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Back dimple piercing is a trend which has become popular throughout the years. Piercing the depression formed on the lower back accentuates the back making it look more alluring. Social Media is also booming with this “Dimples of Venus” trend and newer fashion about clothes, jewelries and tattoos to add more glamour to showing off their piercings.

The dimples of Venus are symbolized with beauty, luck and sexuality. The goddess of beauty according to Roman Mythology was named Venus and hence these indentations on the lower back are named as the Goddess. The Latin word for the dimples are “fossae lumbales laterals” meaning “lateral lumbar indentations”. The name “Venus Dimples” is recognized in the medical and surgical world as well and is referred in book as so.

What is Back Dimple Piercing?

It is a type of piercing done on the lower back of women just above the hip region. The small dimples like concave depressions are perfect spot for piercing and showing off body jewelry. The skin layer called dermal is used as a skin anchor where the piercing hangs on from. Some women do this piercing to emphasize on their natural curves. Wearing a low waist jeans or skirt can accentuate the stone studded back dimples. Although piercing has been around since ancient times in India, this trend of back dimple piercing is a westernized idea slowly making its way towards today’s fashion. These piercings can be taken as a sign of expression, freedom or rebelliousness in our modern day life. But that was not the case in India and also the World back in the day.

History of Piercing in the World

The earliest evidence of piercing known to mankind is of a stone relief of a man from Nimrud, Iraq with a pierced ear. It was dated to be as old as the 9th Century. Piercing of the nostril can be dated back to about 1500 BC. In Egypt, there was evidence of naval piercing where the royal families used to pierce their navels and wore Gold ornaments in them.

These piercings were a sign of class, fierceness towards enemies, attractiveness rankings etc. Warriors in Solomon Islands used to get their septum pierced and tusks were worn through them to appear more intimidating in front of enemies. In several Native American cultures, piercing was done as a ritual during Sun Dance or other auspicious ceremonies as a sign for powerful insights from their God.

History of Piercing in India

Throughout India ear piercing was a common practice. In Hinduism, a child turning 1 year old would get their ears pierced so that they can open their inner ears to receive sacred words of god. The nose ring with chain was a symbol of wealth and prosperity of a family. And throughout the world piercing was done to emphasize class and achievements in some tribes.

Earrings were considered to ward off evil entities as worn as a superstitious belief. Women would wear nose studs on their left nostril which was believed to reduce pain from menstruation and child birth. These traditions of wearing body jewelry are still alive to this day but their superstitious beliefs have also lessened their reign.  Men are also seen wearing earrings and nose studs as a form of artistic expression.

Piercing is such a delicate process that, if not done by a professional or a licensed person, there is a high risk of infection.

Here are some things to know before opting for back dimple piercing.

Things you should know before going for back dimple piercing

  • Wardrobe is the major issue while doing a back dimple piercing. You should refrain from wearing tight fitted clothes, jeans or anything that the piercing can get stuck to and cause pain. So make sure you have loose fitted clothes to wear while the piercings heal.
  • While the piercing is still fresh, rubbing or touching or clothes can make the wounds red and irritated and them being placed on the back of a person can be super tricky to take care. It is better to let another person treat the wounds for you.
  • If you are a fidgety sleeper then you should be alert about sleeping with this piercing. Sleeping on your back can cause pain and complications to the wounds.
  • Sitting can also cause and issue while the piercings are still healing so proper care should be taken and the wounds should be regularly disinfected.
  • Make sure you have enough time to go visit the specialist for frequent checkups making sure the dimples are not infected and are healing properly.

It is always advised to get piercing by a certified tattooist or a certified doctor but people are often curious about how such a procedure is initiated.

Here are the steps to the process of back dimple piercing.

Process of back dimple piercing

  • The first step to this whole process is choosing a tattoo salon or doctor who certified to do the job smoothly.
  • Make sure you and your specialist are both disinfected and wash your hands with anti-bacterial hand wash.
  • A saline solution is prepared and ready to use immediately after the piercing is done.
  • Your main job is to inform the doctor/specialist exactly where you want your piercings to be and make sure they are marked at the correct spot.
  • Make sure the specialist used an anti-bacterial lotion or sanitizer to clean off the spot prior to the commencement of the procedure.
  • A clamp is used to tighten the skin around the spot for an easy pierce.
  • Make sure the doctor is using sterilized needle for the procedure. Sometimes a dermal punch can be used for this process. A dermal punch is basically a sharp round tool similar to a cookie cutter; which when used on the skin, cuts a circular section of it off. Since the dermal punch removes a part of skin, there remains a high risk of bleeding and for people suffering from hemophilia; dermal punch might not be suited for them.
  • The piercing jewelry of your choice is inserted immediately after the needle part.

Pain might be a big issue for people trying piercing for the very first time. It could cause a huge amount of pain for people not accustomed to piercing and that pain and numbness can stay till several days. Redness around the dimples and a swollen tender sensation can also stay several days after. If proper care is not taken; more pain and complications can arise due to infection.

Healing– The wounds can take about 2-3 months to properly heal. A quick heal depends on how much time and dedication you give towards taking care of the piercing and try to avoid harm.

Post Pierce Care

If not taken proper care, these wounds can cause several complications including permanent scars. You must remember the fact that these piercings have to be taken care of throughout your life for them to stay bacterial and infection free. You must also take care of the piercings properly to avoid nerve and muscle damage.

  • One of the biggest things to remember is not to touch the area without washing your hands. Unwashed hands can infect the wounds.
  • After the complete healing process, the piercings can be taken out and cleaned properly with lukewarm water and cotton.
  • The dimple regions can be dried using paper towels.
  • You must avoid application of any non-prescribed lotion, cream or medication on the dimple spots.
  • You should avoid wearing tight jeans and tight fitted clothes so that the piercings don’t get caught on the clothes and get pulled off. Loose fitting clothes provide enough ventilation for the wounds to dry quicker.
  • You should defer from sleeping on your back to avoid complications and pain.
  • Get regular checkups from your doctor/specialist for a better insight on the healing and caring process.


One of the major complications in taking care of your back dimple pierce is the location. Due to its location on the back, cleaning the area properly might turn out to be a challenge. There also lies a high risk of infection spreading throughout the area with redness and swelling accompanying as well as discharge of pus and lack of proper care might lead to major scars. Infections can also be caused due to pure quality metal of the piercing being used. So, make sure to buy certified stainless steel piercings.

But not every woman has the same body type. Some are leaner than others, some are healthier. Some might not have the prominent Venus Dimples on their lower backs. But that does not mean they cannot pierce their lower back for a new look.

Types of Piercings and Jewelries

Apart from simple piercings there are also two other types of piercing done on your lower back dimples area.

  • Micro dermal Back Dimple Piercing- In this piercing, micro dermal implants are used where a small gem is placed and this prevents the piercing from getting caught on to the clothes. These single point piercing can be an alternative to regular piercing to avoid the clothes complication faced due to normal dermal piercings.
  • Double Lower Back Piercing- This one is for the bold ones who can tolerate high levels of pain. Since the piercing is done twice, twice the care is needed for the healing to go hassle free. But if you are someone interested in back dimple piercings and can handle immense amounts of pain you should definitely try this double pierce.

The jewelry used in piercings varies with price and style. You can try a simple stone or go for a diamond stud if you are willing to splurge a little. Just make sure that the base of the stud is completely stainless steel and consult your specialist to buy the perfect certified piercing suited for your look.

Back Dimple Piercing and Tattoos

Some people get more artistic with their piercings by adding on a tattoo on their lower back or some with already tattooed backs use piercings to boost its beauty up. Tattoos ranging from Roses, simple art designs or a simple sentence are often seen with a clear stone highlighting their pierced back dimple. If you are one of those artistic individuals willing to explore body art, you can try a tattoo to highlight your back dimple.

You must be careful to not get a tattoo immediately after a piercing. You should after wait a year for the piercings to heal before you try to get a tattoo on the spots surrounding the piercings. If you have no prior experience of getting a tattoo, and are planning on getting one, you should first get a tattoo on the least sensitive place on your body to get used to the needle pricking feeling.

 If you are still unsure about getting a piercing, here are the Pros and Cons of Back Dimple Piercing for you:-


  • Once the piercings heal, it is fairly easily to switch out the jewelry.
  • It is a specialized procedure done by certified professionals, so rest assured that they are going to be very careful with the procedure.
  • You might have gotten the piercing on a whim and might have a change of heart. Not to worry, these piercings are easy to remove.
  • It might naturally add a charm to your natural figure and highlight your back. It would also look good for social media trends.
  • There are multiple methods to getting this piercings done and you can opt for a bolder look with double piercing as well.
  • Men can get these piercings too and they can be considered as a fashion statement.


  • One of the main concerns being clothing. Your clothing can get caught in the piercing causing it to rip.
  • Friction of the area with clothes can cause irritation, redness and pain. Some clothes can even cause infections.
  • You have to take care of the piercings throughout your lifetime. Piercing aftercare does not only mean till the healing time. Since it is a dermal pierce, the jewelry used needs to be cleaned once in a while and making sure you do not use any harsh chemical substance that could harm that wound.
  • Since it is situated in the back you might not be able to reach the piercing properly to apply medications or to clean. People living alone can face a problem regarding cleaning and care if they cannot reach the dimple part.
  • You sleep cycle can get hampered and major changes to your sleeping position might affect your sleep more. If you sleep on your backside, you might have to change the sleeping position as the piercings on your lower back might cause pain under your body pressure.
  • Pain might also be a big factor. Some people have low pain tolerance and this type of piercing can hurt a lot.
  • If you are unable to take proper care of your back dimples, they might get infected leading to several health issues.
  • Improper piercings can lead to severe bleeding.
  • Excessive pulling and rubbing might cause the pierced skin to migrate and even close up.
  • You must visit a specialist every now and then to avoid complications and if you are a working individual, making time for appointments might be an issue.

Since the placements of these piercings are on the lower back region, it might be frowned upon in some societies and considered as indecent. A lot of Indian households still have strong patriarchal rules and expressing freedom in the form of piercing can cause unrest and social disrupt among peers.

The back dimple piercings have many pros and cons. But it is completely your free will to express yourself. But make sure to consult a certified doctor before making any sort of commitment about Piercings.

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