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How to Remove Dry Skin from Hands

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Men and women both worried about their dry skin from hand and dead skin from faces. For removal of dry skin from hands and face, we can use herbal moisturizer, coconut oil, aloe-Vera gel. Also, we can ask our doctor for herbal creams, which will be suitable for the skin. Know how to remove dry skin from hands. 

Dry skin is a kind of situation that everyone has faced in their lives. And most of them are still facing and don’t know what to do. Dry skins are irritating and sometimes you don’t even like to look at your skin. Dry skin is common in winters but for many people, it is common all the time. There are many reasons for it.

Sometimes the products that you use while shower can also affect your skin and make it look dry. Using a soap that is too harsh or using medical soap that is made to remove germs and bacteria from your body can be the reason behind the dryness of your skin. Harsh soap will make your dry skin on your hands and legs.

There are also other things that can cause dry skin on hands. Dry air can also cause dry hands. Indoor heating can also strip moisture from the air and makes it dry. If you are not drinking enough water then dehydration can cause dry skin. Also, washing hands too much can cause dry hands because it removes the skin of its natural oils.

You can use products that are made to remove dryness from your hands. The dry hand will feel itchy all day and you will feel irritated also you have to cover your hand because it looks nasty with those white dead skin cells on the hand.

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How to Remove Dry Skin from Hands

1. Use a moisturizer on your hands

If you have dry skin problems then this is the quickest, easy, and handy way to avoid dryness. You can use a moisturizer on your hands and it will add oil and moisture on your skin. you should form a habit of applying moisturizer oh hands after each time you wash your hands. Moisturizers help restore the natural moisture to the skin.

2. Apply oils on your hands

If you are not a big fan of moisturizer and you think whether or not it will suit your skin then you should apply oil on your hands. Oils are the best alternatives for moisturizers. There are several oils like coconut oil, olive oil, sunflower seed oil, almond oil, etc. that you can use to apply on your hands. It will provide you some moisture on the skin as a moisturizer.

3. Exfoliate your skin

Dry skin is often caused by dead skin cells. If you will remove dead skin cells from your hand then it will be dry less often. To exfoliate your skin you can use readymade exfoliation products from the store or you can use a pumice stone. You can also make a homemade solution to exfoliate the skin. To make it at home all you will have to mix olive oil and 2 tbsp of crushed sugar. And then apply it on your skin.

4. Protect your skin

You should protect your skin to keep skin moisturized. If your skin will be open to sunlight then it can cause dry skin. Sun can cause burns and lead to other more serious skin problems. So not just hands you should protect all areas of your body when you are outdoors. You can wear a full sleeve top or you can also use a sunblock that will help you prevent dry skin by the sun.

5. Overnight treatment for remove dry skin from hand

If you feel that your skin is too dry and itchy then you should try the overnight treatment. All you have to do is grab a moisturizing lotion or cream and then take a plentiful amount of it. Then apply it on your hands. After applying moisturizer cover your hands or put gloves over the hands. This covering helps to keep a moisturizer in touch with the skin and this moisturizer will be absorbed by skin overnight.

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6. Avoid soap

Soap can be harsh oh hands sometimes. And not just on hands but it can cause dryness in your skin all over your body. Soap is filled with different chemicals and added flavors that may have drying effects on hands. If you will continue to wash your hands and body with soap then you will have dry skin. You should avoid washing hands with soap and use alternatives. But still, if you want to use soap then make sure that you moisturize your hands after washing it with soap.

7. Apply aloe vera on hands to remove dry skin

Aloe vera has antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties. That is the reason it is used in many skin products. Aloe vera can be easy to find anywhere and it will have moisturizing effects on your hands after applying. You can use aloe vera gel to apply on hands. Aloe vera is natural and it is an advantage of using aloe vera.

8. Wear gloves when working

Make habit of wearing hand gloves while working with water. If you spend a lot of time with your hands submerged or in contact with water then you should wear rubber gloves. It will prevent your skin from drying. If your hands are exposed to water then water will dry the hands, because water soaks away the natural oils in the skin. so, always wear rubber gloves as it will prevent the hands from direct contact of water.

9. Avoid hot-air dryers

Air dryers are used to dry the hands from the hands after washing them. But it may also dry out your skin. The heat from the air dryers can over dry your hands. So to keep your hands moisturized try to use paper towels when possible.

10. Decrease stress to remove dry skin

It is the reason for dry skin for many peoples. There may be a small connection between stress and eczema. It causes your hands to dry out of nowhere. If you are facing the same situation then it is probably because of stress. Take some time for yourself and reduce the stress then this dry skin problem will be gone.

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Dry hands are common for everyone. It is a normal part of life. It is easily treatable with moisturizer. There are many ways to remove dry skin from the hands that are mentioned above. If you do not see any improvement from home solutions then you should speak to your doctor.

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