How to Get Rid of Hooded Eyelids

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Eyes are one of the prominent features of your face. They are expressive and let you see the beauty of the world. Hooded eyelids can be both a good thing and a bad thing. A lot of Asian countries endorse hooded eyelids and the people there are known for their hooded eyelids and monolid eyes. In India, hooded eyelids are not that common and can be a sign of aging and fatigue. Some people might also experience sagging eyes due to sleeplessness and sun exposure.

Humans have different types of eyes. Some are more in fashion in one part of the world and some in other. Here is the list of eye shapes seen on humans:-

  1. Round Eyes
  2. Monolid Eyes (mostly found in eastern Asia)
  3. Hooded Eyes
  4. Down turned Eyes
  5. Up turned Eyes
  6. Almond shaped Eyes
  7. Close Set Eyes
  8. Wide Set Eyes
  9. Protruding Eyes
  10. Deep Set Eyes

What are hooded eyelids?

When extra skin droops over the eye crease, the eyes can appear smaller than normal and that drooping skin can also hide away your eyelash base. These types of eyes are known as hooded eyes. Hooded eyes in India can often be a sign of aging and stress.

Here are some tips to get rid of unnatural Hooded Eyes.

Tips to get rid of unnatural Hooded Eyes-

  • Enough Rest- Many hardworking individuals can’t keep up with their busy work schedule and are often sleep deprived. Sleep deprivation can lead to saggy eyelids and can make your eyes appear smaller than normal. If you are suffering from sleep deprivation, try to make time for yourself in your busy lifestyle and get some much needed rest.
  • De-stress- Like sleep, stress can also be a major reason for unnatural hooded eyelids. Stressing can cause your eyes to look more tired and unhealthy. Try to get enough sleep, eat good food and try aroma therapy to de stress yourself.
  • Sunscreen- Hooded eyelids are more common for older age people. But hooded eyes in your younger years can be a sign of premature aging. Applying sunscreen while outside, can not only prevent from harmful sun rays but also decrease the rate of skin aging. Applying soothing anti-age eye cream at nights can also slow down the aging process quite a bit.
  • Chamomile Tea- Chamomile Tea is known for its anti-inflammatory and soothing like properties. If helps prevent saggy eyelids either by consumption or direct application. If you have chamomile tea bags at home, dip them in chilled water a bit and apply the bags directly on to your eyelids. If you have tea, make a strong concoction of the tea and apply it cold using a cotton ball. Chamomile Tea is also effective for insomnia and stress.
  • Ice Mask- Ice cubes and cold water are effective for tightening the skin around your eyes. In the mornings a quick face dunk in ice water can help prevent droopy skin and also increase blood circulation. You can also take an ice cube and apply it slowly in circular motion on your eyelids. This circular motion will help with blood circulation in your face and awake your pores.
  • Cucumber Eye Mask- We have all heard about applying cucumber slices on eyes prevent eye bags. But there is also a rumor claiming the actual effectiveness of cucumber slice application. You can try the alternative method of applying cucumber juice onto your eyelids with the help of a cotton ball. It can prevent fatigue and tighten the skin around your eyes.
  • Eye Massage- Applying pressure to your eyelids from the sides can also help in fixing that droopy eye.
  • Eggs- The white part of eggs have special tightening properties and can be used as an excellent eye mask. While your eyes are closed, apply a little amount of egg whites and then let them dry. When they are dry wash it off with cold water. This can help tighten any wrinkle or crease on your eyelid. Just make sure to use a good face wash later to ward off the egg smell.
  • Aloe Vera Gel- We all are aware of the excellent properties Aloe Vera possess for skin benefit. This includes eyes too. Aloe Vera gel with its soothing and healing properties; helps heal inflamed skin around the eyes and prevents droopy eyes. If you have an aloe vera plant at home, cut a leaf of it and split it in half. Scoop the gel of the plant and store it in the refrigerator. Apply the chilled gel on your eyelids massaging with two fingers in a circular like motion. Leave this on for about 15-20 minutes and wash it off with water. You can do this every other day for better results. If you have store bought aloe gel, use that instead.
  • Balanced Diet- In order for our eyes to look healthy, we also must be healthy from the inside. What you put inside your body is very reflective on your skin. If you eat too much oily or junk food, which can also cause several health concerns resulting in unnaturally occurring hooded eyes. So making sure you eat a balanced diet consisting of fruits, vegetables, dairy, and meat should be your top priority. A proper meal gives you sufficient amount of vitamins and nutrients that prevent your skin from premature skin aging.
  • Grapes- Grapes are high in polyphenols which have anti-aging properties. Drinking grape juice or adding it to your daily fruit plan can help prevent hooded eyes and aging.
  • Lifestyle- Apart from skipping oily and junk food, you should also refrain from smoking and alcohol consumption. Alcohol can cause premature aging a lot faster and smoking can also be a perpetrator to the cause of hooded eyes. Smoking and drinking can also deter your health and slowly rot you from the inside out.
  • Health Checkup – A lot of times, droopy eyes can be due to some unknown allergies acting up or a previous thyroid dysfunction. Getting a full health checkup might be good way to prevent from hooded eyes and also encourage you in the process of maintaining a fit lifestyle.
  • Surgery- Saggy eyes can be a huge concern for some and home remedies might not be of any luck for them. For those people surgery might be the quickest option. But you should remember before going under the knife and lasers, you should always consult various health and skin experts on what should be the best way forward.
  • Fillers- Injective fillers like botox or saline water can prevent your eyes from looking saggy or droopy. But using a syringe on your eyelids might cause bleeding and damage towards the skin of your eyes. Fillers might not also be a good option regarding your health.

Getting rid of hooded eyes does not only make you seem more healthy and natural, it also helps in improving your vision.

If you are one of the individuals with naturally occurring hooded eyelids, it is nothing to be ashamed about.  Naturally occurring hooded eyes are a blessing and you should own it. Try not to make any hasty decision about any surgery. Some of the very famous Hollywood actresses like Jennifer Lawrence, Blake Lively and Bollywood actress like Alia Bhatt all have Hooded eyes and can rock it.

Here are some Makeup Tips for you to style your Hooded eyes.

Makeup Tips to style Hooded eyes

  • Use a fine pointed eyeliner to line your upper eyelid.
  • Blend lighter to darker colors in an ombre like method stretching towards the upper sides of the eyelids.
  • Use a primer for your eyes. Primer can help prevent eye shadow from sticking to the droopy skin.
  • Give much-needed attention to your eyebrows making them as expressive as possible.
  • Cheek contour can be an excellent way to lengthen the eyes. Dark cheek contour can create the illusion of deeper larger set of eyes.
  • White eyeliner can make your eyes appear bigger.
  • Your under eye can also be highlighted with eye shadow of a dark color while the eyelid is lined with a bright color so that your eyes appear more open.
  • Try to recreate a few different celebrity looks and wear one which resonates with you. Don’t be afraid to go bold and take a few chances with different vibrant colors.

Sometimes droopy eyes can develop into amblyopia (lazy eyes syndrome) in children or adults causing vision impairment. The medical term for droopy eyes is known as Ptosis. It occurs when one of your eyelids drops lower that the other and there is a visible difference between the eyelids.

Droopy eyes can occur due to….

  • Genetic causes.
  • Excessive rubbing of eyelids cause the tearing or damage of levator aponeurosis (tendon that makes eyelids move).
  • Use of bad contact lenses.
  • Surgery or any other medical procedure treatment of the eye.
  • Muscle problem.
  • Neurological conditions.
  • Trauma occurring on the eye.
  • Swelling or eye tumor.
  • Botox injections into the eyelid.

These factors can lead to many medical concerns. You should consult your eye specialist if one of your eyes appears to droop more than the other. Excessive eye rubbing can be a preventive measure towards stopping acquired ptosis.

Eyes have different beauty standards in different parts of the world and one should not have to condone to such standards in this day and age. Our modern society encourages people to be themselves and come out of their shells of insecurity. Hooded eyes or not you should be true to yourself and be the happy self you are.

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