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Pre and Post- Holi Skin Care Tips & Guide

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Holi is the festival of colors, happiness and joy. It is the time when people celebrate this colorful moment with friends, family and relatives while living the life to its fullest but this same moment can turn into a big disaster because of the chemicals mixed in colors or the colorful water we use for playing holi.

Such chemicals can cause eye irritations, skin problems, hair damage or even stains on your clothes. But you can save yourself from such disaster if you include holi skin care tips and prepare well in advance. You will feel blessed and will think why didn’t you do this before.

So, we are going to suggest some tips to save you from holi damage before the damage occur itself, that is before you even play holi. Obviously we must remember that ” Prevention is better than cure”. And if by chance the damage already got you, even then you do not need to worry, we are also including the tips and tricks which help you get over the damage.

Pre Holi Skin Care Tips

1. Get some oiling done

Start your holi preparations by layering your whole body with some good oil. It would be better if the oil is light-weight and non-sticky. Do not apply way too much or way too low, just a good in between amount. Doing so will benefit you as it will create a resistance between color and your skin and will not let the color absorbed by the skin. Also, it will greatly reduce the hard work of removing colors from your body after playing holi. Do not forget your hair to be massaged by the oil from the roots to the tips of your hair strands.

2. Apply some good amount of moisturizer

Applying a good amount of moisturizer will give you, definitely, a hydrated and healthy looking skin as well as it will save you from the after effects of the dried color which got stick to your skin. The layer of moisturizer on your skin will prevent the color from penetrating through the skin and makes it little bit easy to come off.

3. Get a layer of sunscreen

It is so obvious that you are not going to play holi inside the house. That would totally kill the joy. So, prepare beforehand and apply a high SPF rating sunscreen. Also, make sure that your sunscreen is water resistant otherwise it will be washed away by colored water. Do apply the sunscreen not only on face but all over the exposed skin. You don’t want to get tan, right?

4. Try to wear clothes which cover you body

Well, what you want to wear and what not on holi, is totally up to you. But we would like to recommend to wear clothes which cover your body. You can also go for long sleeves too. The reason behind this, is that clothes will not let the colors to directly come into contact with skin. This can save you a little bit.

5. Use organic holi colors

There are variety of holi colors available in market. Generally, we go for whatever colors being sell. But this can be very harmful for your skin because of the chemicals mixed with these colors. So, be proactive for your skin and search for the organic colors. It may be possible that they will not be available that much easily. So, do some research and try to get them. Also, you should learn how to differentiate between organic and chemical mixed colors. And use that color for playing holi. Every person whom with you play holi will be grateful to you for these organic colors.

Post Holi Skin Care Tips

Now let’s say you already met with disaster and monstrous color is not coming off your skin. Then what to do in this situation? We are giving you some ways to try. These can save your skin.

1. Dry of the extra color

Take a old towel or any piece of cloth. Now, slowly and firmly try to wipe out the extra dry color sticking to your skin. Do not do it forcefully or try to flick it because if you do this, the color will fly off to all the possible directions. That color could go into your eyes and nose with breathing and can be irritating.

2. Do some oiling

This can sound weird but yes after wiping out the excess dry color, apply some oil all over your body and massage it gently on your skin. Let it do its magic for 10 minutes. The oil is capable of pulling out the color from your skin to some extent.

3. Use Cleansing milk

After layering your body with oil, wash your body with the cleansing milk for at least 2 minutes. Cleansing milk, as you all aware, is used for removing oil, dirt and also to remove make up. Here too it will help you in getting rid of the stubborn colors.

4. Scrub your body

You can also scrub out the colors after using cleansing milk. But do remember not to scrub your skin roughly or harshly as this can damage the upper layer of skin. This can also result in sensitive skin which can be easily prone to tan, rashes or sunburns.

5. Apply good amount of moisturizer

After soothing your skin with above described treatment, pamper it with some good amount of moisturizer. This can be helpful for the after effects of holi colors and sun exposure. Due to these, your skin might have high chance of getting dry, rough and damaged. Applying moisturizer can serve you well.

6.Drink enough water

While playing holi, we should not forget to drink water. This will help you immensely in keeping your skin and body hydrated.

After taking these much precautions and care, if you are facing itchiness, redness or any irritation, apply some good rating anti-biotic cream before applying moisturizer. And visit your dermatologist as soon as possible. You must not take any risk.

So, these are the life-saving or might say skin-saving tips and precautions for your skin which should be followed while playing holi. So that you could play holi care free without worrying about your skin.

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