Your Marriage
Image source: alibakhtiardesigns

Get a princess like feels from this decor idea for a mandap. It has a great set up towards the way to the mandap. The floral arch has the pink white and red coloured flowers. From the bottom is the white coloured flowers, in the middle is the pink coloured flowers while as on the top red coloured flowers are up on the top then there are stairs and the chairs for guests then in the middle is the mandap for the couple. The mandap has a princess shaped tiara on the top and a stage for the couple which is extremely so dreamy.

16. Pink Stage Decor in the middle of water

Pink Stage Decor in the middle of water
Image Source: artfotostudios

This absolutely gorgeous and an idea to die for is set up in the middle of the water. It has a pathway that leads straight to the place where the union of the gorgeous two souls happen. Yes to the mandap. The mandap is loaded with floral decorations of purple, white and all shades of pink. This mandap has one sofa for the couple and four chairs, two on each side with a cushion on each of it and the sofas has three cushions and down is kept a flower bed in the centre. With this perfect weather and everything set nothing can go wrong.

17. Pink Floral Wedding Traditional Mandap Decor

Pink Floral Wedding Traditional Mandap Decor 
Image source: vivyanta

Now who doesn’t like a dreamy set up and especially when it is the most precious day of one’s life. This beautiful dome like shape mandap is a great work of art. It has four pillars loaded full with flowers on each pillar in the centre there are flower strings dropped from the top. The background has a green grass like effect with lights reflecting its essence. Even the pillars full of flowers has lights to create an effect on it. The whole seating arrangement is done as sitting type. While as the stage from the front side is also filled with flower train. It is immensely a pretty mandap.

18. Prettiest Floral Mandap Decor for Outdoor Wedding

Prettiest Floral Mandap Decor for Outdoor Wedding
Image source: WeddingSutra

This is all you will ever want. The most prettiest and exquisite floral mandap. We bet you have already added this in your top mandap decorating ideas. It doesn’t just have florals all around but some really aesthetic frames and buckets written love on them. It has jars, chandelier shaped jars and a glass candle holder. This mandap is like a dome shape it has flowers dropping in the middle area and a floral bouquets on the top of it. It has flower bouquets too. The pillars of the mandap is also loaded with full flowers and bouquets. In the middle has a seating arrangement for the couple and the couple’s family. In real sense it is pure aesthetic.

19. Floral Stage Decoration for Wedding in Western Style

Floral Stage Decoration for Wedding in Western Style
Image source: I Do Etc.

This beautiful mandap has a great floral arch on entrance from its side there are flower vases from both sides and the aisle is covered with flowers and from the sides has also flowers decorated. From the two sides from the aisle we have seating arrangements for the guests while as the seats are covered with white cover. The mandap is exquisite. It has a square shaped structure with the seating arrangement for the couple. It has a breathtaking sea view from the backdrop that makes it more special and spectacular.

20. Grand mandap design for Hindu Wedding

Grand mandap design for Hindu Wedding
Image source: vivyanta

This beautiful mandap has every hue added to it. In the middle it has a seating arrangement for the couple the pillars and the top is filled with flowers while as the top has a canopy like design from the different colour of curtains it also has from the back side the sitting arrangement in a crescent shape with pillows for a laid back charm from the front it has chairs as seating arrangement for the guests. Don’t forget to check that the mandap also has flowers as a curtain. A beautiful set up for mandap for sure.

21. Traditional Mandap Decor with blessing of Ganesha

Traditional Mandap Decor with blessing of Ganesha
Image source: idoetc, dreamzkrraftweddings, kiweddings

The first mandap has all the hues of love. With the background made so beautiful, by having Hanuman’s shape made by flowers and the flower droppings in the middle is absolutely beautiful and the stairs that are like a mirror. An amazing idea. The next is simple yet very very pretty it has a beautiful wreath on the top while as the flowers are on the pillar and a beautiful chairs for the couple. The third one is also absolutely stunning. While some love less and for some more is never more. This mandap has a flower bed from the side and even on the top and has a beautiful chandelier inside with flowers dropped in the middle. Absolutely something to be loved.

22. Traditional Mandap for Indian Wedding

Traditional Mandap for Indian Wedding
Image source: vivyanta

This absolutely beautiful mandap setup is something one craves for. It has four pillars which are all sealed by flowers and ferns while as on the top even it has a halo which is full with the flowers and from its all sides there are flowers dropped from the background is a beautiful tree to give a magical effect even the back has a two small beautiful droppings and another flower strings dropped with the couple in the middle of this absolutely fancy affair of flowers and ferns and obviously that tree. A must to take in consideration idea.

Get ready to steal the show from all these stunning decor ideas. Put in gear your aesthetics.

We hope you liked all these unique mandap decoration ideas. These mandap designs look great and give a special touch to your wedding. We hope you find the best mandap design for your wedding.

Do share your experience and give your feedback in the comments section below. Check out other related articles on K4 Fashion. we will soon come up with more such articles. Hope to see you again at K4 Fashion.

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