Tips to Choose Your Wedding Destination

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Nowadays destination wedding is in trend to create indelible and historic memories. Suitable location, list of guests, tailor for wedding dress, budget and travel agent are tips for a wedding destination. Know these helpful tips to choose your wedding destination.

If you observe the recent Bollywood marriages you will notice that all of them were destination weddings. Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli got married at Borgo Finocchieto; Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh got married at Villa Del Balbianello, Lake Como in Italy and all of us know that Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas got married at Umaid Bhawan Palace in Jodhpur.

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But what is the meaning of destination weddings?

Destination weddings are held at a location far away from the homes of the bride and bridegroom which are intimate in scale and are attended only by the close circle of marrying couples. And the engaged couple and/or a majority of their guests travel to attend the wedding ceremony.

So is this kind of wedding costly? No, they are not. The venue of the wedding depends on the choice of an engaged couple. It can be anywhere local as well no need it to be in a foreign land. And as the number of guests in attendance is not more, only close circle is invited so the cost of the wedding is in check.

So here comes the main question, how to choose a wedding destination? what are the tips to choose a wedding destination?

Tips to Choose Your Wedding Destination

1. Shortlisting Venues

The most difficult task in choosing a wedding destination is in selecting the venue itself. when it comes to the wedding destination it need not be miles away from your hometown it can be just hours away from your hometown. the choice of wedding destination all depends on you, your family and friends. how far can you all travel and how much can you afford?

So, discuss with all of your friends and family and as a couple, you then shortlist all of the venues based on factors like indoor venues, outdoor venues, and accommodations. you may want to have a beachside wedding or palace wedding take all the possible factors in consideration and then finally make a list of the venues

2. Finalizing A Venue

Before finalizing the final venue do all your research on the selected venues. contact the venue coordinator or just email them about the availability, facilities, cost, and all. then based on your and your family’s requirements and affordability finalize a wedding venue.

3. Selection Of Date And Guestlist

Choose a date that is suitable for all your close circle to attend and also consider budget because off seasons can be less expensive than the wedding season.

Make sure to have a guest list ready so that it helps in the selection of venue. and make sure to inform your guests beforehand so that they will be aware of the venue.

4. Hire The Right Coordinator

It is always recommended to hire a local team to coordinate. enquire about them and their ways of organizing a destination wedding.  and based on the guests attending choose the right team to coordinate either an intimate wedding or humongous weddings

5. Choose Local Décor

whether it comes to food, decorations, or even wedding rituals, going local with all of them has become common. getting accustomed to local décor gets your wedding a proper destination wedding feel.

6. Wedding Dress Selection

A wedding is a big day in everybody’s life. bride and bridegroom both want to look as awesome as possible. everyone these days wants to look unique. if you are choosing a wedding dress chooses with respect to the chosen wedding venue. So choose a dress which kind of very much similar to the local ambiance.

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7. Accommodation

To get your marriage done at best, the accommodation is to be properly sorted out. so after choosing the number of guests, the next task would be to sort their accommodation. you make sure their accommodation facilities are up to the mark. choose a wedding venue where the accommodations are affordable and may even have a travel time of 10 minutes. and as yours will be destination wedding make sure to make the guests get the feel of local cuisines, local customs.

8. Bridal Makeup And Hairstyle

As I said the wedding day is a big day for any engaged couple. this day both the bride and bridegroom want to look at their best. based on your budget you can choose to get the makeup artist from your home town or you can hire a local makeup artist. when you research the wedding venue make sure to parallelly search for the best makeup artist and hairstylist. If you want a local styled wedding hiring a local makeup artist or hairstylist makes more sense.

9. Make A Pre-Wedding Visit To The Venue

to make sure everything goes as per plan make sure to make a visit to the wedding venue and sketch the wedding day plan. make sure that you and your coordinator in the same line. set a meeting with him and explain your wants and take note of their suggestions. and even take a look at the local vendors who will be supplying the supplies on your wedding day. talk to them about the budget and what all can they offer.

10. Return Gifts

As yours is a wedding destination it is always better to include return gifts in your budget. And choose a gift which is kind of local so that they will remember the wedding forever.

11. Photographer Or Chef

If you know any expert in the above fields consult them and ask for their dates and time. arrange for their travel. or if you feel they are quite expensive and not as per your budget then choose a local photographer ad local chef who is as good and affordable as experts.

When you make a visit to the wedding venue prior to your wedding ask the venue people about he experts and consult them, talk to them about your plans and options and then get finalized about your chef and photographer

12. Know Package Offerings Of The Venue

Before finalizing a venue, know about the packages offered by the wedding venue. know what are their offerings and the expenses. and wisely choose a budget plan which is very much in your affordability range

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In nutshell take a note on finalizing the wedding venue by considering factors like budget, accommodation. find if they are having any wedding package to offer.  if at all they are offering a combo of wedding and honeymoon then make sure to take it. and then make sure to visit your wedding venue beforehand and talk to the wedding coordinator, vendors, and many more. prepare a checklist and then check if everything is proper.

I hope this wedding becomes a huge success and a memorial day of your life.

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